Monday, April 27, 2015

The most DOLE-lightful & DOLE-licious event ever!

It just keeps raining in my life... raining blessings, raining love, raining joy and raining light! Not just Light; but in fact, DOLE-light! Yes, I am simply so honoured and so blessed to be the emcee for an intimate bloggers activity by DOLE Philippines held at the Cookery (at beautiful and luxurious Burgos Circle, Taguig), which is really the most relaxed yet most invigorating event I have ever emceed for! I was in the company of friends new and old, such as mommy blogger and true girl's girl who inspires me: the beautiful, statuesque Michelle Aventajado (her blog: Momma 'N Manila by Mish Aventejado and of course, Chef Rosebud "RB" Benitez, who remembers me from way way back my humble hosting days, when I got to be co-host for the Shop TV Network. Below with my beautiful girl friend, Mish: 
And below, with Chef RB, Chef Mom too! I'd also like to thank Ms. Weng, Brand Manager of Dole and the Waddage Team led by Ms. Katia for trusting me to be part of this lovely affair! 
DOLE you wish that everyday looked as marvelous as this? Check out these beautiful party accents... wish I was artistic as the amazing event stylists/ design team behind this setup:
It was such an intimate affair, part walking back to my humble yet exciting earlier days as an event host, and now as a mom and busy, busy events host too! I also had the honor of meeting other mom-bloggers who took part in the fun afternoon tea with cooking, using of course, only the best - and most DOLE-lectable food products from DOLE! 

Indeed, this event serves as a reminder that some beautiful memories and people, will always be part of our lives, and will continue to enrich us, make us smile (Like my beloved EP). Reminiscent of Dole's cheerful Blue & Yellow brand colors, life - even when it's down - is always a sunny day. Like they say, "the lowest ebb is the turn of the tide," and knowing this just makes life so exciting! Happy to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones! Thank you, DOLE for making me part of this event where every part of it was simply, A-DOLE-able!

- Marylaine Louise Viernes  

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Love and Passion come alive at 'The Longest Ride'

I am so blessed to attend the press night of Warner Bros. and Fox Philippines’ latest box office hit, “The Longest Ride,” and was pretty much everything you’d love in a movie – superb, breathtaking, heartwarming, inspiring – except that I found its title very ironic for it wasn’t a long ride at all; in fact you won’t get enough of this gripping story of life and love, it will leave you applauding with tears in your eyes, asking for more! Those hours were just short yet sweet and mesmerising. The movie unraveled the beautiful foundational layers of love, such as respect, humility and sacrifice.
“The Longest Ride” is adapted from the novel of the same title but Nicolas Sparks – who never failed to make me cry since I met him (through his books) during my college days – really produced a winner in this one. This movie is so delectable with a zesty twist you never expected! It resonates the truth of how love is a seed that grows love really starts with just the seed of pure, simple intentions, and definitely, as it grows, it leads you to something beyond your wildest imaginations.

The characters were powerfully given life in the movie. The beauty and charm of Sofia (played by Britt Robertson) simply grows on you. Shy yet spunky, she unwittingly finds her prince without looking for him, only because she is destined for him (and she shows how destiny is synonymous to sacrifice and selflessness). And you can’t help but take a second, luke her bull-riding prince, Luke (played by Scott Eastwood). With his Clint Eastwood-solid-faced good looks, laced with gentlemanliness, you can’t help but gush every time they share the screen!

Everything about the movie was simply spellbinding, the generations of love in the film, and the different forms that Love takes. Beyond the romantic love between Sofia and Luke, they also meet Ira after they save his life but it turns out that it was he who saved their love as he walked the young couple through consummate love and solidarity. I loved how the story spoke of how simplicity – of simply loving and sacrificing without demanding the same, of simply helping without expecting praises or monetary rewards, of simply listening without expecting any gratification in exchange, of simply letting go for the simple reason that you love the person and you want her to be happy. Indeed, the story tells of how Love and Life should never be complicated. That all it takes to find lasting greatness is a pure, selfless heart. This movie is the epitome of subtle perfection and as I do not yearn to spoil the plot for you, to excite you let me quote a line from the movie that simply summarises this beautiful tale: “A story like so many others, except Ruth happened to have an eye for art while I had eyes only for her and somehow this was enough for us to create a collection that became priceless to both of us.” 


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Total Glee with Total Girl!

I love being a girl again! I feel that I have finally evolved into a woman, with the different roles I treasure as a mom, a corporate girl, and striving entrepreneur, but it is essential to always keep that little girl inside of me. As a mom, I enjoy playtime with my adorable boy. At work, I always have to keep churning new ideas out. I also help out with my parents' small businesses, and of course there are still those dreams I have yet to fulfil. 
In the meantime, I try my best to juggle it all, and that is why I am thankful that my hosting work - especially with Total Girl Magazine events - help me develop new ideas, and I get to savor some of the indefatigable good vibes from all the beautiful and smart Total Girls I meet. So let's look at the recent - totally awesome and exciting - Total Girl event held at Elizabeth Seton School: 
 Total Girl and 3m (Post It and Scotch) made sure that the girls unleashed their creativity with awesome activities that made their imagination run wild. 
My college degree is BSE English Linguistics. I am a licensed teacher too! Although I am not a full-time professor, I get to teach and enjoy during my hosting jobs. I am also my baby boy's teacher (we are trying to get serious with Basic Mandarin, he can now say 'Hello,' 'Good Morning,' 'I love you,' and 'Good Night,' in Mandarin) but perhaps we save that for another blog post! 
 Total Girl Big Sis, Beam Mariano all smiles as she wows the Setonian Total Girls with her impressive handcrafted products! An artsy entrepreneur with a big heart (and a big smile too). Visit to see more of her crafts!
 And of course our other beautiful TG Big Sis, Ines Bautista - Yao below, talking about she fulfilled her magnificent dreams. You can tell most of the kids in the crowd look up to her (especially the biggest kid there - me!)

Loved the well-rounded activity that talked about reaching for your dreams, overcoming your fears, making and keeping great friends and more. I have come to learn that DREAMS need BFFs too, in order to come alive. They are: 

Determination. Never stop, no matter how hard it seems to be. Everything is hard at first, so commit to your vision. Stay focused, always. Responsibility. You need to be accountable for everything you do towards your dreams. Own up to your mistakes, learn from them and continue to better yourself! Energy and Excitement. To keep the dream alive, you must continue to believe in it, even if nobody does at first. Never give up! Action. Turn that energy into something good. Don't wait for the perfect opportunity for it never comes. Make it. Carve it. Chase it, right now! 
Mentors. Okay, so you have an awesome idea, all the 15-year old energy in the world, but are you heading on the right path? Listen to wisdom of people who have been there, and who  genuinely care for you, to help ensure you are on the right track.  Simplicity. So I really wanted to put in HUMILITY for I have seen how important true humility is. So be simple and humble always. HUMILITY is the foundation of all the other good values that you will need for the journey. (D.R.E.A.M.S.)

Thank you so much, Total Girls! Stay sweet, joyful and don't stop believing in your dreams! - Marylaine Louise Viernes

Monday, April 6, 2015

Just got Lucky: The Philips Kulinarya show at Lucky Chinatown

I am so thankful for the many years that I have worked with Philips and their amazing brands, especially Philips AVENT. But it really is so humbling yet spectacular at the same time to also be trusted with their Philips Kulinarya tours, which were held in many community centers, business districts and malls. My most favourite and the most memorable one for me was held at the Lucky Chinatown Mall (nope, not memorable because it took me 2 hours from the bridge to get to the mall, and another 2-3 hours getting out of Chinatown area, no exaggeration) because it was sadly the last of the Philips Kulinarya legs for the fiscal year. But I really do cherish the COOL-inary tricks I have learned, taught by no less than Ms. Nancy Reyes Lumen herself, the country's Adobo Queen! 

Here are some more photos of Ms. Nancy and I having a blast, and the audience too, walking away with a ton of amazing appliances only from PHILIPS!

Thanks and I hope to catch you on the future PHILIPS & PHILIPS AVENT activities coming soon! - Marylaine Louise Viernes 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Let's get it on with EPSON!

Thankful for the chance to be the master of ceremony once more for EPSON's annual business review and partner recognition night, this mesmerising event was held at the Shangri-la Hotel EDSA, with their very apt and simply phenomenal kick-off theme, "Partners in Excellence." For the amateur video, please click on link below:
This year proved to be more fabulous and exciting for the generous EPSON team led by President & Country Manager Tanaka San, along with Sirs Cris, Ipe and Jeffrey, along with the beautiful ladies Ms. Macy, May and Melai (plus the rest of their amazing team) made sure the program was unpredictable and peppered it with raffle draws where one lucky guest won an Iphone 6! 
But more than just the fanfare and the prizes, was really the recognition ceremony, where top-performing partners were honoured while EPSON also rallied all their partners, both the long-term and the promising abecedarian ones to continue with hard-work, creativity and unfailing commitment for EPSON Philippines has really got so much in store for them all - from sales incentives to overall operations support. 
Indeed, I feel so blessed to be working with EPSON again as emcee for their business preview, and I look forward to working with them for the years to come. And I am extremely happy for all their business partners in attendance, for they get to work with such a renowned global brand, the forerunner in technological equipment and service, coupled with amazing people to keep the company and its products flourishing. EPSON is indubitably number 1, today and for the years to come. - Marylaine Louise Viernes

Deserving the Best Blessing of all...

Whenever I look at my son, I wonder what good I have done to serve so much goodness in my life. The overwhelming, overflowing love I feel for him just grows each day, that while he certainly completes me, I am determined to better myself, to pick up from mistakes because here is this little 5-year old driving force that beckons me to keep pushing in spite of the challenges and fears I encounter. His presence reassures me that it is okay to be afraid, even as I know I must strive to be strong and fearless for him. 
Matty and I above, with his Medal! One of the most profound and precious gems of wisdom that I learned from this boy is how "songs stick in his head." Silly or simple perhaps, but I had never given much thought about that I ingest through my senses. One time, I was singing this Nicki Minaj song, and he kept saying that it was a foul, "bastos" song. Finally since I tend to sing a line from this song, he told me, "Mom, do you want that song to get stuck in my head?" He actually knows about the Last Song Syndrome, and is very well aware of how repetitive words and rhymes can "get stuck" and somehow ingrained in his system - without me explaining or briefing him about it. 
I am glad that while he is boyish and fun-loving, he is naturally good, guarded and honest. (totally opposite of me at times) And that was when I made a vow to consciously veer away from sensibilities that can affect him especially subliminally. That plus more amazing things that make me realise each day how blessed I am to have a boy with such a good heart. A good heart and spirit that I must always protect and nurture, and in the process, improve myself too. 
And did I mention what a very handsome boy he is as well?  Indeed, he is my Greatest Blessing. - Marylaine Louise Viernes