Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mattel Matters: The 2014 Licensing Summit

I have been working with the amazing and generous Richprime Global Inc., the largest toy distributor in the Philippines and exclusive distributor of Mattel toys. I have been emceeing their Barbie and Monster High events for several years now and it has been one fun, Pink-tastic journey with them. I prize my relationship with them as they allow me to live out the kid in me, by trusting me with their numerous successful events!

However, being granted the honor of again emceeing for them - but this time, the first-ever Licensing Summit by Mattel, has totally changed my perspective. Before, my opportunities with them were more of enhancing my hosting craft & speaking passion, playing games and of course, having the reason to be all "Dolled" up, so to speak. But after the licensing summit, I learned more about the beauty in licensing, and I added up "Being a successful Mattel Licensee" in my Business Bucket list. Being part of this event and gaining knowledge and insight about Licensing came to me for a reason, and that hope to learn more, and be part, then excel in this business is something I would like to hone as well. 

But the licensing part is something under wraps for now, as you never reveal trade secrets - especially confess up in social media or the Internet! For now, we focus on my fun, memorable and empowering time as host of this year's Licensing Summit by Mattel! 

Of course, we gave out awards to the top-performing partners of RGI and Mattel! Then we learned about the plans of these astounding companies for this year and 2015. And since I cannot reveal these exciting plans yet, let me just define these in one line: POWerfully Pink-tastic and Bright! Below is the lovely brand marketing manager, our Big Boss for all of the toy brands, Ms. Ivy Mauhay, sharing tons of great news! 

I pray maybe that I can have the chance to one day work with both Mattel and Richprime Global not just as an event host, but maybe even as a licensee too! Only the future knows... can't wait for the realization of my dreams with them! I know with them, I can have my cake and eat it too! Speaking of cake, check out these fabulous Barbie and Hot Wheels cakes!