Thursday, April 28, 2016

Oh Boy! Hosting for Bailey May's fabulous Singin' and Love Yourself's Cherry Poppin'!

BAILEY brings the house down... literally! Tons of his fans gathered as he fired the stage with his Justin Bieber but better cuteness! I admit I did get giddy too at some point, but then, he is young enough to be my son, if I had given birth at 15 years old - yes that's how old I already am!!! 
But then again, sorry Bailey, but for me, your dad is the true Superstar! I've learned from Bailey's Manager, Tita Ming, that Bailey's Dad had been a singer for about 20 years and he had been the one pushing to have a singing career. But when Tita Ming saw Bailey who is not just talented but very handsome (for me he is the Justin Bieber of the Philippines), and so here he is now! But again, if not for the father's passion for singing and his relentless pursuit of his dream, God chose to reward him through the success of his son. Way to go, Mr. May! Here am I with Bailey's supportive daddy...
Now, since this post is really about boys... well, here comes my adventure with... well... (takes a deep breath)... boys who are born physically male, but truly girls and women at heart. I had the honour of being the main host of Love Yourself Foundation's wild Auction, where we saw to over 20 handsome men being auctioned off, for Charity. Basically, Love Yourself Organization is devoted to AIDS Awareness, firstly working hard toward disseminating information through various Education and Prevention campaigns. But what I find most noble about them is that apart from the preventive efforts they take, they also offer free counselling and HIV Testing for those who, sadly have contracted or might have contracted the virus. For me the best way to prevent HIV/AIDS would still be abstinence from sexual intercourse (especially polygamous, unsafe trysts) as guided by the Catholic Church is still the best, but since everyone is free to make their own choices, Love Yourself Foundation equips many individuals on the various repercussions of practices that lead to HIV/AIDS. 
I was the main host and Auctioneer of this affair (yes never in my wildest dreams did I see myself ending up here for this naughty event for a cause), but I shared the stage with Janlie and Jabbar! On the left in photo above is the very sexy Janlie, he/she looks so sexy! And below is Jabbar, and he/she was so wonderful too! Don't we look cute in our Cherry Poppin' selfie poses and our matching Cherry red outfits?
Lipstick went beyond my upper lip. But I swear I didn't kiss anyone. At least no one there (no gay man) would want to kiss me... #ScandalousButNotReally The house was packed! Can't believe these are all gay men. So now I know where all the eligible bachelors went! SIGH... 
And this night totally changed my perception toward people who are Gay or Homosexual and it harks me back to the words of our beloved Pope Francis, "Who am I to judge?" When asked about his take on homosexuality. The much-loved Pontiff further explains his remark, that truly touched me, about how Mercy is real, and is the first attribute of our loving God. He basically affirms that no matter what sexual preference, as long as he seeks out the Lord just as any person, they should not be denigrated and simply branded as "sinful." 
This handsome guy/girl/gay here was SOLD for a whopping 80,000.00 pesos; it was the longest bid and the highest for the evening! He is a vet student and he's so in demand... you can vet on it!
And while Cherry Poppin' is an event that is far from divine, with strong sexual undertones and quite scandalous elements for those who understand, this crazy event actually has very noble underpinnings which I laud them for. I must admit that the hight of this charity auction was intoxicating; bright lights, male bodies almost naked, practically selling them for charity. Of course I cannot post some of my photos, but trust me, it was just one night of craziness, and touching the abs of gay men, I promise, this is for a good cause. And even if I was surrounded by all those men, I felt so safe like what they said when I arrived few minutes before the show as I came from another gig and I had to change my dress, "get naked, we don't care, we're gay, we like men." LOL. 
In spite of the craziness, what blossomed is my respect and appreciation toward other people especially them; I hope this is part of my growing sense of gravitating more toward others and less of myself firstly through understanding. 
Spread the Love around! The right kind of Love ok (and not the worldly kind)... God's Love... the kind that gently tells us that no matter what mistakes we had made yesterday, we know that we can always make things right today and tomorrow... and that we also remind those who forget this fact, with love, respect and mercy. Thank you, Love Yourself Foundation and Direk Paolo for this crazy gig, which I can say did not just open my eyes, but also my heart. 
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