Friday, September 11, 2015

Game, Stories, Freebies and More: Hosting the Friso Fun Raiders at the Shangrila Plaza

Raiders, Unite! It was another fun-filled and memorable Saturday as adorable little Friso Fun Raiders gathered at the EDSA Shangrila Event Atrium for learning and excitement with Alaska Milk Corporation and Royal Friesland Campina, makers of Friso Four! 
Photo above: Voyage Captain Maryndiana Jones, at your service! Each and everyone of the Friso Fun Raiders were also given their medals right after they completed the four expeditions! Below, I was with Doctor-Captain Jack "Sparrow" Herrin for some action (and education) as he gave swashbuckling tips to the mums and dads! It's not just about fun; it's about fulfilment too! 
And we also got to meet the awesome JOOMAJAM Crew over at the Music Island! We loved and APP-lauded for their awesome new surprise, the Joomajam learning App. I cannot wait to download it for my son soon as they have it for iOS. But for now those with Android phones, download this now for the most APP-mazing music and learning experience for your li'l ones! Glad to have met the super specta-COOL-ar musical star and coach and owner of Joomajam, Vin Dancel, who was so kind to let me son have first dibs with the app. Visit their JAM-azing website:
For me, hosting is not just about having fun, getting awesome extra cash or having an excuse to wear nice dresses, hair extensions and cake my face up with makeup and false eyelashes. It's about Experiencing more together with my son, and with the new friends I meet in every event! I am just so thankful for this FRISO-tacular opporunity to be an events emcee every weekend! 
The events I love most are the ones where my little boy is involved; I lead such a busy life that the chance to bond with him at work is priceless! Here he is using his imagination and creativity, checking me out with his telescope made out of a pirate treasure map sprinkled with stardust, the elixir of youth, swords, magical memories, unicorns, cotton candy, superhero capes, whimsical dreams and love... He is the greatest of my many blessings!
But while I am a proud mom, a busy busy manager on weekdays and an events host on weekends, I still have my eyes set on greater things... someday, with every small effort I take today, I will get there someday, In God's wonderful Time and only through His magnificent Grace... 
Apart from the fun games and surprises we also saw to the launch of the Friso Moms Rewards program which many of the delighted parents availed of. Thank you so much to those who joined us and those who are now reading my blog. See you again soon; but for now it's time to give my little boy a warm bath, dance with him (can you believe we dance the Whip Nae Nae) and whisper words of love and encouragement to him, every chance that I get...