Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Whale of a time plunging "In the Heart of the Sea..."

I've been swimming through the powerful imagery after this awesome movie experience, thanks to Warner Brothers Philippines! Watching this big screen adaptation of a true life story in IMAX made all the more AmaSEAng!
The story takes place back in 1819 at Nantucket, Massachusetts as first mate, Owen Chase (played by Chris Hemsworth, kudos to the impeccable casting) tries to chase after his dream of finally being captain only to be thwarted as one of the sponsors of the Essex installs Captain George Pollard, Jr. Politics comes in between the two men - the former being the one with the skill and experience, while the latter earning his laurels by blood relation. So the warring duo and their crew set sail in one of the greatest journeys in history... and atrocity. 
Witnessing the journey was indeed mesmerising; giving us viewers a solid firsthand account of how it must have been on that harrowing whale-hunting journey aboard the Essex. Scene to scene there was always something gripping but yet, even if this awesome movie walked us through this wonderful journey back in time - there were still enigmas that really leaves the creative mind curious - that is why I still ponder about the whale, what it must be thinking when it devised the plan; could there be more to it than this, and what wonders, really does the seas hold from the rest of the world? 
You cannot afford to miss this exhilarating tale and for sure you won't miss this tail... 
And from one masterpiece to the next, this movie also gave light to how Herman Melville was inspired to write one of the greatest classics of all time, Moby Dick. Have a whale of a weekend with your family by watching this movie! And while you are at it, here are some fun facts: 
1. A sperm whale (such as the not-so-mythical albino one known as Moby Dick) owns up to the scientific name, "physeter macrocephalus." This defines exactly how sperm whales look! 
2. Whales continue to be targets of hunters primarily because of oil and ambergris, substances with high demand to this date. (Oh I wish we can find substitutes to these and lessen whaling efforts).
3. Sperm whales are vocal and through echolocation, they are able to determine the location, size and shape of their target. 
- Marylaine Louise Viernes