Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Light of Christ at the San Pedro Calungsod Chapel, SM Aura Premier

Being called to serve at the majestic and awe-inspiring San Pedro Calungsod Chapel at the SM Aura Premier was truly a blessing from above. I just happened to go to SM Aura to attend the Tenant Preview of another upcoming mall in the North when we chanced by this breathtaking chapel to hear mass, and I heard the invitation for lectors and commentators.

Given my unbelievably crazy schedule (I try to pack in activities so as to not leave room for any negativity); I initially doubted if I can continue serving here. But with God’s Grace, I was able to, and I am thankful for having been called to this. I get to serve God while reveling in the good vibes that SM has brought into my life as a professional.

I don’t know where to begin – I want to share the new family I found and the fun activities that we do. But let me save that for a later post and let me share what first got me interested (and what's bringing in a million more to this Chapel)… its breathtaking architecture…

San Pedro Calungsod’s magnificent chapel is like a beacon, at the 7th floor, visible from the SM Aura Sky Garden. You have the option to take the stairs or the tiny glass elevator to behold its majesty. It is a small cove of gold, with brilliant gemstone-like lights dotting its ceiling, making it look so grand be it the blazing daytime sun or the softer night sky, with the stars as though reflecting it.

The Crucifix, sculpted in bronze is at the center of the host-like sphere behind the altar. Yes, it is like a huge Host, making the place more solemn and spiritually-riveting. On the altar’s right side is the sculpture of Mama Mary, an exquisite eminence while on the right is San Pedro Calungsod’s own bronze statue, reminiscent of the very charm this young Martyr and Saint possesses, and which continues to invite more people in, making the place so jam-packed that even the heads of SM Malls have delightfully admitted how they did not anticipate these huge crowds of worshipers!  

On my next posts, I will be sharing about the miracles, – yes, MIRACLES, that I have received, through praying and serving in this beautiful place – a place of prayer and repose on top of one of the country’s biggest, busiest and most beautiful SM Malls! I have had so many answered prayers ever since I dedicated some time and talent in this chapel.

Breathtaking to behold, even at night! This place of worship entices you with its surreal beauty, and then after envelopes you with the power of God clearly present in this place! Photo below shows the altar area in the evening, during one of our fellowships, a monthly recollection led by the team of our Chaplain, Rev. Father Ronnie Samaniego, entitled, "The Laity as Bearers of Light..." Indeed, the Light of God shines throughout the Darkness! 

But for now, I would like to invite all of you to come and visit the SAN PEDRO CALUNGSOD CHAPEL, located at the SM AURA Premier. We are also inviting more people to come and serve as Lectors, Choir Members, Eucharistic Ministers and Altar Servers. Just inquire at the chapel office, or shoot me an email at and we will contact you.  

To share the blessing, I invite all of you to pray this simple prayer to San Pedro Calungsod, which is also displayed at the Chapel Facade... may we always be blessed beyond what we deserve!