Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Rhythms, young love and sweet notes with #BAILONA at Robinsons Galleria

The sweetest little girl in the whole wide world... meet my BFF Chin-chin! 
This year's was definitely the best Valentine's Day ever! I may not be dancing to romantic tunes this Valentine's season, but that doesn't mean that my Valentine's day didn't brim with so much love. In fact, this year's unforgettable Valentine's Day proved to be the sweetest one so far... I've seen that Love comes in different forms, and I can most certainly say that love for my craft, and people expressing their love towards me and what I do truly makes my heart sing with joy! This is the sweetest Valentines card I ever got, only from my dear CHIN-CHIN: 
I have been dubbed, "B.H.E." (In the Philippines, Bhe is a mass term for lover; the shortened form of 'Babe' or 'Baby') but it's not the Bhe that you think; it actually stands for BEST HOST EVER. Now that melts my heart all over again! And what makes it extra special is that this beautiful young lady here, named Chin Chin who I met in a few events I have hosted last year for Robinson's Galleria made this amazing card herself! Here I am with her lovely mom too, Ms. Thet who heads the marketing division for Galleria... 
There was just so much love that day; I was so glad to be the emcee for the highly-anticipated "Rhythm of Love" concert at Robinsons Galleria with one of the hottest love teams today, #BaiLona which is comprised of the lovely Ylona Garcia and Bailey May (can you believe they're both only 13 years old? Oh, to be young and in love...) who are not just talented and popular, but both very kind and humble young superstars. 
Check out their huge following... it was a record-breaking lovevent indeed! (Lovevent = Love Event) #BAILONA the monicker of this adorable duo made everyone fall in love... 
Giving the hottest love team some good ole Love Advice... and my only advice is... Don't listen to me when it comes to love and romance! LOL.
Yes it was one happy hearts' day celebration indeed; it makes me realize the many blessings I continue to enjoy, in this amazing life I am truly very thankful to live! And here I was backstage with #BAILONA... can you believe they're both only around 14? Don't even ask how old I am okay! Oh, to be young and in love... 
Don't just work for a living... in whatever you do, make sure it's love and life you're giving!
I am just thankful that I love what I do and do what I love!