Monday, April 27, 2015

The most DOLE-lightful & DOLE-licious event ever!

It just keeps raining in my life... raining blessings, raining love, raining joy and raining light! Not just Light; but in fact, DOLE-light! Yes, I am simply so honoured and so blessed to be the emcee for an intimate bloggers activity by DOLE Philippines held at the Cookery (at beautiful and luxurious Burgos Circle, Taguig), which is really the most relaxed yet most invigorating event I have ever emceed for! I was in the company of friends new and old, such as mommy blogger and true girl's girl who inspires me: the beautiful, statuesque Michelle Aventajado (her blog: Momma 'N Manila by Mish Aventejado and of course, Chef Rosebud "RB" Benitez, who remembers me from way way back my humble hosting days, when I got to be co-host for the Shop TV Network. Below with my beautiful girl friend, Mish: 
And below, with Chef RB, Chef Mom too! I'd also like to thank Ms. Weng, Brand Manager of Dole and the Waddage Team led by Ms. Katia for trusting me to be part of this lovely affair! 
DOLE you wish that everyday looked as marvelous as this? Check out these beautiful party accents... wish I was artistic as the amazing event stylists/ design team behind this setup:
It was such an intimate affair, part walking back to my humble yet exciting earlier days as an event host, and now as a mom and busy, busy events host too! I also had the honor of meeting other mom-bloggers who took part in the fun afternoon tea with cooking, using of course, only the best - and most DOLE-lectable food products from DOLE! 

Indeed, this event serves as a reminder that some beautiful memories and people, will always be part of our lives, and will continue to enrich us, make us smile (Like my beloved EP). Reminiscent of Dole's cheerful Blue & Yellow brand colors, life - even when it's down - is always a sunny day. Like they say, "the lowest ebb is the turn of the tide," and knowing this just makes life so exciting! Happy to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones! Thank you, DOLE for making me part of this event where every part of it was simply, A-DOLE-able!

- Marylaine Louise Viernes