Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Smooth sailing at Augustea Philippines' Second Annual Crew Conference

Congratulations to Augustea Ship Manning Philippines for a Successful second Crew Conference!
Truly an honour to be the master of ceremonies for the 2nd annual crew conference of Augustea Ship Manning Philippines, Inc. and being their emcee last year for their first-ever conference makes my heart grow with gratitude! 
The most heartfelt thanks go to the company's wise and beautiful president and now one of my good friends and a lady I find so beautiful inside and out, Ms. Grace Labrusca Terrei and to the rest of the wonderful Terrei family and staff, for trusting me to be master of ceremony for the second consecutive year! I had so much fun and learned a lot from you all.
This photo above is all thanks to Anj Pantaleon of Creative Impact. Like the Official Facebook Page of CreativeImpact Inc. today! Wow, where do I even begin? There were so many highlights for that day, and everything was simply perfect! I was pleasurable to note that just like Elburg Philippines, also managed by the same exceptional Terrei family, Augustea Ship Manning Philippines also brings the same quality of crew management. Indeed, our modern-day heroes, our Seafarers, or should I say Seafare-Heroes are in the best hands with Augustea. 
Pre-event Pretty. Before the event I had to pose with some of my bosses for that day. Flanked by the eloquent and charming Juliet Terrei, Director of Augustea and of course the beautiful President, Grace.
This conference was the venue to update the crew and staff on latest trends about the ever-changing and prevailing Maritime industry, to share the company status, efforts to give service to seafarers, and most importantly - to hear the feedback of our modern-day heroes on how Augustea can serve them and their families better. Serving them better meant giving their kids scholarships too... here was one of the blessed recipients that night, during our ball! 
Yup, Augustea knows how to have fun too for right after the fruitful conference, we had a fun ball! Music, dancing, great food and drinks were served for everyone to enjoy and celebrate this momentous day! To learn more about them, please visit The Official Website of Augustea Ship Manning Philippines.
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