Sunday, November 2, 2014

Day 2 of the Monster High Freaky Fusion Howl-o-ween Party!

The show, the prizes, candy during the exciting Day 1 wasn't enough, for more little monsters came back for Day 2 for another Howl-tastic time at SM Megamall! I still had my Nefera De Nile look but this time my dress was all ghoul-den (golden) glam! 

For the second day, we had more games and surprises, plus another fab round of Meet & Greet and Photo Op with the favorite Fusion Monsters from the latest hit movie! 

Thanks so much to my awesome friends at Richprime Global Inc., partner of Mattel for all the best toys in the world, and for making me part of these claw-some events that lets our toys and imaginations come to life! And thanks, Badette (photo above) for helping me fix my royally misbehaving mummy lace! 

I just love Monster High! And I also love this adorable Skelita girl here, who came back to have fun with me and our skeleton crew on Day 2! 

- Marylaine Viernes  

Day 1 of the most Fang-tastic Halloween Gig ever!!!

This year, I got to host not just one but two Monster High Shows at SM Megamall. And as I always say, "Halloween is the one time of the year when I can be myself again..." Indeed, even as a young girl, I have always loved Halloween, from those fun trick-or-treating activities with my childhood friends, and now even as an adult, I still get to take part in this fabulous fun time.

The stage is set! Look at that HUGE Crowd at SM Megamall! And this was just Day 1! It was really so fang-tastic, monsterrific and ghoul-ectrifying to be there! 


For the 2-day Monster High Meet & Greet Howltastic Howloween Party, it was all about the latest Monster High movie, "Freaky Fusion." I chose to get dressed as one of my many favorite characters - Nefera De Nile, big sister to her royal highness, Cleo De Nile, captain of the Fearleading Squad, and daughter of The Mummy. And well, among all of the characters, Nefera is oldest and it is apt to take on an older character. This calls for a MEGA MONSTER SELFIE! 

Top photo shows the winners for the Day 1 Freaky Fusion Costume Contest. I had so much fun, probably more than the kids did! LOL. From dressing up, putting on makeup and accessories and totally leading the party, I got to do what I love to do most, while being my "true" self. And of course, my sweet son had to tag along. Here is his photo as CLAWD WOLF, and I as his "Mummy."

And here I am with my very own dear sweet young skeleton crew. I first met these three lovely gals at our summer event held at SM Aura Premier. They are dressed as my favorite, Jinafire Long, Draculaura and the popular Frankie Stein. Hope to see you again girls!

And to end my post, bet you didn't know these cool Halloween Trivia: 

1. Halloween is known to begin in Ireland back when Irish people were known as the Celts. This tradition was first known as Samhain. - Thinking of Ireland makes me remember by very special friend, John, who is half-fairy just like me. 

2. Did you know that some people actually fear Halloween? This condition is called Samhainophobia. Again, this term has its root word, "Samhain", which harks back to the first days in Ireland. 

3. Among kids all over the world. 93% go trick-or-treating per a survey done last year. What happened to the 7% they truly are missing out on a lot! But thanks to super cool establishments like SM Malls, Halloween is able to reach out to more kids, and thus pepper their childhood with fond (scary) memories, and tons of cavity from candy! 

Thanks for dropping by, and Happy Halloween, Beautiful Monsters!!! Here's my photo with the Monster High SKELETON CREW; fabulous COSPLAYERS dressed up as ( From L-R): Lagoonafire, Cleolei, Clawvenus and Dracubecca... With yours truly, Nefera De Nile, big sister to her royal highness, Cleo De Nile, descendant of Pharaohs. And don't you forget that. So, don't you wanna be a Monster too?

Please watch out for my Day 2 post, plus my awesome hosting gig for SM Makati too, dressed as a fairy queen! 

-Marylaine Viernes