Friday, February 21, 2014

Life is La Dee Dazzling! The Rowdy, Shouty, Chic Party...

Twas bedazzling to host the recent La Dee Da dolls party at the Podium Mall where I got to meet our lovely cosplayer who brought to life the lovely leader of the La Dee Da Style pack, Dee! 

I got to introduce Dee and her friends Tylie and Sloan, plus her stylish little doggy, Le Bun, to all the happy little La dee da gals, and we gave away tons of prizes, too! 

I hope that you like my hair... curled it myself! I wanted to achieve a La Dee Dazzling look for the day! Below shows me with two of the many happy little girls who also received a ton of prizes from La Dee Da and Toy Kingdom, the Amazing Toy Store! 

Of course, I would like to end this post by thanking Richprime Global Inc, the leading toy distributor in the country, for always giving the chance to host their fabulous events, especially for Monster High and Barbie! 

"The reason why you stop playing is not because you have grown old... in fact, you grow old because you stop playing. So never stop learning, growing, playing and believing!"