Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hosting was so much fun, for the opening of Miniso SM Sangandaan!

I feel (MINI)SO special and (MINI)SO blessed as I got the honour of hosting once again for MINISO Japanese Designer Brand, this time at SM Center Sangandaan. A few days ago, I had the pleasure of being master of ceremonies for SM City Baliwag opening. We can revisit this wonderful time by reading about it right here: Marylaine Viernes hosts the inauguration of MINISO SM City Baliwag!
Thanks to Miniso Philippines, I find myself at yet another wonderful SM Mall, and this time, with superb talents, Andrea Torres, dubbed as the 'sexiest on the dance floor,' and the funny Andre Paras! Here is my first video, as I open the entire ceremony... 
 And here I was too, leading the ribbon cutting ceremony... watch!
But the best part?  As my family, friends and those who frequent my blog would know, the events where I get to bring my sweet son along are always extra special! First up is my handsome companion, Godric Matthew, with the sizzling hot Ms. Andrea Torres... 
And here he was, shopping with the tall and handsome, Andre Paras!
How adorable are these three??? Aren't they (MINI)SO cute?!? 
But more than these two celebrities who graced the event, my Matthew also posed alongside the President of Miniso Philippines, the distinguished Mr. Michael Hong: 
And of course, I too had to take a photo with Mr. Michael Hong; such an honor to be their master of ceremonies for the second time in a row, for SM Center Sangandaan! 
But here's the most special guest of the day for me... I am so happy that he came along as he too got to experience this phenomenal affair! 
... and I am glad that my Matthew also got to know about the Japanese tradition known as 'Kagami Biraki,' which is an integral portion of all the Miniso store inaugurations... 
Before I end my post, I would like to share my finds for the day, which were mostly 'essentials'. First, I now only entrust my skin to Miniso's superb facial washes; and second, I am crazy about the foot socks, they stay in place. I think I have more than 10 pairs already! And lastly I also adore the seamless undies from Miniso; top quality material at an unbelievably low price. Where else should I go now for my essentials, but the Miniso store nearest me? I say this all the time and I won't tire saying it: I love Minisomuch!
Thanks for visiting my blog and reading all about my Miniso SM Sangandaan store opening adventure; please make sure you also visit a Miniso store near you! Plus, don't forget to share your photos and videos with the hashtag, #MINISOPH today! 
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