Monday, February 9, 2015

Hop aboard Baby Company's Grand 2015 Safari Adventure!

Tremendously blessed am I indeed to be hosting again for Baby Company's Grand Baby Fair, now on its 5th year, and with a spanking, stripe-tacular new Safari theme! Yes it was one unforgettable, fang-tastic jungle weekend for me as I hopped aboard the very busy BC train into the jungle known as "parenting" where I got to meet new species of "parents" and "moms" all sharing the same excitement and confusion that all new and longtime parents feel - because everyday is an adventure when you are a parent and that's why we are thankful for the likes of Baby Company for guiding us in this vast and scary jungle that can leave new (and experienced) parents Catatonic... like me below, looking all CAT-atonic!

Meow or Me-Wow? (My version of Fab or Drab? Hope you like my Day 1 outfit. Was it a Fine Feline Fashion Wonder, or a CAT-astrophic Fashion Blunder).

Above shows me-owt and about playing games with the fun gang of parents and grandparents who joined the adventure! It was one long, exhilarating 3-day train ride, so let me take you to the highlights first of the fang-tastic first day of the much-anticipated Baby Company Grand Baby Fair - Year 5! We had our fun rounds of games and superb expert talks - but the best part? SHOPPING! For Day 1, below are my treasured brands: 

The best is never too FAR... thanks to FARLIN! Many families really got the best buys and deals that day, thanks to FARLIN! Above are my favorite unscented wipes, but for the more adventurous thrill-seeking moms and dads, they also have one in blue - their fresh powder scent variant! All the explorers such as myself even got to take home FARLIN Baby Buds, the perfect pal whether you have a newborn, or you have an active pre-schooler like me! (But I bet moms like me, not just our kids are huge fans of these wipes and gentle buds too!)

I definitely love FARLIN products - so affordable but world class indeed! you don't have to look FAR and wide, or FARLIN's got it all!  Plus what I loved about the FARLIN booth apart from awesome products at big discounts and the freebies, were their activities! There was a coloring station for kids while parents shopped, plus a photo booth! More growl-icious and stripe-tacular SA-FARLIN pics coming in my blog soon! 

After FARLIN, let us now forget our longtime friends over at the PHILIPS AVENT booth. Here I was above when I dropped by the AVENT booth with friends-slash-bosses Ms. Jenny Gingco (and her adorable son), marketing extraordinaire of LJS, distributor of Philips AVENT and Ms. Jeryl Sy, daughter of the owners of LJS Philippines. And we mustn't forget the adorable Truman the Rabbit - official mascot of AVENT!

They have all the top-quality products for moms and babies,guaranteed to give your babies the best start in life! They gave my son truly the best and I will never forget the generosity of Philips AVENT - such a big support for a young mom like me.  My son has definitely enjoyed the best first few years of life thanks to this well-loved and 'til now, he is so proud to be an AVENT boy! Below are faves for the day: teats for his Classic, Comfort and Standard bottles! 

Just please don't tell my son I shared to the world that he is still soothed by his Philips AVENT bottle at night (and here's to hoping that while he reads so well, that he never gets to read this). I love how my son will always be an AVENT Child, and now he loves getting active too, with the help of FARLIN's exceptional products, especially the wipes which is a staple in his school bag and in my purse! Here is my son and his classmate and best buddy, Jared, whose backs I always have to wipe clean with FARLIN wipes... 

"They say that little boys are Superheroes in Disguise... and I totally agree. My son is definitely my hero. Such a small child, but such a Great Miracle. And as he grows in size, wit and will, I witness how my life's Miracle just grows larger and larger..." 

Thanks, Baby Company for trusting me with your annual event - a humbling experience where I trade my thoughts and hosting expertise for more parenting tips and wisdom. See you all for my Day 2 AVENT-ures!!! 

- Marylaine Louise Viernes