Sunday, August 31, 2014

Four Hour Zumba Fun at the GNC Fitness Marathon!

I can never forget the blaze of colors, the shrieks of joy and excitement, and the warmth of the Zins and my newfound Zumbanatic friends at the GNC Z-Dance Fitness Marathon 2014! I was, of course the proud emcee slash Zumba dance trainee! All the Zins (Licensed Zumba Instructors) were simply amazing, and the big crowd of over a thousand Zumba fanatics were just so fantastic! Please check out my opening spiels, and I hope you appreciate it. Kindly excuse my crazy mismatched Zumba outfit - it's a fashion crime I know, (discotheque meets neon sporty), but what the heck? Nobody cares as long as we all did our best and had fun! Check out the video by clicking this link: GNC Burn 60 Fitness Marathon Event Video.

I think that of all the events I have every hosted, this would be the largest! Over a thousand came to dance their way to fitness and make history as we mounted the first-ever, four hour Zumba dance fitness marathon! I would also like CRIZOR Photography for these wonderful pictures! 

So, there we were, dancing for four hours (okay, so I only participated in like 5 songs) but I was staring in amazement the whole time. Zumba was really a fun way towards a healthier lifestyle! Kudos to GNC for coming up with a groundbreaking, one-of-a-kind activity to raise awareness towards wellness. 

Would like to thank the events extraordinaire of Sixth Sense, Mr. Alec Pang and Manny for trusting me to host this fun event. They are also fabulous dancers and Zins, known as the TwinZ!  

With the many things I take on (a day job, event hosting, church service and my son), I am reminded that "Time is Gold... and so is our Health. Use both wisely, for these are the fundamentals to everything else that we aspire for in life."  

- Marylaine Louise Viernes

A ton of fun at the Dolan I-Learn School Caravan!

I have been blessed to take on many projects from Unilab, which is a trusted name when it comes to health and wellness. I was at the Forti-D launch of Unilab and also in their Kidney Care campaigns. This time, I got to work for Dolan! As a mom, I personally use Dolan every time my son suffers from fever. It gives me peace of mind, and it really helps my son heal quickly! 

Meet my friend, SPEEDY! He moves so fast, similar to how quick Dolan helps kids, and gives moms peace of mind... 

That is why I was so glad to be part of this year's Dolan I-Learn School Caravan, with their first leg held at Canossa School in the South. It was really such a fun-tastic event, and very special too since I got to work again with a long time friend, Ms. Tiny Garner who used to get me for many Enchanted Kingdom events when I was very young, and starting out as an events host. I am happy that she now has her own events firm, which you may check out at The Eventastic Website . 

Also, I met a ton of amazing people including Ms. Genevieve Tan the very lovely brand manager for Dolan, and also other friends: a doctor, entertainers who all contributed to making the event a success! I learned so much indeed, and more importantly, had a lot of fun! 

To end, I would like to share a few photos of myself and my energetic boy: One is a recent photo of me and my son, at a fun party in his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume. I also have my throwback photo below, where my adorable son, was barely a year old! Please excuse my filthy clothing in my crazy throwback photo. We just love to play all the time! IN fact today, we even had a long cleansing bath in the rain! I was shivering from the cold, but he had the best time of his life! Now, I need Dolan, too!!! 

"Youth may vanish... the warmth of Love turns cold... the leaves of Friendship falls... But a Mother's Hope outlives them all, and her fervent Prayers prevail throughout her Child's Life..." - Marylaine Louise Viernes 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Anticipating Blessings: The Belly Blessed Fest by Mommy Mundo!

Another empowering event for moms and moms-to-be just transpired, and I was at the heart of it all! Blessed indeed to be the emcee for this year's Belly Blessed Fest by Mommy Mundo and Creative Juice. Held at the Podium Mall, this annual event showcases the best mom and child related brands and also features many inspiring mompreneurs who are so talented indeed! 

Through this event, I am reminded to find ways to live my dream. I actually have one product I totally believe in, however I just do not know where to start! One Saturday I asked my neighbors around if they can create for me the design I wanted. But that was just my first try; I look forward to more attempts and who knows, I might soon be posting all about my idea, and maybe the rest of the country (and the world) will love this simple innovation too. But let's save that for another post.  

Glad to have met a lot of lovely mommies, moms-to-be and mom-preneurs throughout the two-day activity, and exchange thoughts with them on raising kids, handling careers, and caring for ourselves, too and also trying to squeeze in time to live out our dreams even if it be just one small step in a week. We discussed safety for children, wellness and all the many things close to every woman and mother's heart. We also got serenaded by Lady I, a phenomenal local reggae band, and during day one, we had Samba School Imperatriz Filipinenze who showed the audience some awesome baby-wearing samba dance moves! 

Above: Having a lovely chat with the talented reggae front-lady of Lady I! 

I am indeed so blessed, and thankful to be where I am now. I and all the other women I have met there, we all have different stories, we each have our own personal battles that we have to fight each day, for ourselves and for the ones we love the most - our children.  What matters is that we keep moving forward, keep our hearts ablaze and eyes focused on our goal, and like our innocent little ones, take baby steps - and soon we realize we are there! It was very nice to share stories and learn from other parents, especially the other mothers. It is amazing how Mommy Mundo has built this community of empowered women who derive strength from each other, and I am so proud to be part of it! 

Photos below of Day 1, where I also had a lovely backstage chat with Ms. China Cojuangco, for the Cord blood Banking Segment by Cord Life Philippines. 

For now I will take it one hosting gig at a time, while trying to excel in my day job too, all while enjoying every single day with my adorable, smart little boy who wants to be an Engineer! So little time, so much to do. I will keep enjoying, praying, hoping, working until I get there. I'd like to end by sharing a lovely quote by Mother Teresa: 

"Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do... but how much love we put love in our action..." 

- Marylaine Viernes

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The National ICT Summit 2014

Feeling blessed as ever to host this year's grand National Information Communications and Technology (NICT) Summit for the second straight year! The 2014 NICT Summit finds its home at the Intercontinental Hotel, boasting of bigger and brighter features, talks, speakers and surprises! 

The year's theme was about the role of ICT on the country's progress. This two-day conference boasted of speakers who were no less the cream of the crop of the Philippines, especially when it came to Technology, Information Communications, Business & Economics, and even from Government and Policy-making. For day 2, we even had Atty. Kim Jacinto Henares, BIR Commissioner as keynote speaker who shared about the value of ICT in implementing her agency's many programs. 

A slew of many interesting topics brought the country together. Apart from government programs especially those spearheaded by the DOST - ICT office, we also learned so much about ICT in Globalization and Business, primers on the ASEAN, the role of social media, and the convergence of private and government sectors toward progress. 

Some talks and activities were very technical that my left brain tried so hard to keep up with. However, the meat of it all is the fact that the country had endless resources, and it the light of the anomalies in the government, the much-clamored for "Transparency" may finally come with the he help of ICT and its applications. But the heart of the matter really - is having one leader, backed by a small team of indefatigable, honest and intelligent individuals who can really implement lasting and correct solutions for this young country's numerous problems.  

The annual National ICT Summit is organized by the Department of Science and Technology ICT Office, the Chief Information Officers Forum, and the Chief Information Officers Forum Foundation Inc. So honored to have worked with the brightest minds in ICT! 

- Marylaine Viernes

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Go Team Hot Wheels!!!

I took on an entirely different CAR-acter with another dream of mine coming true - to host for Hot Wheels! Well, hosting the 2014 Hot Wheels Swap Meet wasn't just a dream come true for me, but also for my spunky little boy, Godric Matthew, who is a huge fan of Hot Wheels!

Finally, Mattel and Richprime Global (Love you guys!) gave me the chance to also emcee for Hot Wheels for the very first time. In the past, I have only been hosting their fabulous girly events such as Barbie, Monster High and Fisher Price!

But see, even little girls love Hot Wheels too! 

Here I am with my son (in the white shirt) and his new-found friends who all love to zoom with Hot Wheels! 

Here's some fun trivia about Hot Wheels: 

1. Hot Wheels are part of Mattel, the premier toy brand founded by Ruth & Elliot Handler in the 1940s. If Mattel just had the Hot Wheels division, it will still be the 5th largest toy company in the world. 

2. While Mattel also introduced Barbie to the world, did you know that the least favorite/ salable Hot Wheels cars are those in the color PINK? 

3. Spectraflame - this was the color scheme used during the earliest years of manufacturing Hot Wheels, to make them stand out against other die-cast cars such as Matchbox. 


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Making Waves at the JGC Family Day!

As Summer ends, I give one last hurrah at Fun, thanks to the most exciting event I have hosted to date - the JGC Company Outing and Family Fun Day! I am indeed so honored that this multinational gas and petrol firm has trusted me to host their program that was brimming with exciting and fun games, activities and surprises. Best of all, my family and I too, were invited to enjoy one memorable day at Splash Island right after the program!

We were all smiles, especially my son, who got to visit Splash Island for the very first time. I am just delighted and thankful at the fact that I earn while doing what I love - and that is to host events, but the icing on top is that this also becomes a bonding time for me and my little boy. Time flies by so fast and as I do my own thing at work, excel as an events host, and also allow my son to experience so many great things with me. Below shows me with my co-host who happens to be an employee of the company, and this adorable little girl who just won a prize from one of our many games! 

I tried to come as a mermaid... I used the mermaid princess head piece from the Barbie Pearl Princess events. And I just couldn't stop showing how I loved being a "little mermaid", getting all wet and messy with the kids (and parents) there during the bubble show! It was indeed a blast! One of the most POP-ular activities there. Pop goes the bubbles! 

Thank you so much to this amazing events and art design team, PARAMINT, led by Jan and Paola Sebial! I look forward to more fun events with your superb team! And now, after such a successful and memorable program, it was time to be with family... and my boy was bouncing with glee as he went wild with the artificial wave rides, the kiddie kayaks, the relaxing river and of course, the gigantic slides! 

It is important for me to always have great memories to cherish, that's why I try as much as I can, let my son have awesome childhood experiences, the subconscious foundation of his character, and perhaps things that will mold him to be a critical thinker and problem solver. 

We definitely had a great time, another fond experience adding up in my son's childhood memory bank which he will take along with him as he grows up! The rainy days are here, as much as we would like to go swimming again, we'd have to defer our outdoor plans for now. It may no longer be summer, but as they say, no matter how the seasons change outside of you, what matters is what season it is inside of you. And with this, I end with a quote by Albert Camus: 

"In the depth of Winter, I finally learned that there was in Me, and Invincible Summer."