Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dreams come alive at the Sky Life Celebrations Fair!

I can never forget the time I fell from the Sky - and into the most beautiful fairy tale party event, all thanks to SKY Life! We have always been Sky Cable subscribers and so I am beyond blessed to be working with them for the SKY Life Celebrations Fair, held at the Rockwell tent, with all the best party suppliers under one roof! Indeed, this is the Life; welcome to SKY Life! Still in cloud 9 thinking about the Celebrations Fair; simply loved everything about it! 
Click here for my opening video clip: Sky Life Celebrations Fair Opening Clip
 This breathtaking affair was a fairy tale of sorts: Just look at that elegant ceiling - what dreams are made of; princes and princesses galore; so much glee and excitement in store! 
I particularly loved this little Prince, who participated in most of the games - especially this CLAW-some Pompom claw-grabbing game! Loved his face paint - thanks to Make Believe Productions! 
In my <pink> element... I just had so much fun hosting and meeting a lot of inspiring people! Most of all, I thank my newfound friends: the beautiful Ms. Chrissy Caballero of Sky Cable, and the lovely girls of super efficient Global Visions event team led by Ms. Rachel Titular, Ms. Donna Ramos; loved all of them, Chi, Kikx and more! 
Games, prizes and surprises! This unforgettable party was perfect for the entire family! Mummies, daddies, princes and princesses all had a blast!
I told you there were real Princesses!!! Here I am with Princess Anna and Queen Elsa from Frozen! I said I won't LET IT GO (Let them go) down the stage without a photo with them! TRIVIA TIME: Did you know that this animated Disney hit movie was based on Hans Christian Andersen's story, The Snow Queen? Unfortunately, the original version was rather depressing (just like the original Little Mermaid story) but thanks to Disney - they made the movie adaptations kid friendly - and of course the sounds in the track - ringing in our ears for all eternity!
Another new colleague-friend who gladly sent me these nice photos - Rox Puno, photographer and artist-singer extraordinaire! If not for your remarkable lens style (and generously lens-ding (lending) me your superb snaps), I wouldn't be able to create this post; my heartfelt thanks to you! 
Oh, and before I forget, to all the ladies out there... meet Prince Charming! I dub him my newest younger brother; his voice is so phenomenal, he looks so dashing but most of all, he has a very kind heart and I wish him all the best as a total performer! Wait, so if he is my brother from a Royal mother... that must mean... I am a Princess too! Yipee! My dream finally came true, thanks to Sky Life! 
The SKY's the limit... this is the (SKY) LIFE... Fairy tales and dreams do come alive! I am so thankful to live one of my many dreams - to be an events host! 
Reach for your dreams... reach for the SKY! With hard work, commitment, discipline and Prayer ... you will be (C)able to achieve all you want to! And never forget that dreams don't turn into reality overnight... nothing is ever achieved at the touch of a button. The only thing in this world that gives us lasting satisfaction at the touch of a (remote control) button - is Sky Cable! All of your favorite shows and more; so subscribe today! 
Thanks for dropping by... 
Marylaine Viernes, Events Host (Click here for my hosting portfolio)