Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Finding myself in Paper Towns: A Movie Review

Paper Towns, the latest and hottest new movie by 20th Century Fox reached out to be in a pleasantly unexpected manner, harking me back to different times, when I craved for and loved mystery and adventure (and I still do). I was so glad to be invited to the premiere night for this awesome movie, which was based on a hit best-selling book by John Green (The Fault in our Stars). 

I remember my younger, morose self with scene of the movie, and realising more about my profound journey. Plus I realised too that while I never understood what made Cara Delevigne (and her eyebrows) a modelling hit, but I would have to agree that she lived up to the role of Margo Roth Spiegelman – an angst-ridden, elusive and downright crazy teenager who had a refreshingly sullen take on the world and everything else around her. I loved how she and “Q” (Quentin Jacobson, portrayed by actor Nat Wolf) took things into their own hands, and set their own passionate paths while having fun along the way. I loved how this movie testifies to the adage that, "you need to get lost in order to find yourself..."  
Indeed, this movie is perfect and relatable to all of us who’ve gone through that awkward, trouble times in our lives, looking for our places in this world, and bumping into different people and taking them for granted in this big sad word, not realising that maybe to one of them – we are the world.

I loved its refreshing take on adolescence – on how at this stage, we treat life with wild abandon, getting lost and not having a clue (but in the case of Margo she deliberately got lost and left them with clues) and sometimes not wanting to be found as we immerse ourselves in the beauty of all things we were told to be scared of. I loved the creativity of the movie, taking in the usual elements that we love: solving mysteries, young love and adventure! Let go of your fear of the road - by traveling it! (Translation: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.) This is a must-watch! So make sure to catch it before it’s gone (like Margo) then you won’t know what you are missing. 
Loved the movie and even these awesome tickets. Thanks so much to the superb president of Warner Bros. & 20th Century Fox, Mr. Francis Soliven!
- Marylaine Louise Viernes