Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Won't you take me to... Giving Town! The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's unforgettable Holiday launch!

COFFEE. TEA. COMMUNITY. Welcome to the Giving Town! Stories, songs, social causes and so much more. So thrilled to be a big part of this much-awaited event by my favourite coffee and tea shop, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf! 
It's the White Christmas I've long dreamt of, come true! Well, it wasn't exactly the snowy dreamland I've been gearing for with my family and I wrapped up in Eskimo fashion; we are striving for that this year 2017. Here I was welcoming everyone to this breathtaking Giving Town! 
With the gorgeous brand managers of The Table Group, Inc. the powerhouse behind my favorite food brands: Wingstop Philippines, Classic Confections, and of course, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf! 
 Welcoming one and all to this meaningful event. Don't you just love the Giving Town's exquisite backdrop? This memorable launch was held at The Gallery of Greenbelt 5. 
 With my bosses for the day, Ella Reyes and Nina Gregorius, Marketing Managers of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Philippines! All white... all bright! 
 Chatting up one of the talented beneficiaries of Habitat for Humanity Philippines below before she wowed everyone with her powerful voice... 
But the White Christmas I was so blessed to be part of was The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf's Giving Town event, where I served as master of ceremonies! This extra special media event wasn't just the avenue to launch the much awaited Giving Journal 2017; it also served as a means for the brand that I love to create awareness of how they are able to give back to the community, by featuring various social groups, aimed at addressing the many social problems in the country. This day brimmed not just with fun and excitement, but meaning and purpose too! 
Posing with the beautiful Nella, Ella and Nina! I love 'em! 
Thanks for joining me as I walk back again through this memorable occasion. I also brought home my very own 2017 Giving Journal! Mine is in Turquoise, with the icon, 'the cup that overflows.' What Giving Journal will you choose this 2017? 
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