Monday, August 22, 2016

Keeping up with the Joneses: My Movie Review

One of my most favourite idiomatic expressions of all time, "Keeping up with the Joneses," has now become my most favourite movie of all time! 
Yes, the latest big screen delight being served by 20th Century Fox Philippines stars only my favorite personalities, most especially Zach Galifianakis (who rose to stardom in the awesomely hilarious Hangover trilogy & Due Date movies) and the very sexy Gal Gadot who I have been watching for since I first saw her in a film with fast cars and big guns. I will never forget Gal Gadot as she fired shots as she fell to her demise, only for her to rise as Wonder Woman (I could not think of any other actress who can give life and justice to this timeless Justice League character) and now, I just cannot pry that scene off my mind where she towered over Isla Fisher and well... why don't you just see it for yourself!?!
Don't JEWISH your girlfriend was hot like she [her]? Yes, I too wish I was as hot as her. Well, she's not cast as Wonder Woman for nothing.  This Israeli beauty queen & actress springs from superhero to super spy. And she is one of the many great things about the film! 
Anyway, apart from this movie being peppered by the hottest & most flavourful personalities of this day and age, what really makes it worth seeing is that it is one exhilarating and hilarious ride at every turn! I felt my face slim down just like Mrs. Natalie Jones (Gadot) from all the laughing! Truly, I could barely keep up with the Joneses! 
This is your espionage film with an unexpected twist (at every turn, I should add), as the new neighbours, the Joneses, being beyond perfection, piquing the curiosity of the Gaffneys, Jeff (Galifianakis) and Karen (Fisher) only for them to confirm their suspicions during a joyride of hilarity and suspense. And that's all I am sharing - for the details, you have to find out for yourselves! The only think I can promise you is that it's worth every peso, and I suggest you bring your better half along as you will fall in love with each other as you both fall in love with the movie! 

So, are you a Gaffney or a Jones? I would say I am a Jones; who wouldn't want to live that high-octane, sophisticated, perfect life? Get into the heart (and heat) of things and treat yourself this weekend to see the Joneses! 
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