Saturday, August 20, 2016

A shower of joy and love: Hosting the second cycle of Smart Parenting Baby Shower 2016!

Hi everyone! Finally glad to be back after being 'MIA' for a while, thanks to my appendectomy (perhaps I should write a tell-all, graphic post about that soon). Anyway, this one now is abut my awesome Smart Parenting Baby Shower gig which was the last event I had before my emergency appendectomy... Following below is my sole video during the event is most special to me for it was taken no less than my very own videographer-artiste, the 7 year old love of my life, my son, Godric Matthew! As you may know, ALL of my Youtube videos are amateur clips only for the purpose of getting clients to see me in hosting action, but I'd say my son takes way better videos than the rest of the random people I ask to capture me in action! Here is the clip he captured: my opening spiels below... attaboy! 
My handsome little master-of-mischief meets my boss for the day: Smart Parenting's Editor-in-Chief, Ms. Leah San Jose... thank you Smart Parenting magazine Philippines & Summit Media for trusting me with all of your awesome and empowering events! 
Of whimsical mermaids and mommies. There were so many lovely moms that day... again, I only had my Pokemon Hunting son as companion so I was unable to take a lot of photos and so, a big thank you to blogger mum, Jaimie Felix ( for sending me some of our photos. Truly a mermaid; especially your hair! 
Congratulations, Summit Media and Smart Parenting for another exhilarating program that enlightened, inspired and empowered! Looking forward to more of our delightful gigs! 
Thank you for dropping by! Will write more soon... continue showering love and joy in whatever you do!
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