Sunday, May 31, 2015

Blooms, Bubbles and Bliss: The #BarbieSummerFun Event

Preppin' on a Sunny Sunday, Barbie Backstage. >> I guess the Barbie girl in me will never, ever grow up! After all, Barbie is 57 years old already, so I have all the reason to continue loving her, just as much as I love emceeing Barbie events!
Sitting on my throne. >> This time, I had one bubble-tastic time at the Barbie Summer Fun event held at Robinsons Magnolia along with tons of Barbie princesses who came to play with bubbles and win tons of amazing prizes from Barbie. It was all full of bubbles and bliss as the Barbie Mommies got to join in the fun with their Barbie girls.
Barbie Hair, don't care. Check out my pink and curly hairstyle for this event plus my baubles (all Barbie, but at the same time, all Marylaine Viernes too); hope you like my style for each Barbie party that I host:  
Please check out my video below too, showing me hosting one of the many games we had that day:

All thanks again to my amazing Barbie/Mattel/RGI Family! Here's a beautiful Barbie-coloured photo from my other family from across the world that I love... 

- Marylaine Viernes #IloveBarbieForever

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mission A-CAMP-lished: Hosting the successful first leg of the Friso Fun Camp 2015!

I am still so, so excited whenever I think of the energizing and empowering time I had at the Friso Fun Camp in Rustan's Makati. It was attended by hundreds of kids (and kids-at-heart), who were all treated in four different stations, namely the Arts, Sports, Music and Learning! Best of all, I had my own funny little camper who was so delighted each time he earned a badge in his little camper / scout sash. To this day, he loves wearing his camp essentials - the Friso camp cap and of course the fun Friso back pack!
Fun Camp's this Way >>> And what's the best thing is that I'll be the official host for the rest of the year's Fun camp parties! I am just so thankful for that. 
Please watch my videos on Youtube as well, just search for my channel, Marylaine Viernes plus check out my separate blog feature below on the Friso Fun Camp Press launch held right before our Fun Camp Festivities. 
- Marylaine Louise Viernes 

Friday, May 29, 2015

The Friso Fun Camp Press Launch

I am so blessed to be the official emcee for the Friso Fun Camp 2015! I can't wait for the other legs this year; this enriches me as an events host, but also as a mom. Plus, my baby boy had tons of fun with me! I always look forward to work like this event where I can involve my son and help harness his passions as I live out mine.
For this event, we kicked it off with a Blogger & Press launch activity held at the East Cafe in Rustan's Makati. It was no less attended by the VIPs from Alaska Milk Corporation such as their VP, Ms. Belen Fernando and marketing manager, Mr. Ricky Espinosa, as well as respected life coach, Ms. Pia Acevedo, and of course Mr. Bienvenido "Donnie" Tantoco III of Rustan's. 'Twas a morning event, but all the mommy bloggers and friends from the media definitely made the right choice, spending their early Saturday morning for we were all treated to a yummy breakfast, and so many delightful freebies!
Thru this remarkable opening ceremony, we learned to appreciate the beauty of motherhood, and the amazing gift of children. It was the first time for two respected companies - Royal Friesland Campina and Alaska Milk Corp., to partner with the top name in global retail, that is, Rustan's and bring this remarkable activity perfect for the month of Mothers!
I thank the amazingly creative Jan Sebial from Paramint and Patsy from Jump Digital for trusting me for this event. Looking forward to our next Friso Fun Camp adventures this year!
- Marylaine Louise Viernes

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hosting Aboard Charisse & Steven's Nautical Love Boat

I am still sailing at high seas, and so happy for Charisse Siao-Prakash who has proven that indeed, true love is worth sailing (even stormy seas) for! She found her prince, Steven, in Singapore and their love story is just inspiring - how their love breaks race, culture and all other sorts of barriers. I am truly honored to be the master of ceremony of their union, held at the New World Hotel Makati. Very apt that they chose this hotel for they will surely explore new worlds together! 
The theme was nautical-inspired, and I just had to note the Anchor accent, which was right beside the initials of the bride and groom's name - at how love must be anchored on the most essential values such as respect, honesty, faith and selflessness. Nautical and Naughty, too, as  we had a beer drinking game which ended with the ladies strutting their sexy stuff on the dance floor.
Just had to post the breathtaking table center piece: these beautiful flowers! 

Thank you, Charisse and Steven! More than inviting me to emcee your wedding party, I thank you for inspiring me with your love. May you be blessed with good health, prosperity, lots of healthy kids and a love that will continue to inspire us all through the years! 
Please check out my videos of hosting the wedding by clicking the Youtube links below: 

For weddings/corporate events, contact me via my online portfolio: 
 Marylaine Viernes Events Host Profile

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Fun, fashion and friends at the Total Girl Magazine Model Academy 2015

The young girl in me got to run, wild and free, at least for a few hours, all thanks to the successful event of Total Girl Magazine - the much-anticipated and well-attended TG Model Academy 2015! Again, I am just so honored and blessed to host this fabulous party which was a workshop and go-see too! Below, here I am so excited to share the stage with Ms. Pauleen of Claire's and of course the lovely Mimi Tiu, Total Girl's EIC: 

Held at the bustling atrium of the new Glorietta mall, this event allowed me to bond with my amazing friends from Summit Media, and I also made new ones that day too! I super love love love my Total Girl family (hope you girls and guys are reading this) and I want to thank you all for trusting me with your fab events and for our next exciting (non-hosting related) project. I can't wait to share this to all of you by July! That's for another post. :-) 
So anyway before I get any more giddy and carried away, I'd just like to share the highlights of the day. Photos thanks to Joe Carl of Summit media: 

All these beautiful, high-energy ladies were model aspirants and this harks me back to the days when I too dreamt to be a model! Never really got there (since some things are not meant to be) but I am happy to achieve a bigger dream of mine - and that is to become an events host! Plus a proud mum to this big blazing ball of energy, below who enjoyed attention from his Total Girl big sisters! 
- Marylaine Louise Viernes

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bouncing with Glee at Cordlife's Bumps & Beyond Activity

Walking down mommy-memory-lane is always something pleasant for I will always cherish my son's first years of life. That's why I am always thankful when I get to emcee events for moms like me. Here I am below with super humble and sweet Cordlife Mom-bassador, exceptional journalist and media icon, Ms. Nina Corpuz, and wow was our event jam-packed! 
Happy to be working with Cordlife again, for their recent event held at the Crowne Plaza, where I took my (stage) grandmother, Marylou, to listen, learn and be my occasional photographer.
My hats continue to pile up (busy business development & lease manager, events host, sister, daiughter, friend and most of all, proud mum!), and now I am tasked to be a caring granddaughter (or grand doter) too, and how meaningful it was for the both of us for this event was all about new beginnings. She just moved in with us this year so we can take care of her. So far, she enjoys being my stylist! For this event with Cordlife & Mommy Mundo, I was simply thinking about how apt my placenta-inspired jumpsuit was. But for her, fashion styling is an art - and a business! Happy she's onboard and not bored! 
Above shows the fun raffle draw and below shows me getting serious as I discuss Metascreen (expanded newborn screening) and Cordblood Banking with the Cordlife experts. Cheers to more happy times with Cordlife, and your newborns. Congratulations to all the loving and excited parents!

- Marylaine Louise Viernes