Thursday, March 30, 2017

One Crew, One Horizon: All Aboard the 9th Elburg Crew Conference!

I am so blessed for the chance to once again host for the ELBURG Philippines Crew Conference for the third consecutive year now! But before we dive into it, I'd like to share that preceding this event with Elburg was the one of their sister company's, Augustea Ship Manning Philippines, making me doubly blessed! Read all about it too: Marylaine Viernes serves as master of ceremonies for Augustea Crew Conference 2016. This year, we set sail at the New World Hotel in Makati, and this superb event was once again brimming with trends and technical information about the gung ho shipping industry. But the sad part was that I was unable to take any photos of myself during the earlier part of the Elburg Philippines' conference, most especially during the awarding ceremony, where various crew members and Elburg principals were in attendance starting from the early morning program. 
But the I do have tons of snaps during the delightfully intoxicating evening socials; some were a bit naughty... quite eye-popping if you ask my constant little companion below... 
Sorry guys I can't post photos of the sexy girls in attendance; but don't you think that Augustea Philippines' boss, Grace Labrusca is gorgeous? Photo above shows Ms. Labrusca, President of Augustea Philippines having fun with the singers of the band, and of course, my beloved boy, Godric Matthew! 
Photo above shows Grace and I with the sexy, sultry Ethel Booba, one of the night's guest comediennes...
And now, here's my very own cadet, with the handsome, debonair Elburg Philippines cadets: 
After enjoying his ship cadet duties, here's my Matty trying his hand at being the dog handler... like they say, expose 'em and start 'em young! 
And to conclude, here are a few snaps of how it is to be a working mom, how to juggle my love for work with my Greatest Love. As much as possible, I'd love to include my son in all of my work and events hosting adventures, if he is allowed to join and at first, things come out smooth sailing... until he gets bored, tired or sleepy... like in the photo below: 
Then here he was trying to play on the staircase (or trying to make trip and fall?). This snap makes me remember a line from a song sung by one of my all-time favourite singers, Shakira: "lucky I have strong legs like my mother, to run for cover when I need it..." But I'd like to reword this to: "I need to have strong legs as a mother, to stand firm when he needs it..." Now that he's growing up so fast, the more I need to firmly plant my to feet on the ground; figuratively and literally! 
But no matter the storms that come our way, I shall continue to hold on to the One who alone has been able to calm the storm with His Hand... there is no other life I'd settle for. I am learning to embrace where and who I am, and I pray to become who I am meant to be, under God's perfect Will and Timing. 
Cheers from Matty and Me! That's it and for now, we'll be sailing off to more hosting (and parenting) adventures! But please visit my other sites below too, to learn more about my past and present hosting gigs. Thank you and see you again soon!  
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Friday, March 24, 2017

Only time knows how great love is: Hosting for Stan and Cy's resplendent wedding gala!

My big smile speaks of Gratitude. Not too long ago, I had the honour of serving as the master of ceremonies of a phenomenal Rock 'N Roll themed wedding bash! The gorgeous rockstar bride, Chie De Leon-Garcia, was my school mate at De La Salle University. Let's revisit that wonderful time here: Jerik and Chie's Rock 'N' Roll wedding bash!
I was blessed again to be entrusted with the great honour of serving as the master of ceremonies for the breathtaking wedding of another beautiful bride whom I have known since college, Cyrene Lois Bautista! I also knew her then boyfriend, Stan, back when I was also part of Pahayagang Plaridel, the Filipino paper of DLSU Manila during my time. Their love of more than a decade (and many decades more) simply inspires me... 
Aaaaand, another portrait with this loving couple. Later on, I am pretty sure that I won't be able to take selfies with them. I will be busy onstage while they will be the superstars they will be for this special night and everyone else would want to take selfies with them. So I just had to catch this duo before the program started!
And now, more about the program, here are two videos I'd like to share... the first one showcases my opening spiels and the second one was our prayer of thanksgiving for this beautiful wedding ceremony... 
And forgive me for my endless narcissistic snaps; it's just that it's the first time for me to actually appreciate the quality of the photo booth in an event... the couple's chosen photo booth provider was truly topnotch; as though it was taken in a studio... 
I hope you find my dress as dreamy as this wedding celebration. Please check out my fashion partner so you too can order the most glorious dresses! I always feel beautiful and confident whenever I host for events, when I am suited up in only the latest and most stylish dresses from Marthena Mercier... dressing up the Women of Today!
Hashtag #Wedding. Thanks and for more of my credentials as an events host, and my past and latest gigs, please make sure that to click on these other links below... 

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Let's get it on with Netpoleon! Serving as Master of Ceremonies for the Netpoleon Solutions Day

Unleashed my Superpowers yet again, with the microphone as my sword! I am truly so blessed to be master of ceremonies for the Netpoleon Solutions Day. Calling Diana Prince; I need to play wonder woman for a day... I actually was in a villainous situation for I was asked to come in a look that echoed the day's theme, 'Superheroes,' while still looking all decent and corporate, for this was still an affair led by one of the most distinguished names in IT, NETPOLEON. So this was what I came up with:
I used a bright blue dress, a red cardigan and made my own accessories using yellow ribbon and red foam paper to make myself a belt and those wonder woman wrist bands. Now I am ready for anything! I was determined to be the superhero of this day; and it all starts with the outfit... gotta look the part when I play the part! 
The Netpoleon Solutions Day is an ICT event held at the SMX Convention Center in SM Aura Premier, and here I was with the best and the brightest of the ICT industry... I guess you can say that they're the superheroes of this booming, ever-dynamic industry!  
I'd like to caption this next photo, 'Wonder woman meets Superman...' Though he has yet to shed his Clark Kent look! Or this can be 'Lois Lane with Clark Kent!' By the way, my name is 'Marylaine Louise'... kinda sounds like a jumbled 'Lois Lane,' right? 
So this photo above shows me sharing the stage with one of the esteemed guests during the audience Q & A, and I guess it's so obvious how we were so much into the Superheroes theme with our 'superhero' poses, we got so carried away! Let me say, "Up, up and away!"
And of course, since this blog is dedicated to showcase my craft as an events host and serve as a quick-look resource for many clients who would like to get me for some of their events, here are a few of my videos in action when I hosted this super amazing day...
And now, here's the video of me doing my pre-show voice-over spiels... I would like to think I have a supersonic, adjustable voice that proves helpful in my chosen battle field, with the microphone as my main weapon and my cue cards as my shield...
Here's the video of raffle draw where I tried to make the winner unleash his dance powers... but my superpowers weren't enough...
Lastly, this video (it's quite funny as I just asked one of the tech booth guys to do this, and he kept taking videos of all the other things there, but it's all good) is where I wrapped up this phenomenal, aptly themed show! Congratulations to Netpoleon Philippines and thank you very much for making me a part of this! 
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Cherishing CheRik: Hosting for this rockstar couple's Rock 'N Roll wedding bash!

A bride wearing sneakers on her wedding day. Playing the guitar in her own band, with her husband on the microphone. That's Chie, the most beautiful rockstar bride I've ever seen. And what makes hosting for her big day extra special is that we've known each other since our college days in De La Salle University Manila; she's always a Chie-riffic chick!
But first, a selfie with the gorgeous bride! More photos shared on social media with the dynamic duo's hashtag, #CheRikRattleNRoll ! Such an honor to host this rockin' wedding! 
 Time to play games and so some match making! This part was crazy!!! 
From Pep Squad to the Bride's Squad. Some of our pep squad mates cum bridesmaids... everyone truly came in their rockstar best!!! The theme was original and the night was superb!
Ah, my lovely tita, the bride's mom (bottom left) reminded me of our golden days as members of the De La Salle University Pep Squad! And like I am in my golden years, I have forgotten those times already! But I am sure those were wonderful times... 
Thanks Chie and Jerik for letting me have my small spot on your special evening... and all the best to you two; keep rocking and I pray you'll also be rocking the cradle soon, too! Cheers (with my tongue out and fingers like a rockstar, like what Chie does)!!!
And a few videos of my hosting this event, before I end this post... thanks for dropping by! 
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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hosting was so much fun, for the opening of Miniso SM Sangandaan!

I feel (MINI)SO special and (MINI)SO blessed as I got the honour of hosting once again for MINISO Japanese Designer Brand, this time at SM Center Sangandaan. A few days ago, I had the pleasure of being master of ceremonies for SM City Baliwag opening. We can revisit this wonderful time by reading about it right here: Marylaine Viernes hosts the inauguration of MINISO SM City Baliwag!
Thanks to Miniso Philippines, I find myself at yet another wonderful SM Mall, and this time, with superb talents, Andrea Torres, dubbed as the 'sexiest on the dance floor,' and the funny Andre Paras! Here is my first video, as I open the entire ceremony... 
 And here I was too, leading the ribbon cutting ceremony... watch!
But the best part?  As my family, friends and those who frequent my blog would know, the events where I get to bring my sweet son along are always extra special! First up is my handsome companion, Godric Matthew, with the sizzling hot Ms. Andrea Torres... 
And here he was, shopping with the tall and handsome, Andre Paras!
How adorable are these three??? Aren't they (MINI)SO cute?!? 
But more than these two celebrities who graced the event, my Matthew also posed alongside the President of Miniso Philippines, the distinguished Mr. Michael Hong: 
And of course, I too had to take a photo with Mr. Michael Hong; such an honor to be their master of ceremonies for the second time in a row, for SM Center Sangandaan! 
But here's the most special guest of the day for me... I am so happy that he came along as he too got to experience this phenomenal affair! 
... and I am glad that my Matthew also got to know about the Japanese tradition known as 'Kagami Biraki,' which is an integral portion of all the Miniso store inaugurations... 
Before I end my post, I would like to share my finds for the day, which were mostly 'essentials'. First, I now only entrust my skin to Miniso's superb facial washes; and second, I am crazy about the foot socks, they stay in place. I think I have more than 10 pairs already! And lastly I also adore the seamless undies from Miniso; top quality material at an unbelievably low price. Where else should I go now for my essentials, but the Miniso store nearest me? I say this all the time and I won't tire saying it: I love Minisomuch!
Thanks for visiting my blog and reading all about my Miniso SM Sangandaan store opening adventure; please make sure you also visit a Miniso store near you! Plus, don't forget to share your photos and videos with the hashtag, #MINISOPH today! 
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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

One with Excellence, the number 1 in its industry, especially in celebrating 'One World, One EDL'...

Mabuhay! Welcome to this year's EDL Party! So I am feeling my being 'Miss Philippines," during EDL Group of Companies' 2016 company party! Last year, I have also been so blessed to honoured to co-emcee for their outrageously awesome hip-hop themed party... please read back about it and see me in my hip-hoppiest look, right here: Marylaine Viernes hosts for the EDL Group of Companies 2015 Christmas Party!
I loved every minute of hosting for EDL! This year was a welcome challenge as it was only me on the stage unlike last year, when I had two handsome co-hosts onstage, both employees of EDL as well. This year was certainly bigger and brighter! Each company went all out with their performances and presentations! Ah... just like Excellence, one of the brands under EDL Group, which keeps getting better and brighter, never contented even if they have long been Number 1.
Hope you can also watch some of my clips in action too: 
And before the awesome evening program, there was also a parade of nations! First up was the Middle East. Can you all see the lovely Princess Jasmines? Calling Aladdin!!!
This time for Africa... this group makes you go Waka Waka! 
And of course...the one country I pray I can fly to (finally) and see this 2017.... Japan!!!
And well, here's another video of this memorable event right here... please watch me in action; thank you! 
And I know this is so redundant, but because I wished that I was a beauty queen too just like last year's Miss Universe, Miss Pia Wurtzbach, please indulge me with a last 'Miss Philippines' photo... 
Thanks to my boss-for-the-day, Ms. Em Berbano, and to the whole EDL and Excellence family for the faith! 
And to the benevolent Boss MB too! The most loved and respected in the industry! He is the founder and head of Pit Games Media... 
And before I forget, I got to bring this one along too, which makes the even more special... my love of course came as his favorite Pokemon Trainer, Ash as he reveled around the resort where this party was held at: Estancia De Lorenzo, San Mateo Rizal... 
And he got to host for me too... sweet!!! 
He loved every bit of this event as much as I did... Hope you liked to read this blog post... cheers from me and my handsome boy... 
Happy you've dropped by! Don't forget to click on these ones below too! 
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