Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Simply Inspired: Whipping up delightful dishes and more with celebrity chef Anna Olson!

Since I cannot get enough of this gig (and because all my new and prospective clients for my hosting gigs always require seeing me in action, here's one last video below. You can also visit my channel on Youtube, which serves the purpose of documenting my adventures as an events host / emcee. I would appreciate if you can subscribe to my Youtube Channel too; simply hit up this link: Marylaine Viernes YOUTUBE Channel
Destination Foodspiration. I totally love being part of food festivals and events that showcase the art of food where I get to learn tips and tricks. I do admit that I am more of an eater and it's no secret that I'm forever a student when it comes to cooking. So glad to learn from the best; no less than Canadian Celebrity Chef Anna Olson! 
It was a huge crowd and most of them were hungry to see Chef Anna Olson!  
One thing you know I love about being an events emcee is that I get to glam up! This was the best look I can do considering I came from another hosting gig (Thank you, Lord for the tons of work coming my way) and I had to get my brother to drive me in a motorcycle so I can make it to this event in only less than a hour window. If I drove or took a cab, it would take me 2 hours or so! Whew! Just thinking back about this day makes me so stressed and frantic! 
Before the event or before we unveiled our star, Chef Anna Olson, I also got to cook alongside the handsome and talented chef of Soban Korean Grill, who was a bit shy... hope I made him a wee bit comfortable. I do the talking, he does the cooking! 
And we made Japchae, a famous Korean dish, too! Check it out! 
 The Language of Love and Food: I was so amazed at how jam-packed this event was! Everyone there came for the love of food and their favorite celebrity Chef! 
 And now, let's walk back before this event actually started... The crazy ingredients to an appetisingly fun event! First my briefing. As mentioned above, I came from another event, a brand launch for Detail Makeover & Cosmetix Unlimited Branch Launch so it was a whirlwind from the introductions, briefings, instructions to the stage! Had to calm myself down from all the hype and excitement before going up onstage... Caption my photo below, LOL: 
Inspiration with no expiration. I absolutely love being an events host and I want to do this for as long as I can. Apart from earning a lot from this, having a reason to glam up, now I am starting to see what matters most about it: growing in knowledge and in relationships! So glad to meet and nurture friendships through the events I am trusted to handle. 
My "Hey-everyone-I-am-so-lucky-to-get-first-dibs" photo with Chef Anna Olson before going up onstage, back in the restaurant where we were introduced then briefed...
Thank you, Megaworld Lifestyle Malls especially Eastwood Mall (my fave coz I live near here and my cousin and best friend actually live here) for the honor of hosting this much-celebrated and well-attended event! More reasons to love Eastwood mall! My Pokemon catching family members agree for it's only in Eastwood mall that they get to capture rare and special Pokemon.  
Let me end this post by sharing a famous line by Pablo Picasso: "Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working... " May you find your role in this world and fulfil it... I've always believed that God plants seeds in our hearts and lets them grow with the help of sunshine (hard-work and courage), water (integrity and honest persistence) and gentle air (humility and faith), may we all accomplish what we came here for!

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