Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sky Cable Beauty Buffet 2014: Beauty radiates from within

Again, I am so proud and honored to be this year's Sky Cable Beauty Buffet Event Host, held at the SM North EDSA. I absolutely enjoyed everything about this Beauty Affair, for it featured all of my favorite brands in one exciting activity area! We had Pink Parlour, The Face Shop, Etude House, Tony Moly, Maybelline, just to name a few. They all offered amazing services and even showered the participants with tons of prizes and freebies! 

The affair had ongoing pocket activities such as free massage, hair and eyebrow makeovers, nail art and polish, plus exciting game and photo booths! While I onstage emceed the main festivities, which consisted of exciting games and tons of beauty talks - inspiring women of all ages to embrace who they are - for who you are is beautiful! 

I thank Ms. Jean de Rama of Niche Play Events for getting me for this very splendid event! I also walked away with my own beauty loot, such as Ponds items and face masks, which I actually use, and which I need for I live a very hectic and stressful life. Caring for myself doesn't mean I am vain, but looking good is always vital to feeling great. And I cannot host events if I do not feel good and confident! More so will I not be able to excel in my day job as Leasing Manager which I value and I enjoy so much, if I do not have enough trust in myself. 

Thanks again, Niche Play and Sky Cable for making me a big part of your wonderful Beauty Buffet this year! I had so much fun, and I learned so many insights on how to better care for myself. 

-Marylaine Viernes

Monday, December 22, 2014

Jo and Jae: A Night of Love towards Forever

So honored to be the host of Mrs. Jo Alano-De Monteverde and Mr. Jae de Monteverde's breathtaking wedding held at the Bellevue Hotel Alabang. That night I shared my passion for words while the couple and their loving family shared their love! 

This hosting gig was nothing short of a blessing as the organizer just called me a week before, and instantly, this sweet couple and I clicked. I had a blast as I emceed for their short yet solemn wedding reception, and since this night, I understood that Love always prevails. There was so much love that night! Love, Light and Life! 

Thanks, beautiful Jo and dashing Jae for trusting me with your special night! 

Indeed, Love comes in different forms. Sometimes, they are not always what we aspire for. That is why I would like to share a very short yet meaningful Christmas story, my favorite Christmas tale, the story of the Three Trees: 

Once there were three seeds who dreamed of what they will become when they become trees, and their wood cut down to become something great. The first seed said that it wanted its wood to become a treasure chest within which the most precious stones will be held, residing in a grand King and Queen's palace. The second little seed hoped to become part of a magnificent ship with the greatest Captain steering it through the most frightening storms. And the third thought it was most grand as it dreamed of becoming a great edifice upon a mountain top, part of a magnificent sanctuary that all the world please drop on their knees and pay homage to. 

Time came the seeds became big magnificent trees, and afterwards came the time they were cut up into wood. The first tree wept at its fate for it did not become a treasure chest in a magnificent palace but simply became a lowly feeding box of hay for stable animals. But one day, a Virgin woman with Child and her husband found that lowly feeding box within a manger, and there laid their newborn child. While the first never held any precious diamonds, pearls or rubies - it held the most magnificent treasure of all - the Word that became Flesh, the Baby Jesus. 

Years passed and the second tree wept at how it did not become part of a magnificent ship, but only that of a poor fisherman's boat. But it was on this very boat that the greatest of all Captains came to calm the storm - it was Christ Jesus who performed a miracle by calming a perilous tempest. 

And lastly, the third tree grew sullen at how it can never be part of a great edifice or castle, for it was just chopped down to became a cross, and he heard for miserable thieves to be punished with. He was dragged for hours only to stand erect in Mount Calvary... and on this Mountain, the Messiah was Crucified. 

Indeed, Life is not always how we wish it to be, but only when we look deeper into our hearts will we understand that God gives us more than what we deserve. Merry Christmas! 

-Marylaine Viernes  

Hooray for Cosplay Animania 2014 !!!

From a string of corporate & brand launches, I now splash into a world of fantasy and color for the first-ever Cosplay Animania, thanks to Eventastic Consultancy's head, Ms. Tiny Garner whom I have known since I was very young. I will always be indebted to her for she gave me a kick start at event hosting - by getting me as the resident events host of Enchanted Kingdom. 

This was one truly mesmerizing party where I saw my favorite characters and Anime characters (that I never even knew existed) alike all come together in one stage for a fashion show and friendly competition. 

To kick-start the event, we awarded Manga enthusiasts for a pocket event consisting of an art competition where three winners walked away with fabulous prizes! The event also featured up & coming bands which literally brought the house down! I loved everything about this event - from the intense energy of the audience - mostly Anime/ Manga enthusiasts who came to cheer for their bet Cosplayers, and of course to the cute Cosplayers who did not only share the backstage dressing room with me, but also their life stories. Some were students, others were professionals - each of them coming from different walks of life, all brought together by one passion - Anime Fashion! 

Congratulations to all the winners and participants of this year's highly successful Cosplay Animania 2014! 

"Imagination is the pair of wings that lets your ideas fly toward reality... just fly with the winds of hard-work, honesty and optimism, then you will surely be led to Success..." 

-Marylaine Viernes 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hooray for Kidzooona: Loved by Kids around the World!

My life only revolves around 4 things: my day job, Church service, hosting (my passion) and the most important, which is spending time with my sweet boy. I need a perfect balance of these 4 to maintain my sanity. When I am immersed in one of these facets I make sure to give it full focus and energy. Especially when it's playtime with my son and li'l best friend; we take PLAY seriously! 

Discovering Kidzooona is nothing short of a miracle. I feel so blessed to sign them up in the two SM Malls I handle, SM Masinag and SM Angono Rizal. And of course, signing them means loving and knowing them. So I let loose to learn more about them, at their first, newly-opened branch at Galleria! Check out this 800+ sqm wonderland, AEON FANTASY KIDZOOONA!

First Stop: Role Play Land! I love how Kidzooona lets our little ones imagine, explore and live the shoes of adults for a few hours. Above is my son and his friend fighting fire with fun, as cheeky little fire fighters! Below is a snap of the sprawling ball pool and that humongous soft slide! Can you spot my adorable son and my pretty sister in the photo below? 

That big smile on my son's face says it all! 

Kidzooona is unique because of Role Play town, but it is great that they maintained other awesome elements that we loved and improved them! Every kid and kid-at-heart such as myself love bouncing, sliding, going on the jungle gym, swimming in the ball pool, and winning in the arcade! (More on the amazing arcade features on my next post.) 

This inflatable race track got me bouncing up and down with excitement! I even have a video of me and my son hop-skip-racing like bunnies but let's save that funny video for next time! 

Photo above shows me with the President of Aeon Fantasy Kidzooona, Mr. Takeshi Kyogoku, and on my left is the beautiful Ms. Julie Ann Ingua, Kidzooona Philippines' lovely overall head. Thank you so much for such a spectacular time. Playing, learning and having fun inside Kidzooona (which is a big hit in several countries including Japan, Thailad, China and more) is truly an honor! I cannot wait for you to open in SM City Masinag by March 2015. We love Kidzooona! You better not cry now, 'coz Kidzooona is coming to town!!! 

PS: Excuse my sweaty, haggard playtime photos. Who cares about my hair as long as I am having a ton of fun with my son! 

-Marylaine Viernes 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Join the 3M Post-it and Scotch Revolution!

Truly, there is nothing greater when it comes to stationery and office supplies except for Post-It and Scotch! 3M Philippines solidifies its ground as the world's revolutionary leader for organization tools for office and school. And being part of this year's brand launch, where the latest amazing additions to the impressive Post-It and Scotch lines was truly a blessing and an honor! Here I am below with my childhood friend and now senior brand manager, the beautiful Missy De Rivera!

Check out that amazing stage backdrop above! Held in Makati, members of the press, bloggers and trade partners came to witness 3M Philippines' staff share their latest products while moving and groovin' to the most happening beats - same way as the company has been dancing at the top - as they continue to innovate the basics that we have loved for the past years. It's more than just my favorite magic tapes and Post-It notes now - it is a revolutionary stationery and supplies experience! 

Juggling life as a corporate manager, a passionate (and always hyper) events host and most of all, a proud single mom, entails that I am always organized and on top of all the daily brouhaha. My life is just so fast-paced, and that is why it is no secret that Post-It is my BFF when it comes to organizing my schedule, letting me stay in control and focused in whatever task, letting me dance to whatever tune I am at. 

But more than my favorite Post-It notes, I have my newest favorite - the Scotch designer scissors in Zebra print. It is handy and posh - just what I like - functional and fabulous! Below is the creative Post-It Revolution wall. The Step Up inspired event is perfect for this is similar to how 3M Philippines always Steps Up, and Dominates! 

Thank you so much, 3M Philippines for the chance to work with your world-class company. This event was unforgettable; an energetic party which I love to relive all the time, through this video link: 
A Revolutionary Opening Number by 3M Philippines

- Marylaine Viernes 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Always a Fairy Happy Halloween at SM Makati!

Growing up, I would frequent SM Makati. I loved everything about that mall - its convenience, proximity to my home back then, plus the fact that it was in the middle of everything. And now, I have more reasons to love it, since I have hosted their exciting Halloween Party for the second straight year! Last year, I was a WINX Club Fairy, and this year, I rose up a notch as a Fairy Queen! Donning my same pair of lovely, shiny wings as last year! Only this time, I had a silvery crown! 

I am always thankful each time I get to host for SM Makati, one of my most favorite SM Malls and SM Store branches, because not only do they let me soar on my fairy wings and spread my giggly loud happiness and game ideas; I have also made a ton of lovely friends! Above are the awesome marketing team of the SM Store Makati, and special shout out to Ms. Nikki Angela Cruz, the Marketing Manager, and of course the handsome Prince Miami Santos (above) who continues to trust me with their events. Plus my friend and former high school classmate, Jonner Galerio a.k.a Blue Cabanlig, all part of the efficient & talented SM Makati team. 

The place was packed! We had fun games, a dog show, a costume parade and of course, trick-or-treat! Everyone took home loads of fun... and Candy!!! 

So here's my son's stash for this year... How can we ever gobble these all up??? And so, to end my blog, I would like to share a photo that is very, very special to me. The very first time my little sweet joy went trick-or-treating with me (yes, he enjoyed Halloween even before he could even walk!) Here he was, I believe only a year old or less... I was dressed as Maid Marian and he, as my very own Robin Hood! My first year as a mom, but you can never take my love for Halloween away from me. Indeed, so many reasons to love this time of the year; it is totally a sweet season, and I am not just talking about Candy!

-Marylaine Viernes  

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Day 2 of the Monster High Freaky Fusion Howl-o-ween Party!

The show, the prizes, candy during the exciting Day 1 wasn't enough, for more little monsters came back for Day 2 for another Howl-tastic time at SM Megamall! I still had my Nefera De Nile look but this time my dress was all ghoul-den (golden) glam! 

For the second day, we had more games and surprises, plus another fab round of Meet & Greet and Photo Op with the favorite Fusion Monsters from the latest hit movie! 

Thanks so much to my awesome friends at Richprime Global Inc., partner of Mattel for all the best toys in the world, and for making me part of these claw-some events that lets our toys and imaginations come to life! And thanks, Badette (photo above) for helping me fix my royally misbehaving mummy lace! 

I just love Monster High! And I also love this adorable Skelita girl here, who came back to have fun with me and our skeleton crew on Day 2! 

- Marylaine Viernes  

Day 1 of the most Fang-tastic Halloween Gig ever!!!

This year, I got to host not just one but two Monster High Shows at SM Megamall. And as I always say, "Halloween is the one time of the year when I can be myself again..." Indeed, even as a young girl, I have always loved Halloween, from those fun trick-or-treating activities with my childhood friends, and now even as an adult, I still get to take part in this fabulous fun time.

The stage is set! Look at that HUGE Crowd at SM Megamall! And this was just Day 1! It was really so fang-tastic, monsterrific and ghoul-ectrifying to be there! 


For the 2-day Monster High Meet & Greet Howltastic Howloween Party, it was all about the latest Monster High movie, "Freaky Fusion." I chose to get dressed as one of my many favorite characters - Nefera De Nile, big sister to her royal highness, Cleo De Nile, captain of the Fearleading Squad, and daughter of The Mummy. And well, among all of the characters, Nefera is oldest and it is apt to take on an older character. This calls for a MEGA MONSTER SELFIE! 

Top photo shows the winners for the Day 1 Freaky Fusion Costume Contest. I had so much fun, probably more than the kids did! LOL. From dressing up, putting on makeup and accessories and totally leading the party, I got to do what I love to do most, while being my "true" self. And of course, my sweet son had to tag along. Here is his photo as CLAWD WOLF, and I as his "Mummy."

And here I am with my very own dear sweet young skeleton crew. I first met these three lovely gals at our summer event held at SM Aura Premier. They are dressed as my favorite, Jinafire Long, Draculaura and the popular Frankie Stein. Hope to see you again girls!

And to end my post, bet you didn't know these cool Halloween Trivia: 

1. Halloween is known to begin in Ireland back when Irish people were known as the Celts. This tradition was first known as Samhain. - Thinking of Ireland makes me remember by very special friend, John, who is half-fairy just like me. 

2. Did you know that some people actually fear Halloween? This condition is called Samhainophobia. Again, this term has its root word, "Samhain", which harks back to the first days in Ireland. 

3. Among kids all over the world. 93% go trick-or-treating per a survey done last year. What happened to the 7% they truly are missing out on a lot! But thanks to super cool establishments like SM Malls, Halloween is able to reach out to more kids, and thus pepper their childhood with fond (scary) memories, and tons of cavity from candy! 

Thanks for dropping by, and Happy Halloween, Beautiful Monsters!!! Here's my photo with the Monster High SKELETON CREW; fabulous COSPLAYERS dressed up as ( From L-R): Lagoonafire, Cleolei, Clawvenus and Dracubecca... With yours truly, Nefera De Nile, big sister to her royal highness, Cleo De Nile, descendant of Pharaohs. And don't you forget that. So, don't you wanna be a Monster too?

Please watch out for my Day 2 post, plus my awesome hosting gig for SM Makati too, dressed as a fairy queen! 

-Marylaine Viernes

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Total Empowerment with Total Girl and 3M's Post-It & Scotch

Totally had a fun time at Colegio de Sta. Rosa for the Total Girl Talk, with Summit's Total Girl Magazine, presented by Post-It and Scotch, by 3M. I totally loved the fact that I got to bond with creative tweens as they showcased their dreams and passions through the Dream Boards, thanks to Post-It and Scotch products, which I have loved using ever since I was a little girl, a student and now as a professional. But more than that, I was over the moon when I saw my friend from way back, when we used to live in Alabang Hills - the ever beautiful, Miss De Rivera who is now the brand manager for 3M! Loved seeing her again, truly everything about this event harks me back to the time when I was just training, hoping, praying for my dreams - the foundations, I'd say, for a lovely and bright future. Also I cannot forget my good friend and Ate Beth, who used to work with me for the Mattel (Barbie, Monster High and La Dee Da events) but now got me when she transferred to Summit! I am so thankful indeed; I have yet to really achieve all my dreams, but I can definitely say that I am certainly getting there! 

I am so at peace where I am now. I know I am going somewhere great. I am no longer in a rush, going in circles the way I used to. Plus I get to do the things I love most - hosting for fabulous events every single weekend non-stop, while working for a prestigious company, where I recently got promoted as Senior Manager! But while I am happy and ALWAYS, ALWAYS busy, on the flip side of the daily buzz is that I barely have time for myself, there's just so much to do and I tend to have so many things on my to-do list daily. After I accomplish a building-load of things, there's another truckload coming in! But good thing I never forget, thanks to my Post-It Pads which I love! 

Okay, I am already getting carried away with day job and my own life's milestones, so let me get back to the fab Total Girl Talk again now. For this event which I hosted, we also featured two inspiring ladies, in the persons of Ms. Beam Mariano and Ms. Ines Bautista. Both ladies are very talented indeed, and they taught the lovely Total Girls how they too can one day achieve their dreams! 

The best part was having the bosses of 3M including my friend the beautiful Missy De Rivera and the Publisher of Total Girl, Ms. Leslie Bulatao - judge the winners for the Dream Board design activity using the best and coolest new products from Scotch and Post-It! 

Indeed, we all had a mesmerizingly wonderful time and I am just so happy to be part of that Total Girl Party! Watch out for the next Total Girl Talks coming in your campuses soon! 

Marylaine Viernes