Thursday, July 14, 2016

On the wings of love: Hosting the special night of #Jidine2016

A big, big thank you to my beloved Global Visions Events family for once again trusting me, this time for another inspiring wedding celebration... for the memorable night of #Jidine2016 ! 
 Congratulations to this good-looking couple, Jiro and Nadine! Stay happy & in love!
Oh to be young and in love... that's the magical story of Jiro and Nadine, or together, #Jidine who shares one smart and handsome young boy already, Nicolo, and who humbly shared the ups and downs of their young romance, and finally be able to walk the aisle this memorable day... But their love story is only for them to tell, but as for me, let me share with you the breathtaking setting where this wondrous wedding was set all thanks to superb events group, Global Visions Events! 
I am not the only one taking selfies before the grand ceremony... everyone fell in love with this glorious scenery in Batangas, overlooking the Taal Volcano! Loved how I got to come in a laid-back dress and majorly chill sandals as I led the festivities! 
Truly amazing personalized wedding styling... Every facet of the event area was perfect! Down to the smallest of details... Truly glad to see all the love and beauty in this very special night... 
 Doing my thing... sadly, no video taken this night, but I certainly had fun and was simply honored to be part of this solemn ceremony... Again, the styling by GVE was just divine!
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