Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tears, triumph and fun: one unforgettable journey in 'The Martian'

As expected, Warner Brothers Philippines presented another masterpiece, with the movie adaptation of Andy Weir's phenomenal novel of the same title. It was one beautiful journey that spoke of courage in adversity, life in barrenness, and hope in tragedy. Astronaut-Botanist Mark Watney (Matt Damon) rouses after being hit during a terrible storm and finds himself left behind to withstand the elements solo through the SOLs (term for 1 Martian day / cycle). 
This movie was magnanimous with scenes that tugged at the heart, and on another scene, the movie would make you laugh so hard thanks to the hearty, unexpected puns in between; it was inspiring the way Watney became the epitome of the superior creation, Mankind: that we are meant to survive, transcend our situations, and most of all, that we are created not just to exist, but to live. 
And I don't know the extent of the story's reality (as I have never been on Mars) but I found it enthralling that almost during the premier night of The Martian, news about discovering water on Mars also catapulted into the media hemisphere! I guess we will never know but some things we don't really need to know in this lifetime; what we cannot go on without is seeing this movie! Of course I won't go spoiling this amazing cinematographic blockbuster rocket ride for you all, but you need to see this riveting movie for yourselves! Go beyond Earth and watch this now!
Lastly, The Martian made me realise how important Math and Science are: the two elements that make man so advanced (such as building aircrafts, venturing into intergalactic missions, and heroic non-gravitational interception awesomeness - let me see you try to beat Mark Watney, Tony Stark!) and at the same time, these beautiful concepts form the very basic cornerstones of man's humanity and survival. So much depth in such a lofty, imaginative and well-written plot.  
Get your tickets now for one out-of-this-world experience that leave you crying and smiling at the same time... before they fly back to Mars! Don't go SOL-o, take the entire family with you for one memorable and lovely big screen journey! Thanks again Sir Francis Soliven and Ms. Mae Vecina for always inviting me! Check out MAE V. and MAY V. posing below with the Martian potatoes... and... Mae the force be with you!!! 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A shower of love and surprises at the Smart Parenting Baby Shower 2015

I am more than blessed to be part of this year's Smart Parenting Baby Shower, held at the luxurious Discovery Suites where over a hundred moms and moms-to-be came for an afternoon of adventure, proving that no baby bump is too heavy to prevent their loving mommies from participating on empowering activities while infanticipating 
I met Mr. Aya Laraya who had the most humble presence and spoke unassuming words. But when he grabbed the mic as one of the main speakers, he proved that he was indeed one of the country's greatest financial minds! Speaking in a very straightforward and sometimes comical language that blew us away, he opened our eyes toward the errors and missed opportunities when it came to investing. A breath of fresh air from throngs of insurance agents who claim to be "financial advisors," he helped me reform my take on saving up for my son. See, I like seeing his savings account grow (proud to say he has a hefty amount in the bank, partly his earnings when he was about 1 year old, appearing in  J & J TV commercial, and mostly thanks to my diligence in collecting monetary gifts  from his godparents every year) but now, with my son's blessing and his own words spoken in his sweet six-year old voice, "Mommy, sa Ayala Corporation na lang," we are now gearing to get him some shares in one of the country's biggest and strongest companies.
Also met Ms. Aiza Tabayoyong, Life Coach extraordinaire! She made me and most of the mums there realise the mistakes and shortcomings that we have as moms, but we can always better ourselves for our kids! 
I even openly shared how I am too much of a permissive mom, but now, thanks to her opening my eyes, I am striving to be more of a democratic mother; because even my son's best friend believes that I am one of their playmates! And so while I want to pinch and kiss his cheeks when he asserts his royal bratty-ness (which I adore and find so cute) I have realised that it is time to shape him, otherwise his "sense of entitlement" and the fact that he always gets away with things might become inimical to his character and ultimately, his future. So here I am below with my little boss, future shareholder of major companies here in the Philippines! :-) 
Every minute of the meaningful and fabulous event was truly a blessing! So happy to be part of this, and I look forward to growing in every aspect, thanks to these amazing experiences, both as a professional and as a mom! 
From the bottom of my heart, I thank Smart Parenting Magazine and the exceptional Summit Media events team for trusting me with events especially with themes closest to my heart! 

Monday, September 14, 2015

A Date with Hilarity: Mike and Dave need Wedding Dates, the biggest comedy flick of the year!

Laughing the night away. Where do I begin exactly in my review for 20th Century Fox’s latest flick, ‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates’? I hadn’t laughed this hard since the last comedy film we saw, Vacation, also by Warner Brothers & 20th Century Fox Philippines.
When good girls go bad. Basically, this hilarious film is top-billed by one of my favourite teen pop star growing up, Zac Efron (who I can never see the same way again), along with funny sexy gal Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza and Adam Devine who plays Efron’s brother in the film. These two handsome, troublemaking brothers find themselves landing hot ‘good girls,’ like how their parents wanted, all thanks to their ad that had been so successful it went viral. But just when their parents thought that Mike and Dave, finally having dates along could keep them out of trouble – guess again, for paradise has never been in trouble like this before! As soon as Mike and Dave arrive with their dates, the woes started brewing sooner than you can say 'espresso', leading viewers to the most white-knuckled pile of the funniest scenes that make you feel like you’ve been hit train after train of laughter – and yet you walk out of the movie house wanting more!
True colors. In a nutshell, underneath that exhilarating hilarity comes the recurring theme at the core of all successful movies: that love, especially for family, prevails. All we need is to be true to ourselves, to accept each other in spite of our flaws. Sometimes this task is hard enough – given the pressures all around us – expectations of society and in this case – in the movie – the expectations of Mike and Dave’s parents to sober up their act for the sake of their sister’s wedding.
Absolutely had a crazy good time. Plus loved the fact that this advance screening was held at the very luxe Uptown Mall Cinemas in BGC! So much fun in store for everyone and don’t forget to bring your special someone too; as this film can get as sultry-raunchy-hot as it is a-breath-of-fresh-air-funny.  Thank you so much 20th Century Fox for such a good time, and of course the pampering session for the media guests too; such a sweet pre-movie treat! Whether your status is single (or double), married or open relationship (or "it's complicated"), make sure to watch 'Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates' today or miss out on the most hilarious big screen adventure of your life!  

Friday, September 11, 2015

Game, Stories, Freebies and More: Hosting the Friso Fun Raiders at the Shangrila Plaza

Raiders, Unite! It was another fun-filled and memorable Saturday as adorable little Friso Fun Raiders gathered at the EDSA Shangrila Event Atrium for learning and excitement with Alaska Milk Corporation and Royal Friesland Campina, makers of Friso Four! 
Photo above: Voyage Captain Maryndiana Jones, at your service! Each and everyone of the Friso Fun Raiders were also given their medals right after they completed the four expeditions! Below, I was with Doctor-Captain Jack "Sparrow" Herrin for some action (and education) as he gave swashbuckling tips to the mums and dads! It's not just about fun; it's about fulfilment too! 
And we also got to meet the awesome JOOMAJAM Crew over at the Music Island! We loved and APP-lauded for their awesome new surprise, the Joomajam learning App. I cannot wait to download it for my son soon as they have it for iOS. But for now those with Android phones, download this now for the most APP-mazing music and learning experience for your li'l ones! Glad to have met the super specta-COOL-ar musical star and coach and owner of Joomajam, Vin Dancel, who was so kind to let me son have first dibs with the app. Visit their JAM-azing website: www.joomajam.com
For me, hosting is not just about having fun, getting awesome extra cash or having an excuse to wear nice dresses, hair extensions and cake my face up with makeup and false eyelashes. It's about Experiencing more together with my son, and with the new friends I meet in every event! I am just so thankful for this FRISO-tacular opporunity to be an events emcee every weekend! 
The events I love most are the ones where my little boy is involved; I lead such a busy life that the chance to bond with him at work is priceless! Here he is using his imagination and creativity, checking me out with his telescope made out of a pirate treasure map sprinkled with stardust, the elixir of youth, swords, magical memories, unicorns, cotton candy, superhero capes, whimsical dreams and love... He is the greatest of my many blessings!
But while I am a proud mom, a busy busy manager on weekdays and an events host on weekends, I still have my eyes set on greater things... someday, with every small effort I take today, I will get there someday, In God's wonderful Time and only through His magnificent Grace... 
Apart from the fun games and surprises we also saw to the launch of the Friso Moms Rewards program which many of the delighted parents availed of. Thank you so much to those who joined us and those who are now reading my blog. See you again soon; but for now it's time to give my little boy a warm bath, dance with him (can you believe we dance the Whip Nae Nae) and whisper words of love and encouragement to him, every chance that I get... 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dreams come alive at the Sky Life Celebrations Fair!

I can never forget the time I fell from the Sky - and into the most beautiful fairy tale party event, all thanks to SKY Life! We have always been Sky Cable subscribers and so I am beyond blessed to be working with them for the SKY Life Celebrations Fair, held at the Rockwell tent, with all the best party suppliers under one roof! Indeed, this is the Life; welcome to SKY Life! Still in cloud 9 thinking about the Celebrations Fair; simply loved everything about it! 
Click here for my opening video clip: Sky Life Celebrations Fair Opening Clip
 This breathtaking affair was a fairy tale of sorts: Just look at that elegant ceiling - what dreams are made of; princes and princesses galore; so much glee and excitement in store! 
I particularly loved this little Prince, who participated in most of the games - especially this CLAW-some Pompom claw-grabbing game! Loved his face paint - thanks to Make Believe Productions! 
In my <pink> element... I just had so much fun hosting and meeting a lot of inspiring people! Most of all, I thank my newfound friends: the beautiful Ms. Chrissy Caballero of Sky Cable, and the lovely girls of super efficient Global Visions event team led by Ms. Rachel Titular, Ms. Donna Ramos; loved all of them, Chi, Kikx and more! 
Games, prizes and surprises! This unforgettable party was perfect for the entire family! Mummies, daddies, princes and princesses all had a blast!
I told you there were real Princesses!!! Here I am with Princess Anna and Queen Elsa from Frozen! I said I won't LET IT GO (Let them go) down the stage without a photo with them! TRIVIA TIME: Did you know that this animated Disney hit movie was based on Hans Christian Andersen's story, The Snow Queen? Unfortunately, the original version was rather depressing (just like the original Little Mermaid story) but thanks to Disney - they made the movie adaptations kid friendly - and of course the sounds in the track - ringing in our ears for all eternity!
Another new colleague-friend who gladly sent me these nice photos - Rox Puno, photographer and artist-singer extraordinaire! If not for your remarkable lens style (and generously lens-ding (lending) me your superb snaps), I wouldn't be able to create this post; my heartfelt thanks to you! 
Oh, and before I forget, to all the ladies out there... meet Prince Charming! I dub him my newest younger brother; his voice is so phenomenal, he looks so dashing but most of all, he has a very kind heart and I wish him all the best as a total performer! Wait, so if he is my brother from a Royal mother... that must mean... I am a Princess too! Yipee! My dream finally came true, thanks to Sky Life! 
The SKY's the limit... this is the (SKY) LIFE... Fairy tales and dreams do come alive! I am so thankful to live one of my many dreams - to be an events host! 
Reach for your dreams... reach for the SKY! With hard work, commitment, discipline and Prayer ... you will be (C)able to achieve all you want to! And never forget that dreams don't turn into reality overnight... nothing is ever achieved at the touch of a button. The only thing in this world that gives us lasting satisfaction at the touch of a (remote control) button - is Sky Cable! All of your favorite shows and more; so subscribe today! 
Thanks for dropping by... 
Marylaine Viernes, Events Host (Click here for my hosting portfolio)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mary's a-MAZE-ing Scorch Trials Movie Review

Thanks again to Warner Brothers Philippines (Especially their awesome President Sir Francis Soliven and the lovely Mae Vecina), my family and I got to attended the special press screening and I got to take home an awesome Maze Runner shirt too! It was one high-octane ride, with so many unexpected twists and turns, leaving you breathless, exasperated, hopeful, angry, relieved and definitely wanting more! I cannot wait for the third part to be released and if I can, I would want to crush all those guys from W.I.C.K.E.D! You might crush me if I crush and spoil the story for you, so let me just share a few tidbits to get you excited before you watch this a-MAZE-ing film! This was one brilliant big screen adaptation! 

1. It's Complicated - so as we all saw the first movie, Maze Runner - we did have this whole Thomas and Teresa love thing going on... Let me just tell you one thing - I would love to punch Teresa in the face and burn her (not just because I am so jealous she's got all the boys to herself especially my favorites, Minho and Newt!) just watch it and you will understand... 
2. The Walking Dread - yes, as you run with our handsome maze runners out in the scorch, you will be dreading each decisive turn - where you never know what lurks (or dashes) ahead; get ready for a walking-dead like excitement that will surely move you to the edge of your seats and screaming (for more)! 
3. Eat, drink and be Mary - so there is this very significant character, Mary (I loved her, until something W.I.C.K.E.D. happened) and she just brought me and the runners so much hope! She revealed quite a lot in those few moments she had, but she left us wondering how the rest of them will fare on the next movie! 
All I can say is that this is the best movie ever (oops, I said that to the first one too, and I will probably say this to the third part of this series by the wonderful James Dashner)... so, go catch this Scorching-hot movie right now! (Scorching hot also aptly describes the well-cast male characters too! But I am hating on you, Teresa!)  
- Marylaine Viernes (Click Here for my Hosting Portfolio)

Monday, September 7, 2015

School is Super Cool with the Total Girl School Tour!

Total Girl Talk is Back! And this time, we've got more surprises for everyone! I've blogged about my adventures with Total Girl last year, and also our TG (true gear) for school - Post-It and Scotch goodies by 3M Philippines, so let me just share the highlights of our recent fun TG party at Angelicum College... 
Back in the zone... I have always dreaded the thought of going back to school; I'd even have nightmares of still being in College (far from graduating) all because I have always sought to be independent and to reach for my dreams, like a hatchling raring to finally fly. But thanks to TG, the li'l girl in me is starting to love school again... 
I love this - one of the slides of my fellow TG ate and speaker, the lovely and inspiring Ines Bautista Yao who spoke about reaching for your dreams! I am so glad that I have been living one of my dreams - and that is to be an events host! And the best part is that I am able to do it, have fun, learn and earn plus meet wonderful people while I work on my other big dreams...  I am truly thankful to the generous Father for all my amazing blessings!!! 
Such an awesome day! Like these gals, I got so caught up in the energy and fun during this remarkably fun day!!! I guess here, I was trying to coach these adorable TG's as they made their dream boards!!! 
Thanks for visiting... 
Marylaine Viernes, Events Host (Click here for my full portfolio)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Clucking Delicious as we welcome Chickilicious! (Food Review)

I am so happy for my good friend, Jayson and his wonderful mom and sister, Conchita and Cathy, for bringing in Chickilicious to the Philippine shores! Needless to say, Chickilicious boasts of chicken like never before! I loved how immensely crispy their humongous chicken breast cuts (don't worry, these are real chicken, in fact not frozen - these are delivered fresh, cooked and served right away) and how perfectly tender the breast is! I loved the taste - so did my mom and sister who I just initially dragged there in the first store of Chickilicious, only to find themselves clucking for more! 
Our top favorites were the Lemon Chicken with herbs and seaweeds, and the Crispy Golden Chicken, and the Takoyaki Chicken - yes takoyaki and chicken, why not?!? These golden plates were all pleasant to the palate, an extraordinary kick with its immense burst of flavor! But I think that the winner for that evening, was legendary Chocolate Chicken! I mean I have never eaten sweet viand - I like to keep the sweets for traditional dessert. But the Chocolate Chickilicious Chunk took home the trophy - with the impeccable bitter sweet taste of chocolate, generously drizzled on the magnificent crust of the well-carved, tender, juicy chicken! Ahh.... Chocolate-Chicken heaven! Only found in my newest favorite joint - Chickilicious! 
Plus of course, they even had my classic favorites - yummy crunchy tofu bites, and my favorite calamari - squid rings! Needless to say me and my fave girls were crunching our way to yummy chicken heaven! The experience harked me back to when I visited Taipei, Taiwan back in 2011 - only better! In Taiwan, I never got accustomed to the hit delicacy, stinky tofu, but here with Chickilicious, they made their tofu bites just right! So many Chinese and Taiwanese customers piled that night when we visited - for they all knew Chickilicious back in Taiwan - where the mother franchise company was founded. But the best part? While the Chinese loved it - the Filipinos love Chickilicious more! 
I cannot wait for Chickilicious Philippines to open its wings and soar to more places! And lastly - will you believe me if I say each chicken with rice meal is not more than P 150.00? What a great deal! You can share one meal with your loved one, your office mates, but I am certain that one won't be enough - you'd all find yourselves clucking crazy and loving each and every offering! To find out more, please click this and like the Chickilicious Facebook Page .
And above, here I am with my dear friend enjoying a snap as we snapped the yummy Choco Chicken gone! And lastly, let us not forget how awesomazing their Taiwanese beverages are - hands down- the best! I would recommend the Lychee and Passion fruit juices which my mom, sis and I got to try; but with my palate being so discriminating and unadventurous at times - I went with the traditional chilled Taiwanese tea - and drank every last drop! 
Come fly by Chickilicious at the Sea Residences, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City for a taste of the best in Taipei - suited to satisfy the Filipino taste! Thank you and Congratulations Chickilicious; more stores to come! 
- Marylaine Louise Viernes, Events Host and now, Food Blogger!