Monday, March 3, 2014

Sun City: Hong Kong's Online Sin City blazes through the Philippines!

One of the most memorable anniversary and awards night I've emceed was for Sun City. This was where I've met a lot of famous (and some controversial) personalities, and every part of the program was really interesting!

The fact that a lot of Chinese from both Mainland and Hong Kong were there - and who had an entirely different party culture - was a tremendous learning experience. I had to scheme to get their attention for they were partying on their own, gambling the night away and already drunk halfway through the program. It was a riot, and a rather fun one. This was, in a way, not as wholesome as the other events I emceed for, as high rollers were present, and money was rolling through the tables, and my list of raffle prizes kept piling on, thanks to the generous - and inebriated - online casino patrons who really made this bash memorable! 

Smiling the night away! I had so much fun and got to sing a few Chinese songs too! Well, just two, Pengyou and Yueliang Daibiao Wode Xin (The Moon Represents My Hear) that I memorized so I can also take part in Chinese events and weddings. 

I don't really care about what people say about Manong Johnny - Juan Ponce Enrile - and on my left there, that lovely lady is his former Chief of Staff, Atty. Gigi Reyes. 

These lovely ladies above were among the guests who flew all the way from Hong Kong. I believe they are related to the young man who owns Sun City online casino, and a string of many other  big Hospitality and Entertainment - related companies in Southeast Asia, especially in Hong Kong and Mainland. They were really sweet lovely, and we were exchanging compliments in Mandarin! 

Notice the Glitter Tattoo on my face? I got this because prior to this fabulous Sun City anniversary party and awards night, I emceed a PINKTASTIC Barbie Party in SM Megamall! Yup, I sometimes do 2-3 events on one day. But I never wish for less work. With thanks, I pray for more strength and grace, to keep up with the boundless blessing I continue to receive. 

"Each time the Sun rises, its warm rays remind me that Things do not get easier...