Saturday, June 20, 2015

It's a Jungle (and an Adventure) out there!

So many takeaways indeed from my recent hosting gig from Friso Four, the highly-anticipated and well-attended, Friso Fun Raiders activity, held at the Podium Mall! Here are my brief learnings from this exciting Mommy & Kid adventure: 
1. The world is a magnificent, yet dangerous place. Thus, it is always important to stick close to the pack. And by this, I mean your family - the people who truly love and care for you - who will be by your side no matter what. It is important for kids to know that they are backed by a loving - though imperfect pack - who will be there to support them always. And for moms and dads, it's awesome to know too that we can also have our packs outside of our homes, like-minded moms and dads who can be the community that helps build our little kids. I love my family and small group of friends - this small pack that I belong to. The world is totally a scary place, but you will need your family's support to get you through. And I pray that my son will always find himself secure with us. 
2. To lead the pack, you gotta learn how to listen. I think this tenet applies not just to parents who need to learn to decipher their kids' needs, but also everywhere else - at the workplace, day-to-day living and most especially among our country's leaders. It can't just always be roaring about your might - you must also know what your pack (your family) needs, to arrive at the proper solution. Just like me as an event host, while I keep talking on stage with my energy up, I must also learn how to be sensitive to the needs of my audience, the client, the production team and of course, my new-found friends - the moms and dads who came there to enjoy and learn more. Oh, and let's not forget my little boy who likes to tag along to my events. I have to learn how to balance my work as a professional events host, while making sure that he is always safe, and happy. And that leads us back to having people in our pack, who we can rely on and momentarily entrust our little ones to. 
3. Just be happy, and give it your all. I am really so fortunate to be able to host events - to do what I love to do - while fulfilling my obligations as a manager in my day job, and of course being a mom as well. I have finally learned to live in the moment, to appreciate what I have now. I have grown out of my terrible habit of looking back or sometimes wishing to be somewhere else or leading another person's life - when I have my own imperfect yet still so blessed, wonderful life to take care of, and appreciate. 
- Marylaine Louise Viernes 

Hosting the Friso Fun Raiders event at Mothercare Podium

I am still buzzing from excitement and delight after hosting another Friso Four activity, this time in partnership with Mothercare: "FRISO FUN RAIDERS." Last month, it was called the "Friso Fun Camp," and this time kicked it up a notch higher - with more daring adventures, learning and fun! IAs an event host - I even loved dressing the part, with my lion-jungle-safari OOTD: 
Here I am with one of our adorable little adventurers at Friso Fun Raiders: 
Look at how packed the place was! Totally a memorable jungle expedition! 
And here I am doing what I do best, with the one I love the most! I will forever be thankful to be able to live out my passion as an event host, while I keep up with Mummy Duties!
Thanks for dropping by and I hope to see you again, Moms, Dads, kids - the entire gang and all, for our next Friso Fun Adventures in July!!!  
- Marylaine Louise Viernes