Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tears, triumph and fun: one unforgettable journey in 'The Martian'

As expected, Warner Brothers Philippines presented another masterpiece, with the movie adaptation of Andy Weir's phenomenal novel of the same title. It was one beautiful journey that spoke of courage in adversity, life in barrenness, and hope in tragedy. Astronaut-Botanist Mark Watney (Matt Damon) rouses after being hit during a terrible storm and finds himself left behind to withstand the elements solo through the SOLs (term for 1 Martian day / cycle). 
This movie was magnanimous with scenes that tugged at the heart, and on another scene, the movie would make you laugh so hard thanks to the hearty, unexpected puns in between; it was inspiring the way Watney became the epitome of the superior creation, Mankind: that we are meant to survive, transcend our situations, and most of all, that we are created not just to exist, but to live. 
And I don't know the extent of the story's reality (as I have never been on Mars) but I found it enthralling that almost during the premier night of The Martian, news about discovering water on Mars also catapulted into the media hemisphere! I guess we will never know but some things we don't really need to know in this lifetime; what we cannot go on without is seeing this movie! Of course I won't go spoiling this amazing cinematographic blockbuster rocket ride for you all, but you need to see this riveting movie for yourselves! Go beyond Earth and watch this now!
Lastly, The Martian made me realise how important Math and Science are: the two elements that make man so advanced (such as building aircrafts, venturing into intergalactic missions, and heroic non-gravitational interception awesomeness - let me see you try to beat Mark Watney, Tony Stark!) and at the same time, these beautiful concepts form the very basic cornerstones of man's humanity and survival. So much depth in such a lofty, imaginative and well-written plot.  
Get your tickets now for one out-of-this-world experience that leave you crying and smiling at the same time... before they fly back to Mars! Don't go SOL-o, take the entire family with you for one memorable and lovely big screen journey! Thanks again Sir Francis Soliven and Ms. Mae Vecina for always inviting me! Check out MAE V. and MAY V. posing below with the Martian potatoes... and... Mae the force be with you!!!