Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Alog Ka-Partner Awards Night

So honoured was I to emcee for Alog & Co. once more for another unforgettable evening, this time for their 2016 Ka-Partner Awards Ceremony, held at the Alphaland Makati Place, where their most esteemed partners and clients came for a night of celebration and recognition, peppered with fun music and dancing!
The Alog & Co. group is also very special to me as they have been getting to host some of their events annually especially during the holiday season. I am very happy to lead their meaningful awards ceremony, a testament of their humility and grace in spite of being one of the largest and most respected names in their field... Congratulations to ALOG & Company! Wishing you and your distinguished industry partners many more years of success! 
Forgive my meagre and amateurish photos as I was unaccompanied during this evening, so I had to resort to asking waiters, random tech supplier guys or whomever I chance upon to take my photos during this event... 
Here I was above with the Chairman, Mr. Dionisio Alog, and below at the photo booth with one of their party guests, popular athlete and professional basketball player, Ali Peek... 
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An unforgettable time as events host for this year's World Gamefowl Expo, Pigeon Congress & Exotic Pet Expo!

Again I am truly so thankful to be hosting for the big annual event of Worldexco (a big thank you to the amazing Romero family for their faith in me as a host) and Pit Games Media (hugs to Sir Manny Berbano and his wonderful daughters and superb media staff), presenters of the World Gamefowl Expo & World Pigeon Expo and Congress, for the 5th consecutive year now! Here I am with Kuya Kim Atienza, arguably the country's most popular educational TV host. He led the opening festivities for the biggest Pigeon racing and Reptile pet exposition this country has ever seen so far! And below, here I am again beaming like a little kid in the sea of other little kids who came to see gamefowl, racing pigeons, exotic pets and more!
 And in between breaks I made sure to pet as many reptiles as I can... I just cannot find my photo with the humongous Albino Burmese python, but I did it! Yes! Carried its entire weight wrapped around me. So I'm just here with a Caiman:
What made this year special was that my sister Natalie emceed in the other side of this event as it got so big already (but not as big as it will be next year). For that earlier post about my sister, events host extraordinaire, click: Mary & Natalie, Sisters and Events Hosts and below, my sister and I face-off not as events hosts but as Sulcata Tortoise whisperers... yes, that below is the real deal! 
Apart from the usual excitement I get when I go onstage and talk my heart out as events host, I also got to bring home our family's newest baby... one who really makes my heart sing whenever she munches on the fresh grass, weeds and veggies that I pick, Sammy! I just cannot get enough of her! I find therapy and utter gladness whenever I pick weeds and carabao grass for her to munch on... I can dedicate an entire post all about my tortoise, Sammy... look at her nice shell and them bright eyes! Or should I say, "TORT-EYES....?" 
 Note: Tortoises are different from sea turtles. Tortoises live on land and might drown if you make them swim. Our beautiful Sammy here, is a desert dweller, from a species known as African Sulcata. I personally gather grass for her, but it's also super amusing to watch her munch on carrots, apples and watermelon bites! 
Again, thank you for your continued trust in me as emcee this year's World Gamefowl Expo, and my heart continues to brim with joy from the fun memories with my sister who learned so much from it as I did, and the best part was bringing home Sammy, our adorable young tortoise... 
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