Tuesday, December 20, 2016

May Forever: Pol & Rachel's breathtaking silver wedding anniversary and renewal of vows...

Rachel and Pol proves that Forever is a reality! I am forever thankful to Mr. Leopoldo "Pol" and Mrs. Rachel Titular for their continued trust in me. I am always proud to say that they are the best and my most favourite events and marketing group, for I always feel how they value me as an events host. If I can, I want to do this forever! Just like Rachel and Pol, who decided on Forever... 
Once more, I feel part of the love and joy that the share between them and the rest of their beautiful family and company, Global Visions Events (GVE), as I witnessed what remains to be the most breathtaking wedding ceremony / renewal of vows! Held at Angelfields, Tagaytay, the ceremony was perfect from the grandiose set-up down to the tiniest detail. And why not? GVE is one of the best, if not the best in the biz! 
 Time to play some games... everyone was so game that evening, all for the love of Rachel and Pol! Seemed like everyone had a ton of fun... I sure did! 
Look at that cake, designed to look like a pile of yummy cheeses! Cake or cheese, either way, all of the meals that night was extra delectable! 
Thank you Sir Pol & Miss Rachel for sharing your blessings with us, and for inspiring me not just with your love story, but with how you live out your faith! 
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