Friday, June 17, 2016

Hosting the fantastic intergalactic gala to celebrate 25 successful years of Guill-Bern Corporation

No words can best describe the glory of that scintillating of that evening, when I was honored to be master of ceremony during the 25th Anniversary celebration of Guill-Bern Corporation, held at the Marco Polo Hotel, Ortigas Center. Here I am with the company's lovely founder herself, a woman of wisdom, Ms. Lourdes Delos Reyes.
With its theme, 'Breakthrough to Excellence,' this event sky-rocketed with an aptly mesmerising and well-conceptualised futuristic look, where I had the chance to come in as space queen in my best black and silver outfit! It was truly out of this world, with guests from principals from all over the globe, and local partners composed of only the most esteemed and reputable private companies engaged in the ever-dynamic medical business. Below are a few clips as I emceed the event:
Plus, here's one of my few voice-over spiel videos: 
Cheers to more years of success for Guill-Bern Corporation! Below are more snaps of me engaging the guests! Visit to learn more about the company's services and how they continue to dominate the cutthroat field of medical science services!
And since there's no getting over this intergalactically fantastic event, here are a few more photos: With the tech team and the queen of RX Events, Xiameer. Yes, this crazy tech booth behind-the-scenes photo here shows the true face of events which are not all glitz and glam! 
 Let's not forget my lovely stage manager, Kresta McCoy! This was a celebration of independent and beautiful women too!
Below shows in my "throne" where I get to live out my out-of-this-world-amazing experiences whenever I host an event! Taken a few minutes before the event began. One of the many times that I get to fly high in space with my 'craft.'
And here I am after the event, signing off... yup my space ship was waiting to fly my back to my Planet Nerd (yes, when I am not in hosting duties, I am a total, downright nerd! Check out the green space beams; this was truly legit... Beam me up, Scotty!!! 
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