Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Proud to B a Barbie Girl!

We love Barbie! Such is the battle cry when I lead my legions of pretty little princesses in Pink, all loving and looking like Barbie! I can definitely say that I have grown up with Barbie, as the little Barbie girl in me will never outgrow her pretty fab pinkness, and the idea that we can B anything we dream to be (in my case, I continue to discover that this is true!) 

Here's my look back to the recent fabulous holidays I've spent with Barbie - the memories of fun and her endless Barbie jingles still ringing in my head today! All of these fun times are best described with my favorite letter, B! Brilliant... Bedazzling... Beautiful... Breathtaking... Bright... Bravery... Bliss... Bountiful... Blessed...  

First was the launch of Barbie Dolls of the World where we had a fabulous Meet & Greet session at the SM Mall of Asia, with beautiful Barbie dolls on display, and Barbie Philippines came to life as we played a ton of Pink-tastic games and danced ballet! The MOA crowd... 

A week after, we celebrated the Magic of Barbie at the SM North EDSA featuring Barbie The Secret Door where we had a fun and delectable cooking workshop with the beautiful Chef Sabrina Artadi, plus singing and modeling activities too with Center for Pop. We also awarded the Barbie collectors for sharing their awe-inspiring Barbie doll collections and their love to everyone during the holiday season! 

Much love to my Richprime family who has let me live out the child IN me, whose spirit grows braver through the years... for letting me "B" who I really am (sometimes a mermaid, a selkie but often a fairy... sometimes even a mummy!) Love 'em all plus Richprime's Mia and Gilbert...

Summertime and Halloween when I get to become a Fabulous Ghoul with my Monster High gals and of course, almost all year round I get to be Ate Barbie! What a Magical year it has been and I am so thankful! Looking forward to a much brighter and more Pinktastic 2015! Where I have come to learn (like what Barbie says all the time) "Nothing is Impossible as long as you Believe." (Except having a Real Prince. So below shows me with my pretend Princes Charming, but just for that day only...) Here below we had a Prince Cosplayer during the Barbie Princess event (but the shoe didn't fit) plus my handsome peers from SM North EDSA, both Mall Managers) 

Remember that the Best is yet to come! This calls for a Barbie Self-We! 

- Marylaine Louise Viernes