Monday, May 26, 2014

Of Pink Waves and Mermaid Princesses!

Still surfing these lovely, gentle Pink seas and riding the waves of fashion and fun, we've finally come to the much-awaited meet and greet with the lovely mermaid princess!

Fourth and final day of this doll-lightful program, the activity area was jam-packed with excited little girls who transformed into the adorable little princesses, mermaids and underwater ballerinas that they are!

Tons and tons of kids were in attendance and yes, even those little boys rode on the Pink waves too... the boys didn't seem so happy with all the Pink and Fluff... but they still posed like the gentlemen that they are, just this once! 

Above: I caught me a pretty Aqua Ballerina and an adorable little Mermaid Princess coming out of her Shell!!! And below???

My loving supportive prince, Matthew is always there for me through Pink-and-thin!  

SM Mall of Asia was packed! We were like sardines in this lovely Pink sea... Because we Can! 

My boy is all about Sports, Hot Wheels, Outdoors and everything boys like, but during the few times I need him - despite all the Pink - he endures all the pink, girly craziness and proves, what a Man he is! He is my little Man, and I am very thankful whenever he is with me, a testament of how blessed I truly am!

"To be able to do the things you love, with the ones you love is a grace, a blessing."

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Shinin' just like a pearl... with Barbie!

I continue to swim and emcee for this pink, dreamy and DOLL-lightful sea with Barbie! Allow me to now feature Day # 3 of my four fantastic underwater adventures with Barbie! I absolutely love my mermaid head dress reminiscent of life under the sea, in celebration of Barbie's latest movie, BARBIE THE PEARL PRINCESS! 

I came in extra early and a bit too excited to meet the Barbie girls, so I got busy and took myself some Shell-fies...

 As always, I had so much fun swimming with the mermaids on stage and giving away a ton of amazing prizes from Barbie! All these amazing activities leading to our fourth and final day's amazing SEA-prise (Surprise) ! 

Can you spot that lovely little mermaid girl above? She is too adorable!!! Kudos to her loving mom for going all out and letting her join most of our events! She is a mermaid princess, indeed! 

Can't let these lovely little mermaid princesses swim away without having a group Shell-fie, of course! I just love my Barbie gals and my Barbie shows! 

See you again tomorrow, Barbie gals for the Pink-tastic FIN-ale of our grand Barbie Pearl Princess party, where we will be meeting and greeting a live mermaid princess! Oh I am just so excited! 

I just want to share another Pearl of Wisdom for Life and Work: Remember that in every hard, forbidding clam shell  is a beautiful Pearl waiting to be discovered. Likewise, we must remember that wherever we look upon this earth, the opportunities take shape WITHIN the problems... so never working with faith, hope and integrity... dive deep and open that clam up, no matter how hard or unrelenting it may seem, until you finally and claim the Pearl of your Dreams!!! 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

I'm not Kidding when it comes to my Kidneys!

Just a month ago or so, I was a pill-popping, instant-remedy medicine-chomping career girl trying to be panicky and worried about everything when I should be seeing and taking care of the real concern: my health and well-being. 

So I decided that that I must take things slow, learn to relax and understand that my job will run even without my screaming my head off and stressing about things that take a while. And it helped so much that I had two events in one day (yes before another Barbie Pearl princess event), where I had the pleasure of working with Pocket Rocket and UNILAB BIOMEDIS, who have recently launched 

Life is Sweet at the SUSTAIN LIFE Suite! 

I am glad that while UNILAB may want to promote their kidney care products, Tacit and Renogen, they also took the right steps to SUSTAIN LIFE, through a fun, educational and interactive website, that serves as online resource bank for everything on kidney disease care and prevention but best of all, serve as an online support group, spearheading their advocacy on the education, prevention and treatment of kidney problems. Now I have learned to take things slow, especially with the medicine-popping! 

I just feel so honored emceeing for these respected kidney doctors (nephrologists) and it is both a humbling and empowering experience to learn with them. 

We even played fun games! These doctors know how to have fun too! 


Thank you, UNILAB BIOMEDIS for not just trusting me with your fabulous events, but also for helping me become aware of the things that matter, especially my utmost wealth! And that is - cliche as it may sound - my Health! 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I love being Barbie!

Once more, I brought Barbie to life (or Barbie brought me to life?) last weekend, during another leg of this year's much-anticipated BARBIE THE PEARL PRINCESS movie launch and string of pearls.. err... string of events! Girls from all over Barbie-town came dressed up as lovely little mermaids and princesses, and waited excitedly for the Pink-tastic games and Barbie surprises! 

I would like to thank my forever fashion house, Dress In Manila for sponsoring all my lovely Barbie clothes for the past years, and especially this year! Do check out their lovely looks for less - yes for as low as P 185 per dress only at and you can feel fabulous everyday! Feel like a million bucks without spending more than 500 bucks for a couple of dresses. 

So going back to my Day 2 as host of Barbie the Pearl Princess parties, I learned that we are always more than what we think we are. This is not a call to be self-righteous or conceited, to be haughty or feel on top of everybody, but believing that there is always something inside of you that can do more. It all starts with believing for that faith, that belief will be the one force that will unlock all your other untapped potential in whatever it is you intend to be and in some cases - in what life challenges you to become. 

I am having my own challenges now (as a mermaid swimming against the current in this vast, mysterious ocean, LOL!) and sometimes you feel like stopping, giving up as you don't really know where you're heading and it seems that no matter how painful the stroke, the shore still seems so distant. But if you just learn how to relax, give yourself time, swim at your own pace, and never ever give up, then that's when the mist clears and things become better. 

Be careful of mirages that mislead. I am already at a point in my life where I have learned to accept fact from fantasy and know where to draw the line. But the one thing I am not shy about is being Barbie! I would like to be Barbie as long as I can or as long as my age doesn't give me away. 

Already past my quarter-life crises (yes I won't lie about my age and so far I am thankful that wrinkles are not selling me out) and I overcame it fairly well and even if I will soon be reaching the dreaded 30's... I don't care because Barbie just turned 55 years old this year! 

Life is what you make of it, so choose to be happy. Choose to be who YOU are, but sometimes it's okay to wear a wig and pretend that you're a Barbie mermaid princess!