Sunday, February 8, 2015

Elburg continues to sail toward Success!

Elburg Crew Management Philippines, with their vision "One Crew, One Horizon," proves once more that they are indeed number One in the Ship Manning industry! The same family behind the numinous Augustea Ship Manning Philippines Inc., Elburg has been sailing in this business much longer than Augustea and having founded by Capt. Nicolo Terrei and Mrs. Proserfina Terrei, they have gradually let their children take lead in this vast enterprise, as this is being led by the wise and strong-willed Ms. Richelle Labrusca Terrei, their eldest among the brood of 5 intelligent and kind children. 

 This year, the conference was held at the SMX and was attended by many of their distinguished partners from Italy, all respected men and women in the cast crewing and ship management sectors. Different salient and timely issues were discussed, and the most important ones being the Safety and Security standards that must be upheld at all times, because this just doesn't pertain to securing the business, the investment in procuring a vessel or a tanker ship, but it also means securing the lives of these seafarers. Business is built on the safety and welfare of these men on deck and that is why Elburg stresses the importance of ensuring safety on and off the ship. 

Various discussions on governmental policies, new trends, heightened training and educational implementation were also discussed, which really drove to the point that the ship crewing industry is getting larger than ever and most importantly, Elburg is here to stay. I am glad that many (I believe thousands attended the crew conference) and they all appreciate the care and development that Elburg - just like Augustea Ship Manning Phils) endows on them - just what they deserve being today's modern day heroes. See the very relevant talking points below, plus my photo with the beautiful Ms. Grace Labrusca during the fellowship party and entertainment; she may not be the Captain of this Ship (her sister Richelle leads Elburg, while she leads Augustea), but she still looked every inch a Star that night... 

Mabuhay ang ating manlalakbay-mandaragat, and ating mga bagong bayani. At mabuhay ang Elburg Crew Manning Philippines sa kanilang pagsuporta at pangangalaga sa ating mga Marino at sa kanilang pamilya! 

- Marylaine Viernes