Monday, September 2, 2019

Filipino Pride at its finest at the Third Annual Filipino Festival in Malden Massachusetts!

I've been so blessed to have taken part as emcee/ events host for this and I certainly look forward to being part of it again next year, 2020! I'd like to share this awesome press release from the Malden Advocate:
This is the second in my series of blog posts about this astounding Filipino Festival that indubitably is the paradigm of all cultural festivals! Playing a big role in the last one makes me truly so proud to be Pinoy and makes me feel like I am going places. I'll never stop thanking Mayor Gary Christenson and of course, my very good friend, the hard-working visionary Engine and Founder of this annual celebration, Ms. Kristine Bautista! But I dedicate this blog post to a generous and exemplary man whose support continues to make the Annual Filipino Festival in Malden MA bigger and brighter each year!  

Kristine may be the festival's engine, but this man is the PUZOn [heart] of this annual Filipino Festival. I am talking about no less than Mr. Ronnie Puzon, the owner and broker of RE/MAX Trinity Malden! 

Born in raised in Boston, MA, Ronnie has proven that he was at par if not better than most Americans professionally. For two decades, he has been one successful equity trader in Wall Street. But what truly set him apart from other illustrious businessmen was his heart and zeal for service. When he retired in 2012, he "flipped" his passion for trading and real estate not just into a lucrative business, but as a vehicle to serve his fellowmen. That's when RE/MAX Trinity became a household name in Massachusetts for beyond just business, it is a powerful avenue to give back to the community by providing only the best real estate opportunities and services with global flair, and hospitality and care that is uniquely Filipino.
Through his reputable business, Ronnie had contributed so much to the Filipino community and beyond, as exhibited during the last, mega successful Filipino Festival! When he is not wearing his hat (or hard hat) as an excellent businessman and public servant, he travels and also participates in Marathons. In fact, he's completed the 6 major world marathons: in Boston, New York, Chicago, Berlin, London and Tokyo. Seriously, how much more amazing can this man get? Well, it doesn't end there for he just keeps getting better, and the reason why I don't have a Selfie with Mr. Puzon was that he was building homes in Africa. He might not have been with us at the festival physically, but he was with us in spirit! Keep raising the flag everywhere you go, and keep making Filipinos the world over, truly proud to be Pinoy, Ronnie! 
Raising the Filipino Flag in Lesotho Africa. Mr. Ronnie Puzon has made waves in the North American and Filipino communities and continues to make a difference as he shares his time and resources with the less fortunate all the way in South Africa. 
For comments and questions about RE/MAX TRINITY MALDEN or to simply send your kudos to Ronnie, he'd be happy to hear from you at See you all at the Fourth Annual Filipino Festival this coming 2020! Before you go, here's another video of yours truly hosting, so that you can feel the vibe and be eager to join and celebrate with us next year! 
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