Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Chase away the sadness and chill at Sweet Madness!

It was the best Sunday ever! One of my best friends and our kiddos discovered this wonderful place in the Eastside of Manila, Sweet Madness Cafe and Kitchen! For starters, check out my yummy drink, the kind that truly warms the heart, the tummy and even gives a feast for the eyes... look at that awesome latte art on my mocha latte... 
 Spiderman would love that mocha latte art design for sure! And I just had to put this salted caramel cake on my face. Seconds after I took this photo, the cake is history. It was so good; I loved the soft chiffon cake underneath all this salted caramel delight! 
 See those yummy pretzels, chocolate wafer sticks, kitkat fingers, creme, chocolate cookie crumbs and the devilish milk chocolate drizzle? It is just madness! Pure... splendid... amazing... crazy... chocolatey Sweet Madness!!! 
I absolutely loved how the love of my life, my sweet Matty enjoyed everything about Sweet Madness Cafe x Kitchen! He doesn't like girly stuff, but he did not mind this teddy bear lounge at all! Apart from the great food, we all loved the ambiance. Sweet Madness Cafe x Kitchen in Taytay Rizal is Truly the best hangout for the whole family. Bring your best friends and work buddies along, too! 
And below is Mackey, one of my son's official BFFs... they both enjoyed the lasagna and the smoothies... My Matty got strawberries and cream, and here's Mackey enjoying the cookies and cream smoothie in a very cute container... 
And since I loved the latte art so much, here it is again... but trust me, it tastes far better than it looks... 
Thank you for visiting and I hope you visit Sweet Madness Cafe x Kitchen in Taytay, Rizal soon. And now, for more of my adventures as an events host, please do click on the links that follow below: 
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