Wednesday, March 15, 2017

One with Excellence, the number 1 in its industry, especially in celebrating 'One World, One EDL'...

Mabuhay! Welcome to this year's EDL Party! So I am feeling my being 'Miss Philippines," during EDL Group of Companies' 2016 company party! Last year, I have also been so blessed to honoured to co-emcee for their outrageously awesome hip-hop themed party... please read back about it and see me in my hip-hoppiest look, right here: Marylaine Viernes hosts for the EDL Group of Companies 2015 Christmas Party!
I loved every minute of hosting for EDL! This year was a welcome challenge as it was only me on the stage unlike last year, when I had two handsome co-hosts onstage, both employees of EDL as well. This year was certainly bigger and brighter! Each company went all out with their performances and presentations! Ah... just like Excellence, one of the brands under EDL Group, which keeps getting better and brighter, never contented even if they have long been Number 1.
Hope you can also watch some of my clips in action too: 
And before the awesome evening program, there was also a parade of nations! First up was the Middle East. Can you all see the lovely Princess Jasmines? Calling Aladdin!!!
This time for Africa... this group makes you go Waka Waka! 
And of course...the one country I pray I can fly to (finally) and see this 2017.... Japan!!!
And well, here's another video of this memorable event right here... please watch me in action; thank you! 
And I know this is so redundant, but because I wished that I was a beauty queen too just like last year's Miss Universe, Miss Pia Wurtzbach, please indulge me with a last 'Miss Philippines' photo... 
Thanks to my boss-for-the-day, Ms. Em Berbano, and to the whole EDL and Excellence family for the faith! 
And to the benevolent Boss MB too! The most loved and respected in the industry! He is the founder and head of Pit Games Media... 
And before I forget, I got to bring this one along too, which makes the even more special... my love of course came as his favorite Pokemon Trainer, Ash as he reveled around the resort where this party was held at: Estancia De Lorenzo, San Mateo Rizal... 
And he got to host for me too... sweet!!! 
He loved every bit of this event as much as I did... Hope you liked to read this blog post... cheers from me and my handsome boy... 
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