Saturday, May 9, 2020

Snow much fun! My finest winter moments in beautiful Colorado with my son!

Summer has begun as I write this blog post, but I struggle to let the magical wintertime go...
The season of snow flakes and skiing is certainly my most favorite time of the year, and I am so blessed to always be able to visit the lovely State of Colorado for the most wonderful time of the year with my snow angel, who just turned 11, but will always be my snow bear! Here's my young one with the very first snowman he built, who we christened, Snowy! We left him behind in Aspen.
This was our last day in Aspen, Colorado; Godric and I did not want to leave!

He's always happy in Colorado.The first time we went to Colorado, we stayed in Aspen, drove around Snowmass and Carbondale too. And then for this last season, we explored Denver! 
Don't you just love the breathtaking alpine mountains? 
 Cable cars to bring us up so we can go skiing down!
Tumbling and snow-ball fighting! We just kept walking and ended up in the most magical places and even got to feed mountain goats! Every moment was Snow Amazing, Snow Enchanting!
Isn't my son, Godric Matthew just so handsome? I think he is more handsome when it's wintertime. Snow is our element!
 Skiing time! Oops! 
We ski at the Buttermilk in Aspen and then this last season we tried out Loveland in Denver, Colorado! Aspen was memorable and quite easy while Loveland was a bit challenging because we found ourselves in the wrong trail (blue one for expert-competitive skiers which was dangerous for beginners and leisure skiers like us) plus the weather wasn't as pleasant as we hoped it would be... 
And this was in Penny Hot Springs, yes, natural sulfur springs where Godric and I spent more than half a day! We met a couple of friends too and chatted about life! 
Colorado is Godric's most favorite place in the world for now, and while he is still a child, I want him to have all the most beautiful memories possible!
So much more to share, especially Denver Aquarium which my son also enjoyed so much; he did not even want to leave; he wanted to stay there and touch the sting rays and manta rays all day! But for now, a few videos of my most prized moments; learning to ski and make snow angels!