Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Cast me when I call: welcome to the SM Kids Fashion casting call!

It's not everyday you get to walk on the runway. That's reserved for the supermodels and beauty queens. But I'd say that I've carved out my own runway, as a professional events host. And the events most special to me are certainly the ones where I can bring along my sweet blessing, Matty! 
Okay, so this is not my usual post about myself hosting and the people I've met during my hosting gig... this is more about this boy, this time... hmm... how's that for a first timer? Check out my son's model pose above... and below, he does the 'dab' move, because he's really, really shy and well, also feeling cheeky at the same time! 
And I also wasn't able to take much photos and videos as I was quite busy that weekend... but thanks so much to photographer extraordinaire, Mr. Rogine Rogelio for sharing his awesome photos with me! Now, to cap this blog post about this extra special adventure, I would like to caption the photo below this with just two words, "My Strength."
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