Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hosting for women of substance at the Unilever CatEx Awards Night

It was truly a night to remember: all dressed in royal blue, a la Pia Wurtzbach, (the third Miss Universe to hail from the Philippines), I got to emcee for the most beautiful women I have ever seen; each confidently beautiful, and each with the strong, indefatigable heart of a Filipina. My first time to host for Unilever Philippines, for their scintillating gala set to honour the best category experts and ambassadors for their beauty and home care brands. 
 Everything was bright, blue, brilliant... truly beautiful! Or more like Be-U-tiful... 
Having a chat with these three lovely girls onstage in photo below... can't get over the theme's mesmerising royal blue & silver colour motif... I just feel like a beauty queen too! That night, we were all Miss U's... maybe not Miss Universe; more of Miss Unilever... Definitely, everyone shone bright that night! 
I loved the fact that this event - more than just celebrate these ladies' contributions to this multinational corporation - served to empower and inspire all the ladies who've attended. They honoured three heroes for this year, three ladies with a story each: one a wife and mother who has fought to keep her family intact, another a single mother who has braved life's uncertainties for the sake of her beautiful daughter, and the last a survivor of personal tragedies that have made her into the woman that she was today. Different ages, paths, characters and destinies, but same beautiful and mighty hearts!  
As usual, I did spill out some of my usual inspiring spiels, but only because I too was inspired, being in the company of women who were set to soar high but at the same time had their heels firmly planted on the ground. This is your night, ladies, may you continue excelling at your craft as category and product experts, and may you continue inspiring us all with your strength, beauty and wisdom! Truly, from beauty queens as in the case of the current Miss Universe, to these product ambassadors - category experts, Filipinas are truly world-class, definitely worth it. And being master of ceremonies of this event makes me proud to be Filipina!