Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Living the dream of the little girl in me with Barbie!

Will be sharing a series of posts of the past four amazing weekends I have spent being the official host for Mattel and Richprime Global Inc.'s BARBIE party, coinciding with the launch of the latest Barbie movie, and the most splashamazing one of all - Barbie the Pearl Princess! 

Below shows photos of Day 1, where we awarded lovely little Barbie girls who took part in our day's festivities! Of course, they got treated to a fun time with a Barbie mermaid princess makeover, unleashed their creativity at our Barbie arts and crafts booth, plus won in our hourly raffle draws and took home Pink-tastic prizes only from Barbie! 

I am out of my shell, just like a Pearl... I love pearls! I get to be a Pearl Princess this day, living out the dream that every little girl dreams of... I guess that little girl in me, will never grow old.  

Still stoked to be part of this campaign! I think Barbie and I are making waves, don't you think? She and I have been working together since way back in 2010, when I first met the amazing Richprime Global team, led by my beloved friend and events head extraordinaire, Shan Carlos!  

Can you say, "I love Barbie?" We all definitely do; we think she's Pink-tastic!

That's it for now! I have got to close the gates to my underwater mer-kingdom, and I will see you all next week for another Doll-lightful adventure, only with me and Barbie! Three more Barbie-mazing events to share with you all, Barbie girls! I am just so thankful that I am still able to do this, along with the many other things I love doing! 

WATER you waiting for? Watch Barbie's newest movie this sizzling summer season, Barbie the Pearl Princess! You surely will enjoy the valuable lessons, the inspiring songs, and the lovely pink pearls throughout the movie!   

"Always leave things better than you found them." This is one of the lessons Barbie shared in the movie, and this is a message I can apply in my other life, this time not as a Barbie host, but as a manager. As I face a new, unexplored, even scary ocean in my life, I know that I have sailed this far to make things better than it was, better than what people can believe it to be. Barbie is not just about beauty or vanity, but about courage, that you can inspire the change, the transformation you want to SEA... er... SEE! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

A spectacle of colors and fun at the Cirque Du Bebe by Mothercare!

To this day, I still smile from the fun activities, the knowledge I've gained from expert speakers and best of all, the wild shopping spree I enjoyed at the Cirque Du Bebe: The Baby and Kids Fair! This event was truly one of a kind and while this is the first time for Mothercare, along with their other world-class brands for kids (and us, kids-at-heart) to mount it, it was certainly a success! I also look forward to the usual Mothercare Baby & Me Club Activities - fun sessions for parents and kids - in the months to come. 

Come one, come all! And so did a lot of moms, kids and their happy parents! So many amazing finds - your favorite brands at much lower prices - all in one roof! Plus, tons of learning sessions as well. Below shows me interviewing a doctor on the benefits of cordblood banking. 

My day wouldn't be complete without Truman the Rabbit! Oh, and everyday is Easter by the way - there's always a cause to celebrate, thanks to our beloved Philips AVENT Mascot, Truman the bunny rabbit! 

And Truman invited me over to the Philips AVENT booth, and look what I saw, more circus folk to cheer up my day (and take my migraines away!) All our beloved Circus pals really put smiles in every face there, both young and old! 
With my Philips AVENT family. Another reason to smile! I have been working with these amazing, efficient, funny and kind (oh, and sometimes crazy) ladies since I had my son back in 2009. And it's been one amazing journey, and I am certain we'll have more fun AVENT-ures together!  

This made my day. Popcorn and cotton candy galore - and my son was first in line! I love Godric Matthew - my everything! His cheeks alone is like sweet cotton candy to me. Here he is DEVOURING cotton candy using both hands! 

My son's smiles are far sweeter than any cotton candy to me! 

Moms I love. Above shows me with the beautiful Ms. Ais Vagilidad, a social media mom who also loves being part of fun, empowering activities! I would like to congratulate her for her new business, Little Miss Captain Burgers and Patties! Creating a waves in tons of parties for kids! Soon at my son's party too. And below is the fabulous mom of two, the lovely Ms. Mariel Bartolome, the brand manager of Mothercare! She put this fantastic event together, and she did so well, obviously taking inspiration from what appeals to her own precious kids!  She wears so many hats, and does so beautifully... Great job, Mommy Mariel! Oh and I got the pleasure of meeting her handsome son below...  

To end, I would like to thank Mothercare and Philips AVENT for letting me be part of this wonderful AVENT-ure. Sometimes, being a MOM is like a circus - you have to juggle so many things, you need to bend your back like an acrobat (working by day then playing with your kid at night). You need to be a clown at times - put up a brave, happy front for your little ones, even if behind that smiling mask, you feel sadness and fear too. Oftentimes you'd feel you're always on stage, in the spotlight, the world looking at you but you try to focus on that one beautiful small face that matters to you. You feel like going through rings of fire to get things done, to accept sacrifices for your family. Then next you find yourself walking a tightrope, with all the things you have to take extra care on, realizing that one misstep will not just affect you, but the little ones that mean the world to you. 

But while Motherhood is like an everyday Circus. It's one amazing spectacle I would love to star in, every single day. With my little ringmaster by my side, traveling the world with me, one experience at a time. My boy thinks that my presence makes him feel that everything is okay, when in fact... it's really him who makes me feel that everything is okay... 

Monday, April 14, 2014

How my son saved Earth Hour!

I take pride and happiness in my work - both as a Leasing Manager and also as an events host. Indeed, I am very thankful, but nothing can ever compare to my pride and love for my son, whom I like to call my GM (my boss, Godric Matthew). 
Above - My Internalizing Spidey. While I like to take control of the stage and the crowd when I work as emcee, I can never contain my laughter and my smile which I feel stretches a thousand miles from my face, to the point of aching already! Whenever my son gets to go onstage to win a handful of costume competitions or when he is on the field playing soccer, I just beam with pride, like any other mother, but with me, my stage mom vibe just explodes!  
Per the request SM Pasig, my son brought one of his favorite superheroes to life, to lead the switch-off ceremonies in celebration of EARTH HOUR! Here he is with SM mall manager, Ms. Bel Bartolome, and Pasig Councilor, Lex Santiago. My superhero just saved the day, and had fun too! 
I tell my son that to be a Superhero, you must always do what is Right... and so he took it to heart and there he is, doing the "Write" Thing, at the Earth Hour Freedom Wall.  
"With Great Power, comes Great Responsibility." We've all heard this line so many times, and it became unforgettable when it became part of the script in one of the many Spider-man movies! Above shows our councilor and mall manager, plus of course my powerful superhero (who has power over me with just a smile), and they all teach us to properly handle the power entrusted in each of us, and harness the power within. 
Of course my Superhero, Spidey had to eat some ice cream after saving the Earth! You deserve it, big boy! But apart from my snaps on how he saved SM Pasig on our unforgettable Earth Hour celebration, I would also like to share how much my Spidey loves animals, too! At home, he has adopted my sister's (his aunt) old pit bulls, and he cares for them a lot! Here's  a few adorable snaps of my animal champion, Spidey too! 
Top, his new-found poodle buddy and photo below is him cuddling his newly-hatched pet chick! He is gentle, and he knows how to control his "power" to not squish his chick. 
Remember that Power is from within - what we see in the outside world is what we visualize within! To the dull mind, all nature is scary and bleak. To the bright, optimistic mind, the whole world burns and sparkles with light! Choose what you see, and unleash the power, the being that is yet to be! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Every Mom MUST have MUSTELA

Motherhood is the foremost facet of my being. When I became a mom, my life didn't just stop at being a mother. In fact, Motherhood has revealed the strength, the wisdom and the energy I never imagined I could ever have. 

One of my most favorite #TBT snaps of my baby boy!

Whenever I hold my son, Godric Matthew, I whisper the same words I used to say to myself back when he was in my womb, "My Greatest Blessing." And to this day, he keeps growing, changing, developing a personality that makes me think, was this the same noisy infant I cradled in my arms before? All I know is that I love him more and more each day. I can fully embrace my being, while I embrace his whole being, and do my best to help him soar on his own one day. 

Apart from his plump baby cheeks and that heavenly baby scent, I miss shopping for baby stuff! But I am proud and confident - and most of all thankful, that I was able to - get him the best baby essentials, especially during the first and most crucial months of his life. And I am proud to say that I also use something that he uses back then until now, MUSTELA skin care products!   


I love MUSTELA products, but I was more than thankful when I met the beauty and brains behind MUSTELA, Atty. Sharleen Cu-Unjieng! She was so generous to send me a sample pack after we met at the MOTHERCARE CIRQUE DU BEBE Baby and Kids Fair, which I emceed for (I will write a separate blog post on that). 

Atty. Sharleen may be quite the achiever (so humble too, as she is quick to say, "Call me Sharleen lang...") she is both a lawyer and a businesswoman, successful on both counts. But I saw that it is being a Mother to her 3 amazing kids that gives her the most pride and joy! She also shared the best things about motherhood, with tips on how to best care for babies' sensitive skin. 

Gotta love that tagline: "Protect today for tomorrow." And one of their bestsellers, and also my best friend, is the skin freshener, which my son and I love to share and spritz on especially now that I enrolled him in Soccer Camp!  

I am so proud of my son, who knows what he wants, and knows how to get it. I enrolled him last minute in Soccer school because I thought he should take Math and Writing courses first, but he was hell bent in being part of a Soccer Camp. And I am amazed at how at ease he is with the field. I know that PROTECTION does not mean that I should physically be there for him all the time. It is also about equipping him with the abilities to plow his way through whatever field. And I heard from his coach he stands out, and his love for the game really shine through. And of course it helps that apart from sipping water, my mom and his yaya sprays him with our favorite MUSTELA product to make him feel refreshed in an instant!   

Thank you very much MUSTELA for helping take good care of my handsome son's beautiful skin! From his sensitive baby skin and now to his active soon-to-be-a-soccer-star skin! Oh, and I find it funny and nice that my son's favorite soccer outfit - in blue - is also the same color as Mustela's logo and packaging material! We're part of Team Mustela!!!

Soon, I will be writing too about the fantasy-come-alive, the Mothercare Cirque du Bebe Baby and Kids Fair! As a teaser, I'd like to add my son's cute and rather Cotton Candid snap... What do you think? He may have grown a lot from the first photo, but he will always be my charming, handsome man! 

My bumper sticker below shows a few of the many amazing things my son has taught me: Infuse great love in whatever I do, no matter how trivial it may seem, until it grows into something great... Keep my focus and invest only on the things I value - and on those alone... Try to be patient (I have yet to really learn this, but I am trying!)... and my favorite? Not to pray for a lighter load, but to pray for more strength, faith and determination for every challenge that comes my way. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Are you Vitamin D deficient? Unilab's FORTI-D Media Launch


Thrilled and thankful to be part of the exciting media launch of UNILAB's newest health supplement, FORTI-D (Colecalciferol). It was held at Bar One, Holiday Inn Hotel, Ortigas Pasig City. And below were my few shocking realizations: 

1. Vitamin D is not really a vitamin. This substance just stimulates/ activates the body's own natural ability to produce Vitamin D, which is essential for calcium absorption.

2. The best time to soak up the sun and activate your body's natural ability to generate Vitamin D is during noontime. Yes, when the sun is at its hottest, and the exact same time we all avoid (in order to avoid Migraines and Skin Cancer!) 

3. Light-skinned people can generate Vitamin D better than those with darker skin. Given that, in the free blood testing, I learned that I am Vitamin D Deficient! And you may be, too! Thank God for FORTI-D, the answer to hard-working, Vitamin D deficient people like you and me! 

Glad to meet a lot of blogger friends including Enzo, of juanmanilaexpress.com. Please click on his blog too! He is one of the most well-regarded bloggers in the country! 

Photo above shows me thinking, "Hey no fair! My hosting contract did not include mandatory Vitamin D testing through blood-letting with Photo Op!" Photo below shows me happy after the lovely nurse finally got some blood samples... wasn't as bad as I thought! I didn't faint after all...    

Thank you Forti-D for letting me take part of such a fabulous, empowering and eye-opening affair! 

D can stand for Deficiency, Downfall, Desperation, Delusion. But it can also be the first letter of the words, DREAM, DRIVE, DETERMINATION, DILIGENCE, DESTINY. 

It all depends on how we perceive things, and how we perceive things is how we will turn out to be. Choose your visions well, for this is the mold of the future, the shape of things to come.

As for me, I may thrive in a challenging world (plus I am vitamin D deficient and sickly, LOL) but my determination and drive in the write direction founded on my devotion and faith in God, will see me through.