Thursday, October 29, 2015

A flavourful journey with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Philippines

Choose to give Flavourfully today! 
To this day, I am mesmerized as I was a big part of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Philippines' Give Flavourfully event: the holiday launch and Giving Journal 2016 party! I am both honored and humbled to serve as emcee for such a memorable affair; every bit of it was as delightful as every cup of my favorite Cafe Latte at what for me is the world's greatest coffee and tea shop! But it's more than that for their meals - especially those gourmet meals exclusively at The Coffee Bean Bistro are simply to die for! 
Note: Apologies on the photos I didn't have a proper companion with me, just my sister's GF who I am so grateful to, but she had to act as nanny to my son too, so sorry about my bizarre snaps. Like this one above: is this photo about me as a host - or about my cheeky little love? LOL... this is proof that he is ALWAYS in the picture, especially in my life's most wonderful scenes! 
I had my rounds of humor and laughter hosting the event, and boy did I never, ever run out of puns! That was the coffee in me! That's right, blame it on the yummy, rich and flavorful CBTL coffee! But more than that, the crowd was really so easy to be with; everyone in the CBTL community so kind, supportive and I felt that I wasn't amongst friends... but amongst family! My classic line, that I was so flattered some of them re-tweeted was: "Giving Journal Ka Ba?"..... "Bakit..." ....." Kasi I want to start my JOURNEY with you....." LOL. 
And speaking of family, my little man was with me during the event, like usual! Above shows some of our crazy snaps: I don't know what's harder - getting him to SMILE for the camera, or squatting, like so; here I am squatting as usual - in HIGH HEELS as I spoke to some of the guests and waited for my mic back... 
Excuse his sullen facial expressions and most of all - those traces of chocolate by his lips; he really enjoyed so much, especially the delectable pastry treats! Like these yummy nummies below... Nomnomnom! I am so hungry now!
Christmas is indeed in the air! I love these wonderful treats which you can only find at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf! But we didn't just get to enjoy the treats; we also revelled in the four awesome craft areas after the program: paper-cutting, hand-lettering, calligraphy and my baby's favorite... the water coloring station! No photo of that though, just this one below, his hand-lettering magnum opus:  
Thank you, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for trusting me with such an amazing opportunity... to be in the midst of such brilliant minds with humble hearts whose infectious smiles come from savoring a cup of their favorite CBTL beverage and meeting new friends! Thank you for making me part of such a inspiring affair; I am forever proud that I am part of the CBTL community! 
Congratulations on a successful kick-off party for the CBTL Giving Journal and I cannot wait to grab my very own CBTL journal soon - as I look forward to an awe-inspiring and fulfilling 2016! Cheers to Coffee, Tea and Community! Be inspired to give flavorfully today and visit the official site of The Coffee Bean by clicking on this link: The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Philippines Website

Hosting the Philippine Society for Quality Awards Night

It has been one dark week for me as it's been 5 days in bed; I've been going crazy as I had been unable to get to work on the tasks for my awesome day job which I truly love (bet papers are piling in my desk, the way my phones also continue to pile up with emails now). Plus, I also missed two hosting gigs (where I was also supposed to meet more people and gain more opportunities) all thanks to my terrible flu, fever and colds. I only have a bit of strength to update my blog tonight and I dream of my beautiful 'next week,' laden with happiness with my day job and the excitement I get from my many, many hosting gigs! So much in store for me, so shoo, colds and flu!
So for now, here is my awesome event last week (before I got sick) for the PHILIPPINE SOCIETY for QUALITY. Such a memorable affair, where the organization awarded the country's movers and shakers when it came to quality control - across a multitude of fields and industries! So happy to be part of this one... excuse my Nanny shawl for I think my sickness started since this night... anyhow, even if I am currently experiencing the blues (like my dress in this photo), I am too sure it will be an awesome November, brimming with blessings, and hopefully I start paying attention to my health too. And while my delirious fever and flu tortured me (imagine 5 days of pondering about your existence, cringing at your past mistakes and crying inside with the things you should have and should not have done), I know that I am still very thankful. Now, I must learn to strive for a high-quality and meaningful life - and that means less regretful thoughts - but more contemplative and prayerful habits, coupled with action. My Quality of Life only comes from myself - an impetus will never come; I just have to be self-motivated and disciplined as I move myself up to where the Lord wants me to be. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Train or Shine: Fun with Thomas & Friends!

Even as the storm hit the country, rain or shine (or should I say, Train or Shine?), there was no stopping me from emceeing the most exciting party! The world's most-loved tank engine, Thomas the Train, finds its way to SM Southmall, where he was greeted by his adorable little fans some who even came in their Thomas-best outfit! But these little boys all went crazy as the Fat Controller, Sir Topham Hatt went onstage and danced with his awesome engineers! It was just Choo much fun! 
It was also a post-birthday bash as Thomas celebrated his 70th birthday this year, after first being welcomed in the Railway Series... Here were the four winners for this event's costume parade: 
And let's not forget the talented train engineers who danced alongside the Fat Controller, they are so well-TRAINed in dancing indeed (plus, they were also the guys underneath the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mascots who showed off awesome ninja dance skills too!)
Tank Choo for dropping by; have a train-riffic day! Happy Birthday to Thomas, may you and your friends have many more years of smiles and fun! 
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Monday, October 12, 2015

Sportsmanship at its finest: the Manila Polo Club Awards Night

Please watch my opening spiels for this wonderful, awe-inspiring event; just click on this link below to view the video on my Youtube Channel:
I just feel oh-so-blessed to have glimpsed Manila's crème de la crème as they partook in the most prestigious annual sporting event, the Manila Polo Club Grand Athletics Awards Night. It was only my second time to enter the exclusive club, and boy has it become grander than what I have imagined. That is why I am just so proud and thankful to be the master of ceremony this year. I apologize for my far-from-artistocratic-photos, but let me tell you that I just had so much fun during that memorable, extraordinary evening! 
I felt so welcome that night; everyone was genuinely warm and helpful! And like me, they also found every single part of the festivity simply special and unforgettable... 
Thank you for the faith. Everyone in the MPC management team (Sir August Samala, the Committee Heads, everyone) were just awesome! Special mention to the lovely head of PR & Communications, Ms. CJ Bismark and officer, Ms Joanne Lacsina. I am so stoked they only found me through my online blog and portfolio, at
 With lovely guest Maxene and Sir Ale, a Club Member and one of the Sports Committee Heads...
Come and Let your Colors Burst... Yup. And we ushered in the magical fireworks display on cue! It was a magical moment indeed! I was as enthralled as everyone as we gazed out the Zobel garden.
 And sorry.. I couldn't resist striking a pose in the trophy room... gives off Harry Potter Hogwarts vibes! My fiction fancies come to life... now, that's my kind of sport... 
That night made me realise that I need to hustle some more to buy me some shares in that club! But if I do get to achieve that, I will be Nouveau Riche (new rich, why not?) so I guess this will at least be for my son who is so much into sports and athletics! Ah, I really pray for the sweet life someday... 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The TURTLE-y Awesome Day 2 of the TMNT Turtle Up Party!

Videos Up, Turtle Up! Please click the links below for my videos; thank you! 
I am TURTLE-y (totally) thankful to be this year's April O'Neal for Nickelodeon's TMNT Turtle Up Party! I enjoyed dressing up in my ninja-inspired outfit with the yellow signature-April kimono-sash-accent as much as I loved hosting every bit of it! April rules this month of October!!! 
IT'S MY LOCK-Y DAY. Yep, I survived the The Laser Lockdown, one of the event's awesome features, a TMNT-inspired game arena where you must ninja-move your way without hitting the laser beams otherwise the laser slices your limbs off and won't get an awesome turtle mask prize! 
Here's the totally tubular Laser Lockdown team! 
DONATELL me that you don't love DONATELLO! Because he has always been my favorite turtle back then and until now! With my hair, I get to channel my beloved genius and whiz of a ninja turtle! Like him I am a nerd, and gosh I can only wish that I was half as tech-savvy as he is! 
BOOYASHKA! Look at you, naughty Mikey... Ok, ok I like you too... but Raphael, with that stare doesn't seem to believe what I am saying... And the katana-wielding leader Leonardo here is business as usual and ready to fight!
Feel the Rat... I mean, Feel the Wrath of Master Splinter. Here is my favorite boy, who won back-to-back Best in Costume during the Kiddy Cosplay tilt... for Day 1, he came in as Raphael, wielding his double sai daggers and on day 2, he was none other than... the greatest of them all: Master Splinter!!! 
Here are the two other winners for the Cosplay segment... Leonardo and Michaelangelo! They are brothers in real life too... they were lean and green but certainly sweet, not mean! Way to go Turtles; Congratulations! Now, let's all grab some yummy pizza and celebrate!!! Totally shell-tastic dudes!
So you said I wasn't a Ninja? Here I am in my true Ninja Turtle form, but in the art of ninjitsu, I am more like April... with the microphone as my greatest weapon. Commanding the crowds. Watch out, Leonardo! I just might be the next leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles... Booyaskha!!! 
I cannot wait to live out my dream... and it involves going to Manhattan, New York! But for now, I will be helping in the fight against crime and will be striving to make the world a better place in my own li'l way, armed with the microphone as an events host and the pen, as a writer... Can't wait to see you New York.. and I come there not just to search for the Teenage M. Ninja Turtles and their hideout... but to someday soon, fulfil the greatest of my dreams... 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Shell-shocked and stoked at the TMNT Turtle Up! (Day1)

I am still rocking and shell-shocking the house down, showing off my ninja moves as I simply cannot shake off the awesome experience of being this year's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Turtle Up event and party host with Nickelodeon for it was totally tubular and tu-good-tu-be-tru!!! It was simply TURTLE-Tacular to bring the house down with Raph, Leo, Donnie and Mikey! This year, I got to be April O'Neal or should I say April O'Yeah! Loved my yellow top, but excuse my fat turtle shell of a tummy... But who cares, I am friends with the Ninja Turtles! Yeah!!! 
As a child, I have always loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in fact and now as a mum, it's just become a lot more fun as my kid loves it 4 times more than I did! Check out my boy who was ten times more excited than I was. And trust me, I was SOOOO Excited! Here he is on the way to the event, first as Michaelangelo, and then Donatello... 
 And now, check out my very own little Raphael! A true TMNT kid just like me! 
And check out this other cute little Raphael I met there too... so many cute turtle boys there! Ninja Turtles unite! See you all for Day 2!!! It doesn't get more TURTLE-tastic than this! 

My PAN-tastic Big Screen Adventure!

A friend flatteringly remarked on my birthday that I don’t seem to be ageing to which I retorted that it was because "I ate fairy dust for breakfast..." (although I cannot say the same now as I am becoming stouter by the day and so I need to get my diet and exercise act straight). And just imagine my excitement upon learning that fairy dust was actually the secret of Captain Blackbeard’s might, strength and youth, in the movie, PAN! I still cannot get over the thrill after watching PAN last night, thanks to Warner Brothers and 20th Century Fox Philippines, who invited us to the premier night screening of this delightful film, which was truly special to me, for it had the two essential elements that for me make a memorable film: Spirit and Heart. This truly stirred awake the child in me who believes that someday, I will be able to fly!
First of all, the baby Peter was just so adorable and as this lad grew into Peter, he was absolutely a lovely boy who was perfect for the part! His lovely eyes are like the mermaid lagoon which can drown you in its brightness, beauty and depth! And I can definitely say the same for the rest of the cast, especially Tiger Lily (Rooney Mara), the mermaid (Cara Delevigne) and Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman). And while I agree that even Captain Hook (Garett Hedlund) was definitely not how I had expected him to be, he was well cast and endearing, getting me hooked! This movie mounted this classic villainous character into a whole new light that I actually appreciate and admire Hook now! And… I totally need to be Tiger Lily this Halloween!
Best of all, I absolutely loved the Christian undertones as I am a sucker for everything relatable to the Catholic faith. Apart from the classic religious subjects such as “true love,” “sacrifice,” or “free will and its consequences”, I was gripped with themes like how Peter Pan was the prophesied boy who shall return to free his people when the time is right… how he grew up in poverty and hardship… that he was half man, half fairy… and most of all, that he was the son of Mary… I am sure that there is no explanation needed there!
I enlist all of you to catch this high-flying, ship-sailing magical journey before they sail back to Neverland and Never return! It will most certainly awaken that part within us – the little boys (or girls) – who, like Peter Pan will remain young, hopeful and faithful. All you have to do is to fly to the theaters (by thinking of happy things) and it doesn’t get any happier than this movie! Believe me when I say that every bit of this movie is magical! Take the family along because this adventure is so much PAN! I mean, fun!