Sunday, August 24, 2014

The National ICT Summit 2014

Feeling blessed as ever to host this year's grand National Information Communications and Technology (NICT) Summit for the second straight year! The 2014 NICT Summit finds its home at the Intercontinental Hotel, boasting of bigger and brighter features, talks, speakers and surprises! 

The year's theme was about the role of ICT on the country's progress. This two-day conference boasted of speakers who were no less the cream of the crop of the Philippines, especially when it came to Technology, Information Communications, Business & Economics, and even from Government and Policy-making. For day 2, we even had Atty. Kim Jacinto Henares, BIR Commissioner as keynote speaker who shared about the value of ICT in implementing her agency's many programs. 

A slew of many interesting topics brought the country together. Apart from government programs especially those spearheaded by the DOST - ICT office, we also learned so much about ICT in Globalization and Business, primers on the ASEAN, the role of social media, and the convergence of private and government sectors toward progress. 

Some talks and activities were very technical that my left brain tried so hard to keep up with. However, the meat of it all is the fact that the country had endless resources, and it the light of the anomalies in the government, the much-clamored for "Transparency" may finally come with the he help of ICT and its applications. But the heart of the matter really - is having one leader, backed by a small team of indefatigable, honest and intelligent individuals who can really implement lasting and correct solutions for this young country's numerous problems.  

The annual National ICT Summit is organized by the Department of Science and Technology ICT Office, the Chief Information Officers Forum, and the Chief Information Officers Forum Foundation Inc. So honored to have worked with the brightest minds in ICT! 

- Marylaine Viernes