Monday, October 7, 2019

Bits N Bites by Kristine just makes my heart sing!

I've just celebrated my 33rd birthday a couple of weeks ago (yup, 33 and proud of it) and now, whenever I think of special occasions and celebrations such as the forthcoming National Holiday, Thanksgiving in the United States in November, and then of course, Christmas in December, I cannot leave Bits N Bites by Kristine out of the equation! 
Handcrafted with Love by an extraordinary Filipino-American entrepreneur, Ms. Kristine Marie Bautista (you may know her as the founder and engine of the annual Filipino Festival in Malden Massachusetts), This time, Kristine wears a different hat (a pink pastry chef toque, I'd say) as she expands her delectable line of pastries, all the heavenly sweet things you can imagine, through Bits and Bites by Kristine! 
Presently based out of Seattle, Washington, Bits n Bites by Kristine is capable of shipping some of their goodies and treats to different parts of North America. Please visit their Facebook page: and also order online at

Every time I bite into one of Kristine's delectable bits, it just makes my heart sing! So let me share with you some of the nummies I've ordered along with my favorite song, the ones I just blurt out in between bites... 
All you need is love. This one of my most favorite Beatle's songs, and truly, all we need is love, and these yummy goodies from Bits n Bites by Kristine! They taste so good and they're always delivered fresh! With each and every bite, you know that they are truly handmade with Love... 
Another Beatle's Classic that I recall whenever I stare at and savor my yummy goodies from Bits n Bites by Kristine is the song, Imagine. Just imagine how happy your fiends and loved ones would be when you send them one of these homemade pastries! 
Baby I love your Way. This song was a hit back in 1975, and while I was born in 1986, I know this song. But after trying out these yummy use crinkles, all I keep singing is, "Ube-by I love your way... everyday..." Yes Ube crinkles, wanna be with you night and day!  
Here's a closer look at these ube crinkles were such a hit! When I had a party recently, even my American friends who had no idea what "Ube" was, still loved these! Very soft and moist, it didn't matter what Ube was... all that mattered was that these crinkles tasted so good! As for us Filipinos who grew loving Ube, I've never imagined ube can be great in crinkles, so this is one special innovation that only Ms. Kristine Bautista can deliver! 
Build me up Buttercup. Okay, so these aren't buttercups but they are butter cookies so that song almost hit home. These cookies are so good they don't just make you wanna sing, but also wanna make you dance! They also come with different toppings, like almonds, chocolate chips, crunchy cereal and more... talk about innovation! But if you're a simple girl like me, you'd love to savor it just by itself. Whatever type you choose, certainly you will go crazy and in love!   
And lastly, the song that I think of and would like to dedicate to Bits n Bites by Kristine is no less than my favorite song, a hit by Spiral Staircase which I sing at happy times of my life and in karaoke sessions: "I love you more today than yesterday." I've had the honor of meeting Kristine last year and got to try her goodies when they first came out to the market, but I am so proud how far she's come, the taste is better than ever, and the innovation and packaging truly screams world-class. 

Give yourselves the best pastries in America while supporting this proudly Filipino at heart global brand, Bits n Bites by Kristine! Don't wait for Thanksgiving or Christmas, today's beautiful and blessed day is reason enough to delight yourself in Bits n Bites by Kristine! 

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Monday, September 2, 2019

Filipino Pride at its finest at the Third Annual Filipino Festival in Malden Massachusetts!

I've been so blessed to have taken part as emcee/ events host for this and I certainly look forward to being part of it again next year, 2020! I'd like to share this awesome press release from the Malden Advocate:
This is the second in my series of blog posts about this astounding Filipino Festival that indubitably is the paradigm of all cultural festivals! Playing a big role in the last one makes me truly so proud to be Pinoy and makes me feel like I am going places. I'll never stop thanking Mayor Gary Christenson and of course, my very good friend, the hard-working visionary Engine and Founder of this annual celebration, Ms. Kristine Bautista! But I dedicate this blog post to a generous and exemplary man whose support continues to make the Annual Filipino Festival in Malden MA bigger and brighter each year!  

Kristine may be the festival's engine, but this man is the PUZOn [heart] of this annual Filipino Festival. I am talking about no less than Mr. Ronnie Puzon, the owner and broker of RE/MAX Trinity Malden! 

Born in raised in Boston, MA, Ronnie has proven that he was at par if not better than most Americans professionally. For two decades, he has been one successful equity trader in Wall Street. But what truly set him apart from other illustrious businessmen was his heart and zeal for service. When he retired in 2012, he "flipped" his passion for trading and real estate not just into a lucrative business, but as a vehicle to serve his fellowmen. That's when RE/MAX Trinity became a household name in Massachusetts for beyond just business, it is a powerful avenue to give back to the community by providing only the best real estate opportunities and services with global flair, and hospitality and care that is uniquely Filipino.
Through his reputable business, Ronnie had contributed so much to the Filipino community and beyond, as exhibited during the last, mega successful Filipino Festival! When he is not wearing his hat (or hard hat) as an excellent businessman and public servant, he travels and also participates in Marathons. In fact, he's completed the 6 major world marathons: in Boston, New York, Chicago, Berlin, London and Tokyo. Seriously, how much more amazing can this man get? Well, it doesn't end there for he just keeps getting better, and the reason why I don't have a Selfie with Mr. Puzon was that he was building homes in Africa. He might not have been with us at the festival physically, but he was with us in spirit! Keep raising the flag everywhere you go, and keep making Filipinos the world over, truly proud to be Pinoy, Ronnie! 
Raising the Filipino Flag in Lesotho Africa. Mr. Ronnie Puzon has made waves in the North American and Filipino communities and continues to make a difference as he shares his time and resources with the less fortunate all the way in South Africa. 
For comments and questions about RE/MAX TRINITY MALDEN or to simply send your kudos to Ronnie, he'd be happy to hear from you at See you all at the Fourth Annual Filipino Festival this coming 2020! Before you go, here's another video of yours truly hosting, so that you can feel the vibe and be eager to join and celebrate with us next year! 
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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Celebrating the Filipino Spirit, one with the Spirit of America!

I am still on a high two weeks after I had the honor and the pleasure of serving as master of ceremonies for the Third Annual Filipino Festival in Malden, Massachusetts (Official Facebook Page) which served as a celebration of all things Filipino-American! 
Yours truly, Mary with Honorable Gary Christenson, Mayor of Malden, the Engine of the Filipino Festival in Massachusetts, Ms. Kristine Bautista and one of our wonderful sponsors, Ramar Foods International. 

Where do I even begin? Well, just to let you know this will be first of my three-part Blog series, and I don't even think that three blog posts will be enough to cover such a spectacular event! But I think it would be apt to give thanks where thanks are due: I thank Sir Ronnie Puzon from Remax Massachusetts, who I have unfortunately have yet to meet as he had a commitment in Africa but was kind enough to send me a message the other day. I look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you, too to the very gracious and humble Mayor of Malden, Gary Christenson who lent so much support throughout the event! I've only been living in the United States of America for one year, and he's the first government leader I've ever met thus he would always have a special place in my heart, in this new world, new life. Special thanks to new friends too just like Ms. Nicole Baltazar for making me feel very much at home in Massachusetts. 

And most of all, my heart overflows with gratitude for my new friend, Ms. Kristine Bautista, her husband Julius and their son, Matty! Where do I even begin with Kristine? First of all, she's a beautiful person inside and out, and I will never forget how she has entrusted me with such an important task, even when she had yet to meet me. She is not just an intelligent mind and kind heart, but she's also the founder or (in the words of her hubby, Julius Bautista), the 'Engine' of the highly-successful and certainly highly-anticipated annual Filipino Festival in Malden Massachusetts! This year truly was groundbreaking, but I bet it is not as successful as next year's event! Congratulations Kristine, to such a great achievement that has and will continue to touch the lives and hearts of not just Filipinos and Americans, but even people from other ethnicities and cultures! 

This event simply breaks down walls and barriers, and isn't it beautiful to see a spectacle that is not bound by the color of your skin, your nationality or ethnicity or the languages that you speak? Truly, I'd like to echo Malden Mayor Gary Christenson's welcome message when he spoke of his appreciation (and spoke in Tagalog too, how about that, Go Mayor Gary!) of Filipino culture, whose music, art and of course, culinary flair stands out and stands with the rest of the world! Speaking of that, here's a video of Mayor Gary and a clip of me undertaking my hosting duties: 
With that, please do watch out for the rest of my blog posts in the coming days, and I hope you feel my glee, being part of this. I'll also be sharing about the founder, Kristine Bautista's welcome speech and of course the few interviews I did with Ms. Nicole Baltazar and also some of my wonderful new Filipino American friends from Massachusetts! Indeed, there is just a plethora of things to write about; such a rich and magical experience that truly makes me proud of being a Filipino in America! 
Yours truly,
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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Quantum Fun: Hosting for Quantum Amusement's Nite Life Party!

Thrilled and thankful to emcee for Quantum, the country's premiere family entertainment company where I got to share the stage with the fabulous Gisele Sanchez, who is one of the most respected Filipino comedienne-performers! Here I am below with the gorgeous Gisele along with Mrs. Ponce, the lovely wife of Sir Irwin Ponce, the owner of Quantum! 
Back then, I would simply play at the Quantum amusement centers with friends and loved ones, most especially my beloved Godric! But now, I am so stoked to somehow be a part of their ever-growing family! Thanks are in order for the Quantum leaders, led by my beloved Ms. Olive Dacia, Vice President of the company. Thanks for trusting me to be the master of ceremonies for such an important company event! 
Here's another photo of Olive and I, this time with their kind and brilliant boss, Mr. Irwin Ponce and the other global principals, who flew from the United States, Japan and Singapore to celebrate this special night. 
 Thank you so much to my wonderful Quantum family. More years of prosperity and fun to come! 
Before we end, watch my video hosting this fabulous affair...
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Friday, February 1, 2019

At the heart of the 95th Anniversary celebration of PriceWaterhouse Cooper Philippines Isla Lipana!

As you can see in the photo above, I was beaming with join as I emceed not just one but two events for Isla Lipana, Pricewaterhouse Coopers PWC. I first emceed for their 95th Anniversary celebration, where I wore a red gown, and a week after returned wearing my black cocktail dress for their PWC Alumni homecoming celebration... 
 Congratulations on 95 successful years, the number 1 in Asia, and counting! Above is a snapshot from the homecoming festivities, with some of the key principals of the esteemed company... 
And now, here are a few videos, starting with a spiel after the President's welcome remarks from the first event of PwC Isla Lipana (Price Waterhouse Cooper): 
video of my opening spiels for the first event, for the start of PwC Isla Lipana's first of two breathtaking galas... 
 Still about the  first event, here's another video clip featuring heartwarming dance performance, after which I returned onstage to continue my hosting duties: 
And now, finally is a video clip of my opening spiels for the second event I emceed for PwC, their homecoming festivity:  
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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Read how Shopwise and Mommy Mundo teamed up for a very nice Surp-Wise!

SHOPWISE has given me fond memories back when I was around high school age. I recall how my family and I would always go there for some delectable apple pie, fresh breads, during the time when it was very therapeutic to come to the grocery store without breaking the bank. 
Today, I am so glad to have partnered with Shopwise and Mommy Mundo for their Homewise events, where moms from all over town came to learn how they too, can be "Wise" when it came to cooking, parenting their children better and living a great life within budget. And because they were all wise, many of them walked away with wonderful freebies and prizes!
Thank you so much Mommy Mundo and Shopwise for letting me lead this empowering experience! We all learned how to make Tres Leches cake and lasagna pizza rolls! Yum! 
No one came home empty handed, everyone got a freebie and a special prize. Even moi! Look how the sweet Shopwise team gave me a pack of goodies to bring home to my not-so-little boy too!
Plus, we had to thank these lovely mommies, especially Chef Golda Liamzon who taught us how to live the good life and make good and healthy food every day while being money wise! 
We had so many mommies, and even daddies in attendance! The official count was close to 300. Wow! And now, here is a glimpse of my opening spiels video:  
And lastly, a clip where  did some pre-event voice overs... 
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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Up, up and Huawei! A thrilling time hosting for the Huawei Road show!

Huawei to go! Hover-boarding and hosting; I got to do both of these activities as I emceed for Huawei's road show, where they launched their newest smart phone! Check out this video below, where I did not just host, but I hover-boarded my way too! Yeehaw! 
Excuse me as I revel in how much effort I put in as a professional host. I mean, it's not everyday you get a host who can hover-board while on the mic while doing spiels. But hover boarding ain't my only talent; I can host while ice skating too! Read on my Shopkins on Ice post right here:

Marylaine Viernes Emcees and Skates for Shopkins on Ice!  

And below is one of the very few photos I had. I just arrived, and I could not wait to get this (road)show on the road! I had a super brief briefing, and then I was up (on stage)! 
I was just so delighted to have interacted with so many wonderful people, especially this lovely little girl named Heart... indeed, she was such a sweetheart and served as my co-host for a few minutes. 
And below here are a few other videos, starting with the opening ceremonies, where I invited people to check out our experience booths... no more hover boarding on these ones any more... 
And also we played a lot of fun games, watch! Huawei to go, everyone! 
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Monday, January 28, 2019

A Berry special celebration: Christmas fun at Knotts Berry Farm, Anaheim!

So, let's take a break from blogging about the fabulous and empowering events I have been so blessed to emcee for, and let's take a look back at the wonderful holiday trip I've had with my beloved family!   Here's my beloved son and sister waiting for our turn at the Ghost Rider attraction:
I've had a wonderful USA trip so far, and here's an unforgettable Christmas Day celebration in Anaheim, at the Knott's Berry theme park. Here's a few videos, starting with our Jaguar roller coaster ride:
To this day, my son has been raving about it! And here are a couple more videos, this time, at our fun train ride! 
Looking ahead. Like this cute snap of my son here below, our family and I are looking forward to more travels and to a wonderful life ahead, together! This is only one of our many, many travels and adventures! 
And now here are some members of the Peanuts Gang at Knott's Berry Farm going 'Nuts' or 'Knott's' over my boy as they welcomed him to the theme park for a fun day... 
Here's Godric trying out some raccoon hats and making an acquaintance with the town blacksmith before we roamed the park some more...
Back at the Jaguar ride... we couldn't get enough! 
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Friday, January 25, 2019

Breaking new ground: Leading the Hillsgate Pine Hills property preview and groundbreaking

“Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.” - F.D. Roosevelt

Boy, I hope I'd met the late great President Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States, who had led this great nation thru WWII and the Great Depression, to tell me this. I have joined the real estate game quite late in my life and I wouldn't say that my investments are very significant. So I am glad to be part of various opportunities to learn more about real estate, and am thankful for my numerous hosting gigs for helping me meet people and learn so much more!
 That's why I am very thankful and honored to have served as master of ceremonies for Pine Hills Residences' groundbreaking ceremony. With the savvy Hillsgate team:
Not only did we conduct a groundbreaking and ribbon-cutting ceremony; we also entrenched a time capsule unto the property grounds. 
On a separate but related occasion, I also emceed for their sales drive and press conference, with their  many esteemed partners, brokers and of course, loyal clients in attendance: 
 Here's a clip of me hosting the company's sales drive and press conference:
What a beautiful day, and what a breathtaking view... 
Lastly, here's an amateur clip when I hosted the early morning groundbreaking ceremonies:
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Thursday, January 24, 2019

In on the covert tradition, one with the Masons for the Brotherhood's Centennial Celebration

Dan Brown, you got nothing on me! Finally, I'm in on the ancient secret of Masonic Order, serving as the Master of Ceremonies for their public installation of officers (Masonic Lodge Noli Me Tangere Lodge 42) and their brotherhood's centennial anniversary in the Philippines. 
Being a writer and an avid reader, I am still giddy about this experience, finding that underneath all the conspiracy theories about this brotherhood, they are actually just men of intelligence, honor, nobility with a loads of fun and modernity.  They even had cake! Like a wedding cake. How cool is that? Guess you can say this was a wedding of past tradition and modern fervor! 
I thank Ate Joy Uy, the wife of their newly installed leader, Jay Uy. She had put in a lot of effort here, she's a successful career woman but an even more successful wife and mother. 
She hand-picked me to be the emcee of this very important milestone in their family's life, and most especially her husband, Most Worshipful Master Jay Uy, most who truly deserves this great honor! 
Jay and Joy's two daughters are just so adorable too; I just loved our OOTD! It's not every day that I get to rock the mic in a Filipiniana... 
The event was truly one-of-a-kind, memorable and exhilarating. Not to mention the food was so amazing! Lechon, fresh sashimi, all the things I love! I can't recall if I loved the hosting part or the eating part more.
 I did not have a team along to take proper videos, so I got whoever was available. Warning: these are such terrible videos, but what the heck; I just have to get those videos up here and out there:
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