Thursday, March 30, 2017

One Crew, One Horizon: All Aboard the 9th Elburg Crew Conference!

I am so blessed for the chance to once again host for the ELBURG Philippines Crew Conference for the third consecutive year now! But before we dive into it, I'd like to share that preceding this event with Elburg was the one of their sister company's, Augustea Ship Manning Philippines, making me doubly blessed! Read all about it too: Marylaine Viernes serves as master of ceremonies for Augustea Crew Conference 2016. This year, we set sail at the New World Hotel in Makati, and this superb event was once again brimming with trends and technical information about the gung ho shipping industry. But the sad part was that I was unable to take any photos of myself during the earlier part of the Elburg Philippines' conference, most especially during the awarding ceremony, where various crew members and Elburg principals were in attendance starting from the early morning program. 
But the I do have tons of snaps during the delightfully intoxicating evening socials; some were a bit naughty... quite eye-popping if you ask my constant little companion below... 
Sorry guys I can't post photos of the sexy girls in attendance; but don't you think that Augustea Philippines' boss, Grace Labrusca is gorgeous? Photo above shows Ms. Labrusca, President of Augustea Philippines having fun with the singers of the band, and of course, my beloved boy, Godric Matthew! 
Photo above shows Grace and I with the sexy, sultry Ethel Booba, one of the night's guest comediennes...
And now, here's my very own cadet, with the handsome, debonair Elburg Philippines cadets: 
After enjoying his ship cadet duties, here's my Matty trying his hand at being the dog handler... like they say, expose 'em and start 'em young! 
And to conclude, here are a few snaps of how it is to be a working mom, how to juggle my love for work with my Greatest Love. As much as possible, I'd love to include my son in all of my work and events hosting adventures, if he is allowed to join and at first, things come out smooth sailing... until he gets bored, tired or sleepy... like in the photo below: 
Then here he was trying to play on the staircase (or trying to make trip and fall?). This snap makes me remember a line from a song sung by one of my all-time favourite singers, Shakira: "lucky I have strong legs like my mother, to run for cover when I need it..." But I'd like to reword this to: "I need to have strong legs as a mother, to stand firm when he needs it..." Now that he's growing up so fast, the more I need to firmly plant my to feet on the ground; figuratively and literally! 
But no matter the storms that come our way, I shall continue to hold on to the One who alone has been able to calm the storm with His Hand... there is no other life I'd settle for. I am learning to embrace where and who I am, and I pray to become who I am meant to be, under God's perfect Will and Timing. 
Cheers from Matty and Me! That's it and for now, we'll be sailing off to more hosting (and parenting) adventures! But please visit my other sites below too, to learn more about my past and present hosting gigs. Thank you and see you again soon!  
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