Saturday, December 31, 2016

Disturbia? Disturb... Yeah! My Movie Review for the best psycho-thriller film ever, 'A cure for wellness'

Hauntingly beautiful. Doesn't this image just haunt and taunt you?
Driving along C5 Avenue daily for work, I noticed lately the billboard promoting the movie, ‘A Cure for Wellness’ and from the title alone, I found myself so intrigued by this film. Days after I couldn't get that billboard ad off my brain, I was extended invites by 20th Century Fox's awesome Mae Vecina and President, Francis Soliven. My family and I were simply so happy and blessed to be able to watch this film with my family. The movie will give you the kind of jolt you need for this Valentine's week! And guys - trust me, if you want your girls clinging to you all through the film, bring her to this to cap off Valentine's week! 

Going back to the movie, which boasts of all the elements of a thriller only a notch higher, this promises an intense, almost alluring richness that will tell you that something's up. I appreciated the cinematographic aesthetics as the film takes places in a remote, palatial asylum, that like a wave, drives you in and then suddenly pulls you down. It follows the story of Lockhart, a young and ambitious Wall Street guy whose life spirals down after anomalies sprung from his apparent achievements and this sends him chasing their firm's head honcho, only to find himself in an accident, and then locked up, learning that like the rest - he belonged there. 

Like the rest contained in there looking for the ‘cure,’ he struggles for breath, for sanity as he is drawn deeper into the darkness - and I mean this also figuratively. Lockhard strives to still take heart while he treads upon sinister secret after vile secret of the place, even saving the enigmatic Hanna, a child of incest, portrayed by Mia Goth (shining in her absurd, eyebrow-less beauty, making her perfect for the role; same girl from the movie Nymphomaniac, yet another psycho-sounding film). Love story brewing? Well, that is for you to find out! It's now open in cinemas nationwide and my friends are raving about it too after diving deeper in this ‘evil spa,’ peppered with amusing scenes (like who can forget those aqua aerobics frames), let it drive you mad with excitement!
Do you have an illness? Well, if you do have an EEL-ness, this movie sure to cure it. As in make your heart stop. Sounds eerie? More like EEL-ie... Yes you can expect deliciously absurd images like this that tickle your fancy... and frenzy! Eels in a tub... anyone??? Can be rather romantic!

Arson... nefarious... incest... insanity... and perhaps you can throw Love in the mix. In the movie, you will certainly find all the things that we pretend we don't like all in one film; or just one thrilling ride! I guess since I cannot destroy the film for you and tell you the story, let me just relate it with my life. Maybe the reason why I was so drawn to this splendid film was because like them, I too am looking for a cure. The fulfilment of a dream you just can't seem to give birth too.You know it's there, within, but you just can't let it out. You keep running in circles, keep using excuses and at the end of the day, and during the wee small hours of the morning, it's there, it continues to haunt you, and will you prevail over it? Or will I never get hold of the cure that i know is right in front of me - but I just have so many reasons for not doing it. Prodding deeper, you don't have to go to the exquisite setting, the Swiss Alps to realize that we all live in an asylum. On the greater scheme of things, isn't what this world is all about? Monsters lurk in every corner, and no one gets out of here alive. I mean, think about it. 
Back to my journey, I am at a point wherein I have tried every single 'cure' but I find myself back to the basics... that nothing can truly 'cure' me until I finally accomplished what as a child I have known myself to do. Right now, I pester myself with excuses, instead of writing and writing like how I want it. The problem is, I don't do the same thing again and again... like what this guy had done... 

I don't know about your journey, but this movie right smack reminds me about mine. Enjoy, and for once, go insane. You know you want to. 

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Row, row third time in a Row! So honored to be emceeing for the Augustea Crew Conference 2016!

It's that time of the year again...when I get to be master of ceremonies for the Augustea Ship Manning Philippines! I've had the honor for the first time two back to host the first-ever Augustea Crew Conference, and I this 2016, I am so blessed to be their emcee for the third consecutive year! Indeed, I praise God every single moment for the ability to host events; being a host and speaker is one of my greatest passions; I get to harness my speaking, writing, reading and listening abilities. Plus, it's so wonderful to meet inspiring people along the way. Here's the sole video clip I had during the event where I opened the socials night after moderating a whole day of learning about the latest news on the shipping industry, along with meaningful highlights of the program: 
Things simply get grander and grander each year! So let;s hark back to the awe-inspiring conference of 2015; please visit last year's blog post: Sailing towards Success: Augustea Crew Conference Year 2! And while we're at it, let's also read back to the very first time I have emceed for Augustea; this was my blog post way back in the year 2014All Aboard! Augustea's First-ever Crew Conference.
Apart from this year's empowering topics and trends for the seafarers and crew of Augustea Ship Manning Philippines which were all assisted by an awesome, hi-tech hologram presenter, the company also gave out scholarships to some of the deserving children of the crew members, and recognised the dedication and loyalty of the crew during the service awards. Below, shows me enjoying the delightful dinner during the socials night! I am so happy to be with the beautiful president of Augustea, Ms. Mary Grace Labrusca Terrei who has now become a friend that I truly love and admire; kind-hearted, generous and true. She's so easy to work with, so appreciative and I will be forever thankful for her trust. Also with us is Ms. Venice Labrusca Terrei, another one of the 4 lovely daughters of the company owners, Captain Niccolo Terrei and Madame Procerfina 'Procy' Terrei. 
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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

May Forever: Pol & Rachel's breathtaking silver wedding anniversary and renewal of vows...

Rachel and Pol proves that Forever is a reality! I am forever thankful to Mr. Leopoldo "Pol" and Mrs. Rachel Titular for their continued trust in me. I am always proud to say that they are the best and my most favourite events and marketing group, for I always feel how they value me as an events host. If I can, I want to do this forever! Just like Rachel and Pol, who decided on Forever... 
Once more, I feel part of the love and joy that the share between them and the rest of their beautiful family and company, Global Visions Events (GVE), as I witnessed what remains to be the most breathtaking wedding ceremony / renewal of vows! Held at Angelfields, Tagaytay, the ceremony was perfect from the grandiose set-up down to the tiniest detail. And why not? GVE is one of the best, if not the best in the biz! 
 Time to play some games... everyone was so game that evening, all for the love of Rachel and Pol! Seemed like everyone had a ton of fun... I sure did! 
Look at that cake, designed to look like a pile of yummy cheeses! Cake or cheese, either way, all of the meals that night was extra delectable! 
Thank you Sir Pol & Miss Rachel for sharing your blessings with us, and for inspiring me not just with your love story, but with how you live out your faith! 
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