Thursday, July 23, 2015

Truly Grateful to Total Girl Magazine

When I scream "I love Total Girl," I TOTALLY mean it. And every time I grab an issue of TG Magazine, I can't help but feel so happy and optimistic. So you can only imagine my delight of being part of this month's issue! 
Thank you TG for opening up a wonderful world for me. More than this feature (and something special to add in my portfolio as an event host), I am so thankful that after my TG Hosting gigs, I also have hosting projects with other Summit Media brands such as Good Housekeeping and Entrepreneur Magazine. 

So please hurry and stack up on Total Girl Magazine issues this month, and make it a monthly habit! Sharing my fave reads in the July 2015 issue: 
You know it! I love accessorising (and I need to, when I emcee events to stand out a bit) and another thing that I love is hearing advice from another point of view. Plus, even at this age, we encounter the same issues that hark back to when we were teens (as the song goes: same script, different cast), so reading advice from these awesome TG ladies really helps - they were truly wise beyond their years! And lastly, this page below features Patty and Sophia - two sweet Total Girls I met during my interview along with Nix and the lovely TG Managing Ed, MM De Mesa! 
I love Total Girl Forever!! Check out our fun BTS group photo with the exceptional TG team at the Summit Media Headquarters... 
- Marylaine Louise Viernes