Thursday, April 14, 2016

Diamonds are forever: Celebrating HGS-Aetna's 10 year partnership and beyond

It's been a while since my last post; I've been experiencing so much blessings; growth in my day job, and an ever-exciting weekend and evenings as an events host (Read: fully booked for the entire summer, this weekend, I even had to let go of three other hosting offers, huhuhu) and something tells me, it will be one busy season too, even after the summertime! Plus, I have gotten to organize a few parties, too! Sure, I don't have the luxury of rest but getting to do what I love, and especially for the people I love and respect makes all the hard work worth it! Exciting times up ahead; I can't and won't slow down. 
 This Diamond Night was held at the Crimson Hotel Alabang... and I had a blast walking on the red carpet as with the members of the organisation... we were all meant to shine bright like Diamonds that night... this was what it was all about! 
So here I am in one of the previous months' events, where I had the honor and the pleasure of hosting for such a beautiful gala, aptly entitled, "A diamond night: The HGS-Aetna 10th anniversary celebration. This memorable affair is a toast to the decade-long partnership of the country's first-ever BPO Company, Hinduja Global Solutions, and their client, AETNA. I am just so proud because HGS is the first-ever call center to set up shop here in the Philippines! 
Thank you so much HGS-Aetna and Sixth Sense IMS for your trust! 
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