Friday, February 20, 2015

An Adventure to Remember: Baby Company Grand Baby Fair Year 5

Feeling the bliss and the blessing of being the emcee for the third consecutive year now, here's my look back at the 3rd and most successful day of the Baby Company Grand Baby Fair, the most anticipated event for parents and the little ones! I just have to share my outfits for the three daze, I mean days of this memorable safari adventure: 

Which outfit did you like best? I loved them all and had fun dressing up as I think they all exuded something different for each day. Day 1 was playful - like a kitty cat. Day 2 was more serious (black or white, no grey areas) as we talked about major issues such as health and safety. But my frilly skirt still spelled fun, it can't all be serious talk. As for Day 3, I think it was more corporate but still adventurous, as we spoke about global trends ushered in by some of our favorite brands. More serious talk from professionals, but with my bright red shoes (a major contrast to my safari dress), I felt that I was still RED-y to have fun with all of our Parenting jungle friends who came swinging by the for the last shopping hurrah.

I enjoyed every single bit of being here - from hosting to dressing up in my safari-wildest fashion ideas! And below, here I am with the beautiful celebrity mum, Ms. Karel Marquez who took over some of the hosting duties in unveiling the big Star Baby winner! Isn't Baby Skyler the cutest? A well deserved win indeed!

Much love to my family over at Baby Company, headed by Ms. Tess Ponce one of the directors / owners of the brand. Thank you Ms. Tess for the exciting three years and looking forward to the following years! Below is a snap of Ms. Ponce and I:

And of course I did my rounds of shopping after! So here are the brands that I bet on. Hands down the big winners and the best brands for this three day adventure, the big names that my son and I just love, even if he's already 5 years old already: 

Giant Carrier. During the program I had a very lovely chat with the Giant Carrier guys, led my Mr. Fernando Pahati who shared not only timely insights about their business, but also the direction they are taking. And boy do they have big plans for us! I laud Giant Carrier especially Mr. Charlie Ching and his handsome sons Lincoln and Lester Ching for the exceptional steps they are taking for this business, which is not just an enterprise but an advocacy we Filipinos can all be proud of. Indeed, this company is all about GRIT.

Global - so much pride exuded when I listened to the directions of CLC Giant Carrier as a company. More than just contributing to employment and uplifting lives of Filipinos in more than one way, Giant Carrier is definitely a Filipino brand that can compete with imported brands! 

Responsive - they know exactly what the discerning market needs, and respond to this before you can say "Giant Carrier." Churning out very practical features, they have become the perfect partners of parents. Exceptional products at unbelievably low prices!  

Innovative - I was just blown away at the nice new designs of Giant Carrier, from their smart strollers that can make any new mom feel fashionable and sexy, to their awe-inspiring cots, pens, child seat/ carrier systems and more. It is a wonderland at the Giant Carrier booth with durable design features coupled with savvy, world-class print and styles. 

Trustworthy - indeed, they have been around and they continue to improve their product and services to deliver what's best for you and the ones who matter most - your little ones. Indeed Giant Carrier is someone you can trust!  

I had to share that Giant Carrier is not just the Benz of the stroller and child carrier systems industry. It is the Rolls Royce. So better put your baby in nothing less than Giant Carrier - the Rolls Royce of strollers, pens and more! 

Philips AVENT. I never get tired of saying this - I am forever thankful to Philips AVENT, for giving my son the best start in life. And to this day I am so delighted to work with them for Parenting events, as I continue to learn about more amazing things as my son grows. I have also made good friends, like my BFF Chef Dang Adrias, celebrity chef and supermom, who is also the official Chef of Avent and their sister company, Chefs Classics. Here I am below for the segment of Philips AVENT during Day 3, with the beautiful actress and blooming preggy mom, Ms. Ciara Sotto! 

Fisher Price. I have been hosting for Fisher Price for a long time now, and I got to meet Ms. Carrie Lupoli, and amazing Child Expert based in Singapore. Fisher Price is all about age-appropriate learning and I absolutely love how amazing their toy designs are - because these were all designed with love and with science! Yes, through in-depth child psychology studies and research, they are able to churn out only the best toys that stimulate baby's growth and development. They pattern each design based on the specific stage of development in a child's life. Congratulations Mattel, Richprime and Fisher Price for being one of the best names in play and development... and for winning one of the coveted Best Booth awards too! Below: Going bananas with the hard-working and fun-loving FP team!

Loved the cool, supportive crowd in this year's Jungle, as always! 

Thank you so much to everyone who dropped by. Hope to see you all again next year, and also in the mini events by Baby Company. I am so excited and looking forward to what next year's theme will be. Are you? 

PS: Photo below shows Star Baby Skyler lounged on his safari-themed Fisher Price wheels and toys: 

- Marylaine Louise L. Viernes 

Earning my (Zebra) Stripes at Day 2 of Baby Company Grand Baby Fair Year 5

It can't get any Stripe-tacular than this - I reported to my hosting duties for the second day of the Baby Company Grand Baby Fair Year 5, in a zebra-inspired ensemble and this proved a perfect fit for the exhilarating second day! Not only did I have my safari fashion thing going on, but even the stage backdrop (I swear I didn't talk to the production design team on this) had a mobile zebra to the delight of the kids and kids at heart, including myself! 

Above: Suited in Stripes like my Zebra friend onstage. Below: I am safari delighted to pose with the sweet Truman the Rabbit of Philips AVENT and cutie blue Bibi Bear of Bibibons! 

But of course more than just doing what I love most - hosting events, and coming for it being dressed to thrill, it was another fun an learning-filled day! More people came to join the Safarty (Safari Party), and we gave away tons of prizes and smiles! Here I was below, with fab safari mommy and celebrity, Rica Peralejo, as she talks about the benefits of having the Baby Company Mom Card! 

A fab family affair it indeed was. Moms and dads enjoyed, while the babies and kids were amused too! Here is Baby Skipper of Giant Carrier below, keeping me company. As usual, we had tons of games and stripe-tacular prizes given out thanks to our friends. Please visit my blog again soon, as I will share more about Giant Carrier on my Day 3 post! 

And I could not resist having a photo taken beside this fab zebra (my fashion twin for the day) and... Alonzo Muhlach! Yes this little superstar was present today! He surely had so many fans swooning over him! 

So this leads me to wondering, are zebras black with white stripes or is their skin white with black stripes? Scientists say it's black with white stripes. But then, isn't it amazing to wonder? Below is a fun, quirky poem by Shel Silverstein to help you ponder... 

I asked the zebra: "Are you black with white stripes, or white with black stripes?" And the zebra asked me, "are you good with bad habits, or bad with good habits? Are you noisy with quiet times, or are you quiet with noise times? Are you happy with some sad days, or are you sad with some happy days? Are you neat with some sloppy ways or are you sloppy with some neat ways?" And on and on and on he went. I will never ask a zebra about stripes again.

- Marylaine Louise L. Viernes