Sunday, December 25, 2016

Row, row third time in a Row! So honored to be emceeing for the Augustea Crew Conference 2016!

It's that time of the year again...when I get to be master of ceremonies for the Augustea Ship Manning Philippines! I've had the honor for the first time two back to host the first-ever Augustea Crew Conference, and I this 2016, I am so blessed to be their emcee for the third consecutive year! Indeed, I praise God every single moment for the ability to host events; being a host and speaker is one of my greatest passions; I get to harness my speaking, writing, reading and listening abilities. Plus, it's so wonderful to meet inspiring people along the way. Here's the sole video clip I had during the event where I opened the socials night after moderating a whole day of learning about the latest news on the shipping industry, along with meaningful highlights of the program: 
Things simply get grander and grander each year! So let;s hark back to the awe-inspiring conference of 2015; please visit last year's blog post: Sailing towards Success: Augustea Crew Conference Year 2! And while we're at it, let's also read back to the very first time I have emceed for Augustea; this was my blog post way back in the year 2014All Aboard! Augustea's First-ever Crew Conference.
Apart from this year's empowering topics and trends for the seafarers and crew of Augustea Ship Manning Philippines which were all assisted by an awesome, hi-tech hologram presenter, the company also gave out scholarships to some of the deserving children of the crew members, and recognised the dedication and loyalty of the crew during the service awards. Below, shows me enjoying the delightful dinner during the socials night! I am so happy to be with the beautiful president of Augustea, Ms. Mary Grace Labrusca Terrei who has now become a friend that I truly love and admire; kind-hearted, generous and true. She's so easy to work with, so appreciative and I will be forever thankful for her trust. Also with us is Ms. Venice Labrusca Terrei, another one of the 4 lovely daughters of the company owners, Captain Niccolo Terrei and Madame Procerfina 'Procy' Terrei. 
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